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Fit Recessionista: Om, Run, Learn, and Listen

Just a note, many of the specials I mentioned in this post are ongoing, so if you didn’t get a change to zumba or bollywood bhangra, there is still time!

Here is a round up of the September specials to keep you fit, healthy and with a happy bank account balance:

Let’s start with the stuff not quite so NYC exclusive—more at the end too:

Lululemon Classes! If you live near a Lululemon, be sure to check out their schedule of free yoga and pilates classes!

I haven’t checked all the NYC store schedules, but the Union Square shop is offering a Yoga for Runners Class on Tuesday, September 22nd from 8-9PM!  I really hope to attend!

On Sunday, Sept. 27th there will be a Bootcamp for Beginners Workout from 10-11AM

Thoseare just two of several weekly free classes so check out your local schedule for sure!

Try a free intenSati class!

The class sounds great at it is free on Tuesday, September 29th from 6-7PM.   Meet at the Washington Square Park Arch.

IntenSati class description: a high-energy exercise routine that fuses aerobics, martial arts, dance, yoga and strength conditioning, letting you do many routines at once. Combining spoken affirmations with simple choreography, intenSati is said to provide a heart-pumping workout that is physically challenging and spiritually mindful.

Free Spinning Class:

I truly wish there were more spinning studios, so you wouldn’t have to have a gym membership to take advantage of such an awesome workout.  Soul Cycle is offering free classes to celebrate it’s new UES location. You can enjoy one free class by calling (212) 639-1300.  Time slots for freebie classes are: Sept. 25 at 1PM & 6PM,  Sept. 26 at 5PM, and, Sept. 27 at 5PM.  Thanks to Vital Juice Daily for the info!

Free Running Seminar:

NYRR Learning Series event to give marathon runners some final tips about a tapering plan, nutrition, and dealing with aches and pains.  The program intends to help participants prepare for the last month of marathon training.  The program targets both first-time and experienced marathoners.

Free Running Groups:

    6 E 57th St, New York, NY 10022
    Tuesdays 6:30pm, Thursdays 6:30pm, Saturdays 9:00am.  Runs are your choice of 3, 5, 7 miles, post-run refreshments served.
  • ING DIRECT Weekly Group Runs (Monday evenings at 7:00 p.m., starting July 6): These are organized runs over planned routes, with leaders for various pace groups. Post-run refreshments provided.
  • ING DIRECT Café, 58th Street and Third Avenue


If you are a New York Road Runner’s member, you receive discounts at several sports stores including: 10% off at Paragon Sports, Urban Athletics and Super Runner’s Shop. Plus discounts on: acupuncture, chiropractic, coaches, massage, nutritionists, PT, podiatry, and sports medicine.

Serious RUNSPIRTION to make you run RUNSTOPPABLE!


On September 30th, Dean Karnanzes will be speaking about becoming a super athlete or at least get off the coach, active and healthy.  Dean  is the author of one of my favorite running books, Ultramarathon Man, and has run 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days.  To reserve free tickets to this Northface Speakers Series event, which will take place at 7PM at the Peter Norton Symphony Space, click here. I wish so badly I could go, but alas, I will be working.  I really think it will be an inspiring event!

For my beautiful Brooklynites,

Body by Brooklyn Spa and Lounge (275 Park Ave (at Washington Ave), Clinton Hill, Brooklyn )  is having a great Fashion Week special from 9/24-9/25

All day Thursday and Friday receive free a mini manicure and an eyebrow shaping; score two-for-one entrance to the spa’s expansive wet lounge, plus two gratis glasses of champagne ($44 retail); and take 10% off all services. Then snack on all-natural and vegan (free!) catering while checking out the discounted threads from local designers.


You know it’s my fav.  Head to Urban Outfitters to listen to and download 25 free tracks.  Some are more workout worthy than others, so preview to taste :).

Not free, but fun!

Lindsay Price’s Playlist:

They’re all good, but I starred my favorites!

Bring Out the Inner Sexy

Are you feeling sexy? You should be. As promised, a guest post from my fabulous roomie, please welcome her and enjoy :)



I’ve done a lot of research on what people find sexy (Disclaimer: ok not formal research, but I HAVE unscientifically surveyed both men and women about this), and there is only one thing that defies the completely subjective “who do you find attractive” judgment game to make everyone think you are sexy: confidence.  When a person walks into a room, you can immediately tell the difference between a person who knows they are bangin and have a lot to offer the people around them, and a person who walks in worried about what other people are thinking.  And let me tell you, man or woman, nobody wants to hang out with someone who doesn’t even want to hang out with themselves.  If you want to really be sexy, you have to really be confident.


Thus I give you my “Sexy in 5 Steps” list:


Make yourself a confidence-boosting playlist.

            Before you go out, whether you’re going to work, to meet a date, or to the bar for the night, pump the songs that make you feel good about yourself.  Sing along and rock out.  If you’re in a good mood and having fun, you set the vibe.  My confidence playlists tend to be ones with a general theme of “I am awesome, and everyone wants me.”  I highly recommend the theme.  Confidence booster.


Dress for your body

            Not everyone can fit into the “right clothes,” (ok, most people can’t) but everyone can find the right clothes for their particular body.  If your clothes don’t fit, it doesn’t matter how cute they were on the rack, you’re going to look stupid.  Far too many 100 pound girls make themselves look fat by pouring themselves into too-tight jeans and giving themselves a muffin top, while the person twice their size standing next to them looks bangin because her clothes fit and emphasize the sexy.  It’s not just about big and little, either.  If you hate your shoulders, it’s ok to cover them up if it makes you feel better about yourself.  If you love your legs, go find a good mini skirt and show them off.  When you look good, you feel good.  Confidence booster.


Embrace your sexuality

          You are sexy and sexual and that’s a good thing, so don’t apologize for it.  Now, some days the “I am sexy” vibe doesn’t come so easily and you need a little help with the “I feel pretty” part of things.  My favorite remedy?  Sexy underwear sets or lingerie (even if, and especially if, nobody else sees it).  It’s like your little secret, and you’ll feel good throughout the day just knowing what’s under your clothes.  Even in sweatpants.  I promise.  Confidence booster.*

And now embrace the awesome

Being sexy and being gorgeous are not the same thing.  Being gorgeous is being gorgeous, but being sexy is about harnessing your inner awesomenss and projecting that confidence out.  It doesn’t matter if your sexy comes from being smart, funny, good looking, being really good at your job, or being the best Guitar Hero player in the room – focus on what makes you feel good about yourself and run with it.  Think about how much you have to offer and don’t forget it.  You are awesome.  Confidence booster.

Fake it ‘til you make it

Yup, that’s right.  I said it: fake it (it’s the one time faking it is ok).  Tell yourself you are amazing and super confident because you ARE amazing and soon will also be super confident.  If this becomes your mantra, eventually you will realize it’s true.  Confidence booster.


Don’t believe me that these things work?  Try it out.  Confidence and sexiness are not about changing yourself, but changing the way you think.  So go out there and start commanding the attention you and your sexy self deserve.  And while you’re at it, go ahead, look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself what a hot piece you are.  You know you want to.

Melissa here.  Thanks Liz.  These tips have really helped me “come into my own” and I know they will help others too. I also wanted to note for any one in need, my favorite lingerie store is Journelle.  17th near Union Square or shop online.  Since we couldn’t decide on a graphic, I picked this AH pic because even though Holly Golightly was insecure, her outer confidence made her sexy.  I think that it true to some extent with Audrey herself, she took what she had, added confidence, charm and poise (and an LBD and great sunglasses) , and boy did it work.

HMC: Day 31 Staying Inspired in the New Year

superstock_1166r-4752_blow-angle-view-of-a-young-female-runner-crossing-the-finish-line-postersWow, the month came and went so quickly.  Tomorrow we get to start a new year fresh with no mistakes in it, as Anne Shirley/Miss Stacey would say.

Since I realize most people will be really busy today and tomorrow, you have until January 2nd at 9AM to log  your miles and comment on this post to be entered in the prize drawing.  The top two mileage for marathon and ultramarathon challengers will automatically receive a prize, and 3 challengers that comment will be selected at random to receive a prize. 

The questions, responding to one or both is fine!

-running goal for 2009? or

-your favorite running song of 2008?

So on with the post.  I have done a bunch of posts on inspirationand motivation, but here is one last wrap up with help from runners world to supplement my own thoughts!

Getting Started:

Sign up for a race: this was the definitive starting point of my running/jogging journey.  Find local 5k and sign up with a friend to keep you motivated, committed and excited.

Buy some good shoes-which will make all the difference in the world and give you the all important monetary commitment.  There is actually a great article on this in the Jan. 2009 issue of RW page 54,  Get Serious from the newbie chronicles.  My tips for finding shoes.

Join a running group or find a committed friend: Talking while running makes it about 4000 times more enjoyable!  Road Runners, Team in Training, Team Fox, Nike Town, YMCA clubs, the group options are endless.

Once you are a “runner” keep it going:

Set goals: Time, distance, or speed, pick one, identify your goal and give yourself a time line.  Of course, joining a marathon training group makes it easier because the training plan and workout times are set up for you.

Picking and signing up for a race (5K, 10K, half or full marathon) that you are really excited about or in a place you want to visit is a really great motivator! See Runner’s World Marathon 2009 guide for ideas.

Find ways to make it fun: If you are a gadget person, maybe a heart rate monitor or even a garmin will keep you excited.  Maybe mapping each run onmapmyrun or logging it on a spread sheet is enough.  If you are a music person, new tunes always get me motivated to don the ipod and block the world out for a few miles.  Or set up a standing running date with a friend.

Mix it up: if you aren’t lucky enough to be head over heels in love with running; in fact, if it is more a labor  than a love, don’t stop doing your favorite type of exercise. Make running a once or twice a week habit, or maybe you are a triathlete at heart.

Make it a group endeavor: a relay race is something I really hope to have the chance to do in 2009. I loved reading about Chandra’s Ragnar Relay, and I would love to do the New Hampshire Reach the Beach Relay in Sept.! If the more the merrier is your MO, than this could be the event for you!

Refocus each day: I don’t plan out my week or month exactly, but an hour or so before my workout or a few days before a long run, I give myself a pep talk, think about how great the run or workout is going to be, and plan my speed, distance or intensity goals for the workout.  This has helped me tremendously, a little visualization goes a really long, strong way!

Find some workouts you love: just having a few fun workouts in your arsenal can get you to the gym or the road when you feel like skipping it all together.  Find a few challenging speed or interval workouts you enjoy and put them in your backpocket on reservation for desperate times. Or download a few itunes nike + sport workouts, so you have someone to talk you through a run and keep you motivated! It’s great to have the motivation part done for you, so you are only responsible for moving your legs.

Happy New Year!


HMC Day 19!!!:Time for a Treat

Wow, we are more than halfway there.  Is your enthusiasm waning a bit?  This is a good time for a temperature check….how are you feeling?

You don’t want to push yourself too hard and risk injury.  You don’t want to start getting lazy with warm up, cool down, and stretching.  At the same time, you don’t want sell yourself short and be disappointed that you didn’t reach your goals.

You want to harness that same excitement you had those first few days and continue racing toward marathon or ultramarathon status based on how your body is feeling at this point in time.

I think it is high time for a treat! 

bubble_bath_pamperRewarding yourself is really essential to maintaining your enthusiasm and recognizing how far you’ve come and how hard you have worked. 

Yesterday, I treated myself to a manicure and an eyebrow wax on my lunch hour.  Okay, the eyebrow wax was more of a public service…things were looking B.A.D.  But the manicure, which as only $9 including a really great 3 min. back massage, made me feel so much better about life.  Seriously, as silly as it is, having my nails done makes me feel so girly and pulled together. SMILE!

So pick something, it can be  small or even free, but it should be a special little treat that makes you glow a bit inside.  Such as:

  • A magazine
  •  a new energy bar to try
  •  sauna time
  •  a new bubble bath
  •  a manicure
  • a scented candle
  • your favorite lotion
  •  dvring a guilty pleasure reality show
  • a book
  •  a new tea flavor
  •  download a new itune to add to your running playlist
  •  a card game–computer or with the bf
  •  an hour to window shop or sit and flip through a huge pile of books in B&N
  •  a new journal
  •  blog reading time
  • go to see a movie

It’s hard to justify taking the time or spending the money on something purely for yourself, but I am giving you permission; in fact, it’s an order.  Live a life of simple abundance.

What are your favorite treats?

So keep it up, we are almost there!  If you need an energy boost check out these strategies.

HMC Day 10:Keeping it Going

w_5_19_08We are in the middle of week 2.  Definitely a time when energy and enthusiasm could have waned a little.  It’s a good time to check in and see how you are feeling about working out and running, etc.

This morning I was feeling pretty tired.  I truly thought after a marathon, running would be easy.  But yet, not always, but often enough, even three miles can be a monumental feat.  This morning for example: “This.Is.Not. Fun…It.Will.Be.Worth.It.Later.” Anyways, tonight I am delivering food to the homeless for from 7 to midnight, so I will get a lot of on foot exercise.  Fortunately, the temperature went from 14 degrees on Monday to 61 this morning!

Back to the post intended–a round up of some resources, my own and outside.  Just a quick note about my posts, I never mean to sound like a know it all, because I’m not.  I do tons of research before writing advice type posts, but I am still totally aware that many of you know are as knowledge hungry as me if not more so, please feel free to correct me!

If you are sick of running, Marie Claire new issue has some great 10 minutes (JUST 10) workouts to spice up your routine.  I like to mix running with other things, especially when indoors!

If you just need some no bail inspiration to stick with it, check out this funny post from Vital Juice Daily.

Finally a few of my old posts you might find relevant/helpful.  Believe me the right shoes can make a world of difference!

Tips for finding the Perfect Shoes

So You Want to be a Runner? Part 1

So You Want to Be a Runner? Join the Club

PS most exciting announcement ever coming soon…hint: we have sponsors!

HMC Day 3: Keeping it Fun!

Yikes I thought this published last night! Sorry guys!

If you can keep running fun, you’ll definitely stick with it! 

Well we can all be happy that we have two of the main essentials are out of the way:

Having a plan–we know how much (26.2-52.4+) and by when (Jan. 1st). Plus  we have a rough day by day milage break down–1-2 miles per day min.  depending on the marathon or ultramarthon plan. By looking at the google preadsheet, you guys are way beyond that already! rock on!

Having Support-I hope this challenge will be a great support system.  I hope I can keep you motivated, more on this soon.  But the blogging community is so supportive, we are in good hands!

Here are my personal tips for keeping running fun:

Mix it up-make sure you still find time to do the other forms of exercise you love.  I really missed spinning and dance classes when I was training, and I think that is why I took a long break after my marathon. Make room for other forms of exercise, you stay excited about running, but don’t feel like you are missing out on spinning, yoga, walking or whatever it is you love!

Find a buddy-if it all possible, find someone to run with at least once a week.  It will really help make the time fly.  Whether it is a friend or a local running group (trust me they are everywhere!), it makes the miles fly by!

Tips for the treadmill bound

Mix it up  once again, changing it up is the key.  It keeps your mind concentrating on something other than fatigue.  When I trained for my first 5k it was indoors, and it was so helpful to switch between a high and a low speed every minute, it made the running seem to go so much faster.  So try changing speed or incline every minute or two, or if you really like variety, try my 3s and 5s workout.

Have a plan in mind-I always find it is easier if I have a goal before I start, and I can almost always stick to it.

When the going gets tough, put on your favorite song and bust out the treadmill karaoke.

Tips for the outdoor runners

Have a plan-it always helps to have your route planned out.  Mix it up by finding new runs on mapmyrun.com  run finder or come up with your own. Do it backwards or wind around a few extra streets.

Concentrate on form-I find that running outside is a good place to think about posture, breathing, arm swing, rolling from heel to toe or running more on the ball of your foot.  It also takes the mind off fatigue.

Daydream-my favorite, I write blog posts, think about making plans, holiday shopping and so much more when I run.  That is when the time and miles really slip by.  When I am running in the city, I like to think about the street I am on as I go down the blocks. I think about my relationship to each street, what stores are on it, what great buildings, what neighborhoods they encompass in their horizontal span from east to west.

I also linked to some old posts I talk about motivation in:

15 Tips to Get Through a Workout

When the Going Gets Tough

Running is Not Fun

Marathon Challenge: Day 1


I decided to try to do the challenge and regular blogging on the blog.  I figure the info may be valuable to challengers and non-challengers alike.  However, if it is annoying either party, I will try a different approach.

BTW all the info is here, the most important thing is to log your miles here.  Huge congrats to Meghan with a pdr of 11.11 miles! 

Congratulations for making it to day 1! The hardest part is showing up and here you are!  It can only get easier from here.

Remember, you’re not alone if you are not always psyched to get out there and hit the road or the treadmill.  Even Haruki Murakami–author of What I Talk about When I Talk About Running–who has run many many marathons said when asked: Do you ever not want to go running?  “Every day”

So getting to the gym or to the road and making it through the first ten minutes is always the biggest hurdle, after that the endorphins kick in, your mind wanders and you day dream, you get into your music, and then you stop with the knowledge that you did it!  Even just for one day.  The problem is when you put off day 1 over and over.  By the end of the challenge you may just have to run a marathon, which you obviously won’t be prepared for! lol

So over the next month, I will try to give you tools and tricks to make “showing up” easier and even enjoyable.

I will sum this post up with a great quote by Victoria Moran: “Life Belongs to Those Who Floss”

Life is about putting in the extra little effort to make you healthier, happier, wholer and more centered.  Making the time and spending the energy to give yourself the love your deserve, to bring yourself closer to the charmed life all women should live.

So whether that is getting to the gym, flossing, taking your make up off after a night out before going to bed, not the next morning; winking at the cute boy across the coffee shop, dealing with an out of control eye brow situation or doing laundry instead of buying more socks, you are worth and the little things make a big difference.  Of course, you can’t tackle everything at once.  So even if it is just making the time to run mile or two a few times this week, you deserve it!


Inspired again!

I'm happy for Paula, but I secretly wish Kara had won.


I love watching marathons!  They don’t seem like they are really a spectator sport because you can only watch one part, and it’s pretty much the same thing for a long time!  But nevertheless, the humanity and resilience is captivating and inspiring. 

I could actually see the marathon from my bedroom, my apartment building overlooks Vernon Blvd which is the main Queens section of the marathon, so I watched from about 9-10 (which was really just the wheel chair athletes) before I had to meet my group for project meeting, which lasted until 5PM.  So I dvred it and watched the highlights when I got home. 

I was so excited the Kara Goucher got third!  Her first marathon ever!  And she was the first American woman to place in 14 years! 

I have mentioned that I have her itunes endurance boost workout several times, which I love, and is why I am a fan! Random fact: she sleeps in a bedroom that pumps less oxygenated air into the room to simulate being at really high elevations!

Anyways, I can’t wait to run next year.  I did an hour on the treadmill after dinner just imagining I was running over the bridges and looping up CP toward Tavern on the Green.  I am a huge loser, but it made the hour fly by!

If you didn’t see the marathon, but are sort of on the fence about signing up for a marathon, I offer these ideas for inspiration:

  • sign up for a race in a location you would like to visit (I wanted to go to Cali, and now Paris and Rome are tempting me!)
  • research marathon for one that seems fun to you (At first I thought Disney, but when I found out that the San Fran guaranteed all finishers (half and full) a Tiffany’s necklace, I was sold! If you are really into music maybe a rock and roll marathon with bands ever half mile would be cool for you.)
  • have a greater purpose than yourself (running with Team and Training constantly kept me focused on helping others and meeting people who were truly inspirational)
  • buddy up (whether you go into it with an organization or with a friend, it really helps to have people to chat with and people that will become similarly obsessed!)
  • read Ultramarathon Man, Once a Runner, or a similar book!

All right I have lots to study before I sleep, night everyone! xo

Fun Fit Videos

I came across a few good videos today, I thought I’d share…

I haven’t gotten the hang of embedding videos into posts in wordpress, the code is there, but the video disappears when I publish, so the videos are linked to or in posts below.  weird and obnoxious WP!

The first is a great mini clip from David Kirsch.  The segment was on the CBS Early Show called “Staying Fit When on the Road.” Here is the link: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=4535482n%3fsource=search_video

Also check out: Real Age Beauty which has some great resources.  Create your own workouts, why should women strength train, you on a diet workout, all 20 minutes!

2nd video below, some wonderful inspiration from Rory Freedman (Skinny Bitch)

That should keep you entertained for a while!  Off to bed, I am really hoping that I can get to the gym in the morning, I haven’t been able to stop hitting the snooze lately :(.  xoxo

Inspiration, Spring Marathons, Links, Products and More

Here is the usual Thursday mish mosh round up:


Do you want to kill yourself after 30 minutes on the treadmill? Dean Karnanzes recently ran 48 hours and 212 miles on a treadmill. He didn’t break the Guinness record, but man!

MOVIE: If you need more inspiration, I highly recommend the Spirit of the Marathon movie, check for local screenings! You don’t even have to move, how easy is that?

Top secret announcement–the upcoming NYC Team in Training Chapter will be training for three fabulous Marathons:

Rome Marathon (Run/Walk) – March 22, 2009 – Rome, Italy
Country Music Full & Half Marathon (Run/Walk) – April 25, 2009 – Nashville, TN.
New Jersey Full & Half Marathon (Run/Walk) – May 3, 2009 – Long Branch, NJ

If you live in NYC, I can personally assure you that TNT will make it your marathon experience magical! However, I am sure all chapters of TNT seriously rock, so see if your what your local chapter is training for. If you don’t do groups, think outside the box, there are marathons in the most incredible locations: Rome, Paris, The Great Wall Marathon (China), The Polar Circle Marathon (Greenland), The Big Five Marathon (South Africa), just to name a few!

To properly fuel yourself, check out Vital Juice Daily’s fall produce picks, replete with some yummy recipes.

For some fuel on the run, I just tried a Chia Spice Kardea bar
I am really trying to eat only all natural bars. Ingredients are far more important to me than fiber, fat or calories. Even my beloved Kashi Golean Crunchy Chocolate Caramel bars, have too many weird things (Mechanically Fractionated Palm Kernel Oil?) in them for me to feel good about ingesting them. These were offered to me by Kardea, and after checking out the stats online they seemed to be pretty good. These bars have a few items that seem to be added to punch up the fiber, like psylium husch and chicory root fiber, but overall everything seems like it came from the earth not a factory. Inside they look like nuts and grains stuck together with maple syrup or honey. However, they are not too sticky or too sweet, although I wish the first ingredient wasn’t Brown Rice Syrup. And I love that agave, a low GI sweetener was included, as it is expensive for companies to add. Overall 9 grams of sugar is not bad at all, and at modest 150 calories these provide a tasty and satisfying snack perfect for taking the edge off the 4PM hunger call. Despite not being a fan of chai tea–but love cinnamon, these were really good. And not so sweet that they made me crave sweets all afternoon. A keeper.

Note: I truly enjoyed all of the Kardea flavors, except the lemon ginger, because I do not like lemon in any kind of bar or baked good at all.  The burst of flavor in each bite of Kardea bars truly impressed me.  They have a stronger and more natural flavor than any other bar I have tried.

The Amphipod

I have really been needing something to put stuff in while I run, and I think the Amphipod Micropack Land Sport may be my answer. It clips on to your pant or shorts with just enough storage for your credit cards, id, keys, mp3 player and money. This way I can stop being a bra stuffer…btw metrocards are sweat resistant up to 12 miles :). Most shorts and pants don’t have the proper storage for things besides gus and gels, but this looks great for when I don’t want to bring my bulky fuel belt!