Escape to Northfork

Yay for a long weekend.  What’s the occasion?  Just a little celebration of getting a year older.  While I don’t know how I feel about that, I do know that I am thrilled to have tomorrow off!

My standard b-day routine includes treating myself to a workout class, typically Physique 57.  Since my schedule tomorrow is tight, I’m saving P57 for next week, but I am indulging in a strength class at Uplift.  I don’t think I ever posted this picture from my bachelorette:



These brave ladies actually indulged me in a pre-party workout class to kick off the bachelorette weekend. In any case, I’m excited to head back to uplift, so many awesome memories.

After that I am going to try and get a mani (it’s been months) and retake my passport photo for the third time.  I can’t even tell you how bad the first two came out–believe me, I typically could care less, but so far my photo attempts have been hideous.

After that, I may try to get my beloved avocado sandwich at the Smith, but that’s probably a bit of a lofty goal since I have to hop on the Jitney at 2:00PM.


Our plans for Northfork are pretty low key right now, a little bed and breakfast action, some wine tasting, and a few nice dinners.

Fingers crossed it warms up a bit before I’m hiking around the anti-Hamptons.


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