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After my 18 (or maybe even 19) mile run, I was kind of riding on high.  When a run goes better than anticipated, it’s kind of hard to imagine that anything could top that feeling. However, I had planned date night; however, I planned it when it was 85 and sunny, not 60 and windy.  Nevertheless, we arrived at the marina to get on the NYHRC Yacht and the fun began.  It was the first time I had taken advantage of this membership perk.

The boat was filled with late 20s and up ready to get their party on…the bar was swamped before even took off.  I’ve taken a lot of cruises around NYC, mainly for work functions, but this was my first yacht/party boat experience.  The captain set us off at record speed—heading no mind to the no wake zone. Apparently we were on a race to see the sunset! 

As we flew down the east river, the skipper/Dj blasted the music and the real fun began.  It was a pretty fun time.  Things got a little wild when people started dancing on the benches—um so much for always using the handrails-and Frank got spilled on.  You don’t often get spilled on before 8PM, but this boat’s theme was “party rock.” There was nothing to do but get down with our bad selves.  I love any excuse to dance—in fact, I never need an excuse, so this was the boat for me. 

We took breaks for picture taking:


IMG_2149  IMG_2148


IMG_2171  IMG_2159

 IMG_2212 IMG_2198 IMG_2205

After the boat ride we made a brief visit to the San Gennaro festival before calling it a night.

Yesterday, I met a friend for brunch at Josie’s and then stopped at Whole Foods to prepare for my first soiree in enchilada making. Enchiladas have always intimidated me. Therefore, I turned to 4 different blog recipes before coming up with my ingredient list.  My enchiladas were adapted from:

Fitnessista Veggie and Goat Cheese Enchiladas

Eat Live Run Enchilada-Mom Knows Best and the Chicken Enchiladas

Simply Recipes Chicken Enchiladas

It was really a tale of two enchiladas:


Poach chicken in boiling water until cooked, cool and shred

Mix 4 tbps salsa with 3 tbsps low fat sour cream

Veggie,black bean goat cheese for me:

I sauteed half a chopped onion with a splash of enchilada sauce and garlic, then added 2 cups cooked chopped spinach, 1/2 cup  black beans, 2 tbps green chilis and a sprinkle of  goat cheese mixed to combined.’

Steam tortillas in microwave wrapped in a damp paper towel. Dip corn tortillas in touch of enchilada sauce and heat for 5 seconds  on each side iin sautee pan

Place some of the spinach mixture in the center of a corn tortilla and added a drizzle of mixed sour cream and chipotle salsa, rolled them up and placed them in a 9 by 9 glass pan.

Chipotle Chicken Enchiladas:

Again, I sauteed 1/2 a chopped onion, adding 1/2 a cup enchilada sauce, garlic and green chilis. 

Meanwhile I poached chicken in boiling water until cooked through.  I then shredded the chicken.

I prepped the flour tortillas the same as the corn tortillas and then

added chicken, the onion enchilada sauce mixture, a generous spoonful of salsa mixed with sour cream and a sprinkle of mexican shredded cheese.

Then I rolled them up and placed them in the glass pan. I topped both veggie and chicken enchiladas with the remain enchilada sauce and another sprinkle of mexican cheese.

Then I stuck them in the fridge!  I love make ahead meals!

When it was time to cook, I put them in a 400 degree oven, since they were at room temperature, they took about 16 minutes to get hot and bubbly.

Veggie and black bean enchiladas:


Chicken and Green Chili

IMG_2223 IMG_2221

Overall they were very very good.  The corn tortillas fall apart a little easier than the flour, but they all tasted great.

12 responses to “Best of the Rest

  1. Those pictures have me craving enchiladas!! Scrumptious!

  2. Great shots of the skyline! I love a booze cruise for about 20 minutes, then I want off the damn boat.

  3. Such a beautiful night!! Awesome photo’s!!

  4. Love that first picture of you! So pretty.

  5. haha, yeah I didn’t expect it to be quite so over the top, fortunately there was space to avoid the club fest!

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  7. The boat ride looks beautiful! I’ve never taken advantage of the NYHRC boat perk, looks like I should!

    I always have to make a meatless and meat option for my boyfriend and myself as well. Those enchiladas look delicious!

  8. It’s too bad it got cold, but for $25, it’s a great deal. They also had free cocktail snacks.

    I’ve finally gotten used to making two dinners!

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