Best New Workouts of 2011

This year I tried quite a few new workouts.  There were lots of triumphs and not too many flops.  These are my top 5 of 2011.  Some of them are not new this year, but they are new to me this year…that counts :).


Core Fusion Cardio at Exhale Spa.  OMG, how did I go so long without trying this?  Why don’t I listen to my sage friends?  Sorry Dori and Amy! The perfect combo of cardio and toning in an upbeat, non-stop package. By the end I feel like I have gotten a full cardio and strength workout. My new addiction won’t be dying down anytime soon.

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Formula 57 at Physique 57.  There were days when I thought I would never be anything but a beginner at Physique 57.  But their classes work and I became stronger, conquering open and finally advanced levels.  The classes never got old and they never became easy, but Formula 57 brings it to a whole new level.  From start to finish you work several muscle groups in tandem never stopping to stretch until the very end.  I find it the perfect progression of the regular class—it requires more endurance and the multiple muscle groups in action helps you torch even more calories.

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SLT. This one is really new to me, I just tried it a week ago.  But I know that it is going to be a part of my regular workout regimen. It does everything a women wants it to do: strengthen, lengthen and tone through a fluid series of exercises on the megaformer.  I was able to get the hang of the machine in the first class and it certainly helped me work places I have never felt worked before—and I had the soreness to prove it.  It’s perfect for a good challenge as it isn’t easy, core, balance and strength are necessary for each and every movement, but  even though it’s hard the class flies by!  When the 55 minutes were up, I was sad it was already over. The owner is incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and the small class size allows for lots of individualized attention.

Figure 4 at Pure Yoga—This wonderful barre –based class turns things upside down by starting with the thighs.  Kate Albarelli is the charming, energetic creator and she kept me going through some seriously intense arm and ab work—by the end of 20 reps or a long hold, I need some encouragement. I like that this class has so much variety, you go from mat to bar to mat to ring to bar and mat again.  You’ll never get bored, but you will certainly feel the burn!

Flybarre at Flywheel Sports. The new barre workout in town follow the traditional format of interval overload I have come to expect from barre classes.  However, it throws in a few of it’s own tricks, such as work with a resistance band and extra squishy balls, the result is a full body strength workout that aims for tone not bulk.  Where Flywheel Sports really excites me is the fact that it offers spinning and barre under the same roof.  A match made in workout heaven if you ask me!

30/60/90 at Equinox.  Okay, so there is nothing new about this workout, but I had never tried a formal class until recently! It is definitely something everyone must try.  The step aerobics strength mix flies through series after series working the arms, legs and abs with cardio bursts in between.  While there are times it seems like forever, it’s good to know that everything will be over in no more than 90 seconds. For cardio junkies like myself, this is a great way to work up a sweat while also building some muscle.

Music Flow Yoga at Exhale.  This class takes one of the most important elements of a good workout (music) and combines it with yoga to make your practice a lot more fun.  I liked Exhale’s approach to yoga, a flowing mix of high energy poses with just enough zen to bliss me out.  Poses aren’t held to long and there is no chanting or readings, it’s all about mind, body strength and a great soundtrack.

Standing Favorites: these classes may not be new to me, but I still think they rock.  All good workouts deserve mention, these are the ones that I believe only get better with age 😉

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5 responses to “Best New Workouts of 2011

  1. Great post! Have you been to Refine lately? It is very different now! I am obsessed. And I am so glad you finally tried Core Fusion Cardio and understand my obsession. Let’s try and go together to something soon. ALSO I really need you to come with me to Kayleigh’s Core Fusion Yoga. I don’t think you have yet right? Hers is not like the others. I’m curious about Formula57!

  2. I haven’t been to Refine, I will have to check it out. I loved it before–I like that I know what the structure is but the actual exercises vary! Exited to check out the updated version!

    I haven’t taken Kayleigh’s yoga class! I have to use my last exhale class by the end of the month, maybe we can find a time to go together!

  3. Awesome resource !Keep up the good work.Thanks

  4. Thank you for including Formula 57 in your round up of top 5 workouts of 2011. Hope to see you in more classes in 2012!

  5. I have only tried the core fusion and physique 57 classes… def intrigued about the rest. Great blog post!

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