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BurnThis Challenge: FitnessRuns+Core Fusion

Yesterday, I had the chance to attend a truly awesome fitness event.  The BurnThis Westside Cross Training Challenge!


BurnThis is an app that lets you book fitness classes through your phone. It’s currently available for 12 cities.


It has a few features that are really cool.  It is connected with mind body, which is the system almost all studios use for online reservations, but now you can book with one password for all studios.  This is a huge plus because I always find it annoying when I have to log out of one account in order to book another class at another studio.  I think this will make it much easier to book all your classes for the week at one time.   Also, it automatically pulls in your existing credits and packages.

Beyond this app, BurnThis occasionally offers fitness mashups that allow you to try two different workouts!  My “challenge” featured a 40 minute run workout and a 40 minute core fusion class at Exhale Meatpacking.

We kicked things off with mini blueprint juices, water and kind bars and then got right into the run.

FitnessRuns coaches led the run, which was awesome!


We ran about 1 mile at a moderate pace, speeding up at the end. Then we found a big open space on the west side highway to do running drills, sprints and strength moves.  It was a great conditioning workout for runners–it reminded me of some of the workouts I did with team in training.  It was pretty tough, the typical drill might be sprints followed by burpees followed by recovery.  By then end of the 40ish minutes, I was tired!  I highly recommend FitnessRuns, it was a great full body workout geared toward runners.  They have a variety of workouts ranging from 30 to 60 minutes–and a few even include yoga! The coaches were very attentive to  form and really friendly. If your interested in checking it out, your first class is free and you can get 25% off your first package with the code FITNESSRUNS.

After quite a few drills, we jogged back to Exhale in the meat packing Gansevoort and after a few minutes rest, we started a Core Fusion class. It was an express class and the 40 minutes literally flew by.  That said, I definitely experienced the signature barre class leg shaking!

In addition to the double workout, the challenge included  giveaways from lululemon, exhale and fitness runs, pretty awesome.

I’ll definitely be attending these challenges in the future. It was a lot of fun,  a great workout and pushed me to my limits.

Disclaimer: The workout was complimentary, but all opinions are my own.


A new week

Wow, what a week last week was!

Fortunately, most of lower Manhattan has returned to normal.  I say most because right in my neighborhood there are still several without power and heat, but at least they have a roof over their heads.  I know that in many places, you can’t flick a switch and have life resume.

I think I was in a slightly different position than most because I was so occupied with work last week that I couldn’t barely think about not having power, phone service internet and often even plumbing.  I rarely talk about work, but I have to say, I am pretty proud of my division at NYU for being able to provide so many services, resources and options for tens of thousands of students and for the community, especially since we were working with such a reduced staff.  While it was tough to be in crisis mode for a week that never seemed to end, the gratitude we are getting back from our students makes it all worth it.

By far the weirdest and maybe hardest part of it all was having nothing, I mean nothing, open. It was like living in an movie.  I don’t think I could have ever imagined that all of LoMa could just shut down completely. Honestly, if it wasn’t  for the University, I have no idea how I would have eaten.  I definitely didn’t stock up properly beforehand. Lesson learned.  A lot of lessons were learned last week.  Frank was able to take some good pictures of a powerless city…

People using wifi outside of the closed starbucks

Using generators outside to charge phones (with no service)

Get your free ice cream before it melts!

Just for fun, the line to get into Trader Joe’s BEFORE the storm

On another note, I was sad to learn that Refine Union Square will not be returning to normal.

While I know there are far more serious concerns out there than a workout studio, I was so sad when I heard that it is closed until further notice! I had just got back into it! The UES and UWS locations are great, but they take at least 45 minutes for me to get to.

I’m happy I bought some Core Fusion classes on Gilt a while back, I took advantage of a late Sunday afternoon Core Fusion Bootcamp this week.


I don’t think I have every tried the class version of Core Fusion Bootcamp; I ‘ve done the video version a few times and it’s very similar to the actual class. Core Fusion Bootcamp is like a montage of every core fusion class–you get a snippet of each.

The structure is:

5 Minute Warm Up:

10 Minutes: Intense Yoga

20 Minutes of Core Fusion Sport: The focus being sets of burpees with a weighted medicine ball.

15 Minutes of Core Fusion Cardio: Mountain climbers and sun salutations with weights!

10 Minutes Core: In the curl position with lots of V-sits.

5 Minutes Stretch

It was a workout. I really liked all the variety.  However, I don’t know if I got as deep into each of the sets as I would in a full length cardio or sport class.  But overall, I’d definitely do it again. It was a good mix of cardio and strength, it was challenging and I never got bored.  That’s the sign of a good class in my book :)


It’s a Date!

This week most of my workouts have been turned into dates with friends.  Honestly, I love finding active ways to socialize and break out of the let’s grab dinner routine!  Besides workouts are generally more fun with a friend.  This week has left me SORE!

On Thursday my friend Amy and I had girls night while our bfs had dudes night. We started with Core Fusion Sport at Exhale and then dinner at Greensquare Tavern.

Greensquare Tavern

Greenquare is a newish farm to table in the Flatiron area and it was VERY good!  The front was packed with football watchers at the bar and the back was a comfortable dining space.  We were offered the choice  of butter or olive oil and sourdough, wheat or white rolls.  The wheat was super hearty.

I was I had taken photos, but we shared a delicious salad with goat cheese and pomegranate and then I had the vegetable burger—there were actually several vegan entrees.  In any event, I definitely recommend it for a casual, yet cozy dinner.  Especially since it’s so hard to get into my beloved ABC Kitchen!

My next workout date was with the lovely Dori at Refine!

I am super excited for Refine to head downtown, but since we have a few more days until the grand Union Square opening, I got myself out of bed and to the UES for a 9:30 class, so I could see my girl and get my workout in!  OMG the class was killer!  I think we did at least 200 squats throughout the class.  I had planned to do some cardio at the gym, but the class turned out to be enough!

My final sweat date was this morning with Kath and Ashley! After a 25 minute treadmill run, I met them at Strala Yoga! This is quickly becoming my favorite yoga studio.  Each class is totally different, yet incredibly challenging!  Today might have been the hardest class yet, but fortunately, I can always count on them to play Pumped Up Kicks, which gives me the energy I need to push through to the end.  This class had a pretty killer soundtrack, actually.  In addition to Pumped Up Kicks, Connected by Stereo MC, Never be Your Woman by White Town and Oh La La by L.E.S. Artistes were played.   I may have been dancing in my downward dog. 

After class we went to breakfast/lunch at Ess-a-Bagel for the NYC bagel experience.  Ess-A didn’t disappoint, they may not toast their bagels, but they sure know how to make them right!

Oatbran and Apple Cinnamon cream cheese perfection:


While I didn’t dare ask them to scoop out my bagel, I did remove some of the superfluous cream cheese…I am more about the bread than the smear!


Okay, it’s time to get my jersey on and route for the Giants!  Go Big Blue!

Stay warm everyone!

Quickie Workout: Abs

This is my favorite ab workout for the gym.  But you can do it anywhere, no equipment required.  It’s about 10 minutes, but you’ll feel the burn and maybe even work up a bit of a sweat.

First up Plank Series:

Start in forearm plank

  • Hold 30 seconds
  • Then add a single knee jog, dropping one knee at a time for 30 seconds.
  • Double knee job/pulse, drop both knees for 30 seconds.
  • Rest a few seconds and then repeat 2 more times.

Side Plank

  • Hold 20 second
  • Do 30 seconds touching your hips to the floor and raising
  • repeat other side.

Cardio Ab Burst

  • 24 bicycles—fast as you can (flip over)
  • 24 mountain climbers fast as you can
  • Repeat once
  • 12 double leg crunches legs with legs extended fully (so you arms and legs are stretching in opposite directions and then you crunch together)
  • 12 burpees
  • repeat once


A few links I found interesting recently:

While I mentioned this on twitter yesterday, I will say it again, my copies of Run just cam—one for me and one for the boy.  This is Dean Karnazes’ new book. IMG-20110307-00302

He is currently running from LA to NYC!  It’s fun to track his progress. So far he has:


Okay, that’s just about all for now.  But I have to ask, is anyone watching Bethenny Ever After?  I want to love it, but it just doesn’t seem as funny as her on the other shows.  What do you think?

Core Fusion Boot Camp Review

I am very excited to review my newest workout video: Exhale Core Fusion Boot Camp.

I now own three of the CF videos: Core Fusion Body Sculpt (review), Core Fusion Energy Flow (mini review) and obviously, Boot Camp.

Boot Camp is my favorite of the three.  As soon as I finished it, I wanted to do it again, so I have done it twice in 3 days with a 6 week 6 pack level 2  and elliptical session thrown in as well. 

The video follows the format of the other CF videos– it is divided into five 10 minute segments.  In addition, there is a stretch section and two bonus segments: core and thighs.  So it’s a pretty good bang for your buck. (If you’re into that kind of thing.)

The segments go a little something like this:

Cardio Flex

This is basically a gentle warm up and stretches.  The first half is pretty slow and there is not much real cardio, but the second half picks it up a bit with some more challenging squats and holds.  There is a lot more stretching than your typical warm up, but since I avoid stretching like the plague, it’s good to be forced into right in the beginning.

Cardio Sun Salutations

This section reflects the kind of yoga I love and crave.  It’s fast, it’s flowing, and it’s repetitive enough to allow you to lose yourself in concentration just enough to make it seem like yoga.

You repeat the sun salutation several times before switching it up with a squat/strength/balance mini break, then you do the second set of slightly different version of the sun salutation and another mini  squat break, finish with  and a final variation of sun salutations and one more standing mini series.  It’s fun and different, and it has just the right combo of om, stretch and sweat.

Jump Backs 1 and 2

The two jump back segments are pretty similar.  The are both based around jumpbacks-in case that wasn’t clear :)  Jumpbacks are done in six counts and repeated six times, there are 3 sets in the series.  Jumpbacks are like burpees, except done with a ball.  Lift ball over head, crouch and place ball on floor, jump into plank, jump back into crouch, move up to squat hold and stand.  repeat.

Each jumpback set concludes with a  plank and then set of push ups with one hand on the ball.  The beauty is that you only do five push ups each side, so even I can handle the real push ups.  By the end of the workout, you have done 60 push ups, but it never seems unbearable.  Don’t get me wrong, 5 is my limit at one time now, but at least that’s all they are asking.  After the push ups there is a squat series and a few other moves, then back to jumpbacks.

Abdominal Curl

I think the ab section in the Core Fusion Body Sculpt video is arguably one of the hardest 10 minutes of ab work you could ever hope to happen upon.  The Boot Camp ab section is also super intense, boy do you feel it with three pound weights for added resistance.

The great thing about all of these segments is that you know you only have to get through 10 minutes and you are on to the next thing.

While I think Body Sculpt is effective for toning purposes, I like that this video really ups the cardio.  It doesn’t hone in on the legs and arms as much, but it’s fun and it flows.  You do have a decent number of push ups and planks for the arms. And my legs did burn during a few of the squat holds, so there is some arm/leg work in there after all. :)

While I have been using this in conjunction with 6 weeks to 6 pack, I noticed that I was definitely sore in the tummy as I tried to get through the ab section on my second run through the DVD, so that’s a good sign. 

I highly recommend this video. I haven’t tried the bonus sections, but the glute work is a great addition to round out the workout.


I also just noticed that you can get The Core Fusion Collection, which is 1 video that has 15 (!!!) 10 Minute Workout Segments!  Holy overachiever!

It contains:

  • Body Sculpt
  • Pilates Plus
  • Glutes and Thighs

I haven’t done the second two, but it’s a great value at just under $19!

I know that not everyone is workout DVD fan, so here are some in person options:

The Steal:

Core Fusion Week of Transformationwhich I mentioned as a best fitness deal!


  • unlimited core and yoga classes
  • $20 gift towards select spa therapies
  • 10% off retail purchases
  • complimentary organic tea
  • complimentary use of changing rooms and amenities


Or the SPLURGE! 



A five day getaway to the Bahamas with Physique 57 classes, $300 for food, plus a dinner catered by Jean-Georges? Not to mention spa gift certificates and more.  Honestly, you could do worse for $1450!

Book your Physique 57 Ocean Club getaway here.

If Physique needs a blogger to review the Ocean Club, I can make myself available!

The new set of Physique 57 workout videos are next on my wish list.

Weekly Workout Wrap Up

A week in workouts and the Nalini Method reviewed!

Plus, some more May flowers, gotta get some perks for having so many events in one week. 

night view 003


AM: 10 minute treadmill run, 30 minutes elliptical, 5 minutes abs

PM: 30 minute elliptical


4 mile run

Went to the gym on my lunch hour and found it closed for 2 weeks, guess AM workouts it will be for a while…grrr!


10 minute run, 30 minute elliptical, 10 minute rower, leg segment of core fusion dvd


4 mile run

Nalini Method Class with Dori and Missy!

I was really excited to try this class! Missy and Dori recently recapped it, and I have to say, I was surprised they found it challenging, boy did they have their game faces on, they made it look easy!

This class is very similar to Core Fusion, Core Fusion Sport and Physique 57.  I would say from my one class, it is about as hard as one of those classes with a good instructor.  I have taken harder CF, CFS and P57 classes, but that is the exception not the necessarily the norm.  It all depends on the instructor, and I loved Rupa! Her music was fabulous, current and very fast paced!  There were tons of props: blocks, weights, the barre, a curved two handed dumbell, ankle weights, a ball, a mat, and the star of the show for me: a rubber ring–for seriously killer thigh moves. Plus, there were only a few students, so she corrected me and/or encouraged me throughout the whole class, on pretty much every move. That was great.  She also really stretched me out after every section, I felt like I was back in gymnastics with my coach pushing me down into a full 90 degree stretch.  The stretching was great, and I think probably accounted for the fact that I was not sore over the next few days, despite feeling the burn throughout the class.

The arm work was done seated, which was interesting, normally I think standing is best because you engage the whole body, but as we were propped up, you had to work the stomach to maintain posture.  The arm work was pretty easy, maybe I should have uped the weight.

The leg work was done on the floor and at the barre.   Using the rubber ring for leg raises and a bunch of other stuff in what was probably the longest series of the class seriously had my inners and outers burning, it was awesome. I felt like we attacked all three sides before we moved on to the barre work.   The barre work was pretty similiar to the other studios, a little shorter, so I never  started shaking uncontrollably, but like Dori pointed out in one of her posts, while the class is hard, it is possible, occasionally, okay sometimes often, that’s not the case at the other studios.

The ab work was done on the mat.  It was fairly challenging and a few times I lost the mental battle and fell out of the position. It was a little harder than P57 usually is and a little easier that CF usually is.  I liked it!  I felt a little weird with weight on my ankles and my feet flexed toward the air, it is similiar to birthing position, but it was pretty effective when we were lifting and lowering the weighted plate in mid-sit up position.

The class flew, and I mean flew by, Rupa really let you know what was coming, so you knew what to expect, and I love that!

I am excited to try my next class, although I couldn’t commit to going that far out of my way on a regular basis, I am certainly happy I tried it!


30 Day Shred segments 2 and 3


3 mile run, lots of city walking


Core Fusion DVD, lots of city walking, hopefully some elliptical tonight

I tried to go to the building gym in the AM and it was closed for a reason still unbeknown to me, then I tried to go to the local track and it was locked–annoying since yesterday a rowdy soccer game was in full swing by 7AM and then a baseball game kept the noise level up until nearly 5PM, you would think the Yankees were playing across the street.  By this point, it was raining, so I headed back to the apt. for some DVDs. Whatevs, sometimes you have to go with the flow and change your plan.

Running Thoughts and Workout Recap

Hi Lovelies,

Happy holidays to everyone who is celebrating!

Some fun running facts from Fitness Mag April

  • Pairs of sneakers a marathon runner goes through while training: 2 (at least!)
  • Age range of majority of female marathon runners in US:25-29
  • Number of Marathons scheduled in the US for April 2009: 34
  • Number of people that will run a marathon this year: 400,000
  • Calories burned by the average woman while running a marathon: 2,880
  • Average woman’s marathon finish time: 4:59:28

I am only two weeks away from the More/Fitness Half Marathon…and boy and I nervous! 

I guess I will run to finish rather than to PR.  I will definitely be focusing more on speed for the NYC marathon. But considering how horrible the weather has been, I am not going to beat myself up too much for not being where I had hoped to be in my training.

Which brings me to an interesting running tip for those runners who are more interested in finishing than their time.

Time on your feet trumps pace.  What is most important to finishing a marathon is your body’s preparation for being on its feet that long.  So even if you are running your long runs very slowly, that time on your feet will be very important to getting your through the last 5 miles or so, since you will probably not train past 20-21 miles before the race.   You will naturally be running a bit faster, as race paces are always faster than training runs, so the total time you spend on your feet for a 21 mile long training run may be pretty close to your 26.1 mile marathon time.

So while I haven’t gotten in quite as many miles as I should have, I have attempted to get my body prepared for the endurance in other ways.  Standing on the subway train, taking the stairs in my building up 29 floors once a day,  adding 15 minutes to my elliptical workouts. Hopefully that will help!

Last week I did about 4X as much strength as usual and about 1/3 less cardio.  This week I wanted to make sure to get a decent amount of cardio in.  I made a lot of excuses to not run due to the bad weather this week.  I also ended up changing my core fusion schedule a bit, I signed up for the 8pm Core Fusion Energy Flow (which is apparently power vinyasa on crack) on Thursday, but knew after class, I would want to go home, so I canceled.  On Wednesday, I knew I wouldn’t want to wait until 8PM for the Core Fusion Sport, so I switched to the 5:30 regular core fusion class.  I have to say, I was thrilled to be home by 7PM.


40 minute treadmill run + core fusion


Core Fusion + hour and 10 minutes elliptical +10 minutes rower


Core Fusion+20 minutes treadmill running+15 minutes elliptical


 35 minute lunch hour power walk on track + 35 minutes elliptical+10 minutes running and some ab workon the bosu ball and stretching  (I tried to run on my lunch hour, but I forgot my sports bra…oops!)


10 minute treadmill run+30 very intense minutes on elliptical+core fusion


So today had to be a long run day, however, I woke up and it was starting to rain.  I checked the forecast it was only 10% chance but in an hour it would be 60% chance.  So I changed out of my outdoor clothes and into shorts and a t-shirt and headed to the gym, which was completely empty for the third time this week!  weird.  The roof top officially reopened this month (although it was never actually closed), so you would think people would want to be gearing up to show off their bathing suit bods.

Anyways, treadmill it was, and I did about 65 minutes, which included a 5 minute walking warm up.  I have a strange fear that once I am over an hour on the treadmill, potential for injury increases, so i decided to finish my long run later.  Plus I had to finish up some work for my group project meeting in the late afternoon, and I had a date for brunch (Cafe HenriLIC)and a little spa adventure with the roomie.

Later that night I did another 25 minutes for a total of 9.5 miles

I also did this online physique 57 workout, only 30 reps of each move and minus the arm work, my arms can’t take any more!


Today started off sunny, but incredibly cold and windy.  We barely made it to church and back due to 20mph gusts, and church is like 5 blocks away.  The gym was closed for easter, so instead I decided to go to my Core Fusion Sport Class and try to do the run after.

Core Fusion Sport was AMAZING.  I reviewed it a while back, but I forgot how freaking hard it is!  You do the first 30 minutes holding a weighted ball with handles and you do this crazy series where you press the ball overhead, do a jump back squat thrust still holding the ball, after ten of those, you do a plank hold until you think you might die and then you start lifting one leg, still in the straight arm plank on the ball, after another hold, you do push ups with one hand on the ball and then go immediately into a squat hold series.  No wonder it was rated best guy-friendly gym classby NYMAG!  I left feeling totally exhilarated.

But I still had to run.  It was so windy and cold that I was seriously debating it.  But by the time I had done some shopping and got home, the crazy winds had subsided some.  After a ridiculous mental debate, I decided to suck it up and get it over with as quickly as possible.

So….while my legs did not feel enthused after so many squat hold and lunges just hours earlier, I started off slow and ended up having a fabulous four mile run.  Miles two and four I ran with intention and my body seemed to want to go even faster than I was asking it to, so I was really going at a good tempo pace.  I was kicking myself for being such a dork and looking for excuses!

Changes since overhauling my cardio heavy routine and adding a lot more strength.  Physically from a body shape/size/tone perspective there have been absolutely no changes to report since last week.  Kind of a bummer.  However, there have been mental and energy changes to report.

  1. I have a lot more energy, this may be coincidental, but I have felt noticably more energy throughout the day and in my workouts than before I added strength back into my routine.
  2. Perhaps also coincidentally, I have been in a great mood the last week.  Even my job, which I am certainly not in love with, I have been able to put in perspective, and I have  had more patience and optimism with my co-workers. While school is very stressful, I am able to deal with the task at hand rather than worry about it.
  3. I am more focused during my workouts, I really love to zone, but because I have to pay attention during class, I also am more aware during my personal workouts.

#1 and 2 may be related to something else, but I haven’t really made any other changes to my life, so whether it’s a temporary fluke or the real deal, I’ll take it.

Would I like to see some changes in my body for all my hard work?  OF COURSE.  I guess all I can do is stick with it and keep my fingers crossed!

Weekly Workout Wrap Up

Kid Sister: Control-Just one of the great songs from Get Fit with Serena Williams

Weekly workouts




25 minutes rower

25 minutes elliptical

30 minutes lunges, squats, situps, arm work—all with 3 pound weights




35 minute run ( I am fallen in love with the roof top track…now there is something I never thought I would say.)

Core Fusion




Core Fusion




Nike Get Fit with Serena Williams40 minutes running with strength–the roof top track is the perfect place to do this workout.  I LOVE this workout.  Download  it just for the music, you don’t even need to follow the workout, although I really like it.  I must admit, I have listened to it when not working out at all.  I love me some cheesy hip hop, thus the MAJOR  Girl Talk obsession ( Warm it Up –click to listen)–download that too, while you’re at it.




Core Fusion


30 minute run




30 minutes running, 25 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes rower, some ab and leg work, stretching!




Core Fusion-best class yet!  While I have liked every single instructor this week, been worked hard and enjoyed every class, Sunday was a whole new level of awesome. Kayleigh rocked it.  It was the first class I really felt like I was being pushed to the edge. I think it was because she did all the leg work on the barre.  She also did more reps than most of my other clases, the Core Fusion video and Physique recommend 30-60 per exercise, but most of my Core Fusion class have been more like 15-20 for the legs, which isn’t enough to experience a prolonged burn–aka change according to Tanya.  God I sound crazy, but you are paying to be pushed harder than  you can push yourself right?  Nevertheless, leg work on the barre made it much harder.  Plus, she did do tons of reps for all the ab work, so that was painful, in the best way possible.


 After class, I could barely change my legs were quivering so much.  Then I practically hobbled to the best brunch in ages. We went to Stanton Social; it was amazing.  They bring one small plate to the table at a time to share.  While they suggested 2-3 plates per person, we found 2 per person to be WAY TOO MUCH.  But every single dish was absolute perfection.  The food was superior to the brunch at Bobby Flay’s mesa grill, which was great, but while the service and atmosphere was killer, the food didn’t blow me away to the degree I was expecting.  Stanton Social hit all elements just right, the atmosphere is super sexy and the waitstaff was incredibly friendly and efficient.  Monday nights dinners are 25% off, so I highly recommend it…it’smy new fav spot J.


5 mile run


Core Fusion: One Week Reflection.  Like I said I love going to this class, I am actually sorry that I canceled my membership after the month, so I won’t be able to get the $150 rate again.  I didn’t expect to love it so much, even though the bathroom and changing room lines are kind of ridic.  After Kayleigh’s class, I was 100% addicted.


 As far as body changes, the biggest change has been flexibility.  I never thought I would lose my splints and generally great flexibility, but running took its toll.  At Physique a few weeks ago, I was like 5 inches from the ground on either side.  After a week at Core Fusion, my splits are pretty much back!  I think that is one area were Core Fusion is superior, they actually take the time to stretch you effectively between exercises. While at P57 the stretches are like 2 seconds, just enough to let you catch your breath and for the burning to subside, but not enough to actually lengthen your muscles. I have also noticed that I am more aware of my body alignment and posture in daily life.  There seems to be more of a natural connection between my abs and spine making it easier to stand up straighter and taller. (I know that is relative in my case.)


Oh, btw, Roni has a great 10K playlist on her site.  Totally eclectic and fun.

Weekend Workouts

Housekeeping:  Yay for the amazing response to the March NYC meet up, if you didn’t get an email from me with the details, please comment or send me an email.  I will discuss more details on the blog, but I think it will be beneficial to have email communication also.  Huge thanks to Hangry Pants  for all the help getting the word out!

I swear I brought London whether back to NY with me!  It has been so rainy and cold! 

Oh well, despite the weather not being great, I’ve had a decent weekend.  On Friday, I went to the Knicks game…and they won! 

So during the week I had one good workout, but the rest were kind of short and bland.  So I decided I needed to try something new.

I still had my free pass to Exhale for buying the core fusion dvd–that I love.  So I looked at the schedule and the Core Fusion Sport class sounded great:

Core Fusion® Sport is a total body workout that is designed to help you improve your performance in sports while reducing your risk of sports related injuries. Using a combination of lateral and twisting movements, this barreless one-hour class will chisel and firm your arms, shoulders, legs and butt while focusing on your core – the center of your strength – plus increase your aerobic capacity.

I signed up for the 1:15 class.  I hit the gym on the way there to get in some cardio.  I really need to focus my half marathon training, but the treadmill has been no fun lately.  For my first run in a week and change, I did 30 minutes alternating walking a minute at 4.7 and running at 7.0 MPH.  It was a start.

So Core Fusion Sport was GREAT!  The class was packed, and actually had 3 guys in it–rare for Physique 57 and Core Fusion classes that I have taken.   The instructor was also male, and it took me half way through the class to realize he was the guy in my DVD.  Eric was younger looking and more animated in person.  It was a great and very challenging class, it was like a very flowing strength class with emphasis on the mind body connection.  I really liked how Eric made the connections without being cheesy,I really felt what he was describing as I worked.

In fact, I enjoyed the class so much, I might take advantage of the downtown studio monthly special, for $150 it is unlimited classes–a $135 savings.  hmmm.  I have until 2/28 to decide.  Considering one class is $35, it’s a steal if you use it.

After my class I ate a quick lunch at whole foods and went to see He’s Just Not that into You.  I really liked it, and I am often really harsh on chick flicks.  After seeing slumdog millionaire and revoluntionary road (both very good), I was ready for something light.

Today, I knew I needed to run, so I put on Kara Goucher Endurance Boost coached run and banged out a bit over 4 miles on the treadmill.  Then I hit the elliptical for 25 minutes and stretched for another 10.

On the elliptical I read an article in Self that really struck a cord, it was called Diet Regrets.  It was about a woman who had just made peace with food at ae 75.  It is sad to think that one could spend three-quarters of a century struggling with their relationship with food, unfortunately, I fear it is all too common.  I have had my own struggles and moving past them is one of the things I am proudest about in my life.  At this point, I eat what I want, pretty much period, but I am not always 100% happy with my body.  For myself, I find I am happier eating with stressing or over thinking it  and being a little heavier than being thin but having to always be concious of my intake and always making the healthiest choice.  Maybe there is a better balance, and if so, I hope I find it before I am 75.

All right, sorry to be so serious, I am off to meet a friend at tea shop down the block.  It happens to be the location for many a gossip girl scene. :)  Oh, how I miss GG!

Pure Core (class review)

The most apt title for this post would have to be dude where’s my yoga?  But for clarity purposes, I will go with the straight forward.  


Gena and I decided to use our 3-day passes to Pure Yoga on a Sunday morning Pure Core class, description: condition your body and build long, lean muscles through a challenging and innovative sequence of exercises blending yoga, core training, isometrics and resistance work.  This class is not for beginners or pregnant women.  I am going to go out on the limb and say it’s not for pregnant men either.


I enter the class, literally, as it starts, and I am shocked by all the props: hand weights, sliding discs, core balls (kind of like kettleballs without handles), small exercise balls and mats, of course.


Our instructor is also the program director of the Pure Yoga studio, and the instructor I had for my hot yoga class too.  She is adorable, petite, and wonderfully upbeat, with a great sense of humor, she pushes you through, and for the record, she definitely has the taut, lean muscles that most people associate with yoga.  She is like a non-scary version of Tracy Anderson.


The class begins with weights, moves on to exercises on the gliding discs, and a vast array of combination strength exercises.  Such as squats with a single knee raise and overhead press. V ups holding core ball over your head.  Side lunges with front kicks holding weights. There are several sets of push ups, including one with hands on weights and alternating kickbacks.


The not for beginners warning is fairly accurate.  The woman next to me spent most of the classes looking at me with pleading eyes, as if begging me to make it stop.  At one point, she asked me “will there be yoga at the end?”  It was certainly far more intense than I expected, although you could push yourself to the intensity level you wanted to attain. 


It was definitely comparable to a Physique 57 or Core Fusion class.  We even did the famous physique wall plies with ball between the knees. Yoga was probably the one thing from the description that the class failed to deliver.  There was no yoga, save one or two stretches in the 60 minute class. Although honestly, that was fine by me.  I felt like I got an amazing workout after we were done.  I mean I wasn’t going to drop dead, but it was definitely a challenge.


In sum, Pure Yoga rocks.  They have a great array of classes, and for people who aren’t terrible concerned with the spiritual aspects of yoga, you can certainly avoid it.  Plus, the classes reach beyond yoga, as in the case of Pure Core.  The staff could not be friendlier.  I rushed into the gorgeous studio two minutes before the class started and the receptionist said I could sign in after the class.  Why am I not joining today?  The studio is totally inconvenient for me, sadly, I might consider going for a class here and there, but there is no way I could get my money’s worth with the mandatory monthly membership.  In fact, I actually had to take a cab to the class because with all the service changes on the subway, the EXTRA forty minutes I allotted to getting there was still not enough. 


However, if you are a yoga or aspiring yogi in the upper east side vicinity, go get your Pure Yoga Om on.