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FitFluential: Let’s Do This!

Thanks so much for all the great comments on my More Half Marathon recap.  Clearly Frank’s signs were the real heroes. I merely ran 13 miles, but the signs, they got the people goin’!

It’s been good few weeks. I’ve got to run the More Half Marathon as one of Athelta’s sponsored athletes.  I attended several fun fitness events at Equinox.  And yesterday, I was invited to be a FitFluential Ambassador! It’s a huge honor and amazing opportunity, and I really couldn’t be more excited. Let’s Do This!

I haven’t done this in a while, but I wanted to share some fun fitness opportunities!

Surfset Fitness!

SurfSET Fitness

The fun pop up of Surfset Fitness at Chelsea Market ends this month.  So many of the best fitness instructors in the city are hosting classes there, I have to try it before the month is up! There’s everything from bootcamps to yoga classes on the board! Kristen McGee, Chanelle from Physique and Emily from Refine will all be there!

Body By Simone

I was psyched to see this in Well and Good!  Body by Simone is open for business in NYC! It’s a cardio dance workout that channels Tracey Anderson—aka burns major calories.  However, unlike ol Trac, who doesn’t want rif raf like me, BBS is open to all.  At $35 a class, the cost is pretty much in line with boutique fitness studios.

NYC Marathon Registration!

Marathon Header

If you are thinking of entering the NYC Marathon lotto, you only have a couple days!  Entry closes on April 23rd!

Nike Women’s Marathon San Francisco.


This was my first marathon was an incredible experience and I would definitely recommend it!  There is Tiffany’s, there is the golden gate bridge, there is a coat check at Mile 3  and there is chocolate! There random drawing entry closes SOON!  April 20th!  So if you’re interested, enter here! If you have any questions about the race, let me know!

Exhale Core Fusion 30 Day Sculpt

Exhale: Core Fusion - 30 Day Sculpt [DVD]

A new Exhale video has arrived.  This one is cool because it is a 30 day program. Each week there is six 20 minute workouts that blend segments from all the previous videos, plus a rest day. There are a total of 30 different 20 minute workouts! Sounds pretty cool, I haven’t tried it, but I am intrigued for sure!

NYC Marathon 2011 Recap

Wow. There is nothing like the NYC marathon. Nothing.


First I want to send a HUGE congrats to all the wonderful ladies I ran with yesterday.  You all are beyond amazing and inspiring!  Ashley, Tina, Dori, Theodora, Melissa Z, Ellen, Amelia, Emily, Katie S., and Rebecca.

Pre-race Jitters

I really had a hard time mentally and physically preparing for this race. I did everything I could to get caught up in the excitement—I read (the amazing) “A Race Like No Other,” I watched “Lucky Penny,” the HIMYM marathon episode, and finally, I watched “Spirit of the Marathon,” which gets me every time.  And still, I was filled with doubts and nerves. 

Week of and Day Before:

The week leading up to training, I definitely stepped up my carb consumption.  There was no way low glycogen stores were going to be responsible for anything going wrong on the run! 

I attended an awesome 5 Borough Bash, The ACS Send Off Dinner and the Runner’s World VIP Party! Amid all the fun, I noticed that I seemed to be the only one who was nervous!

The night before we ironed our names onto our shirts and had the prerequisite pasta dinner.

IMG-20111105-01113 photo (34)

I don’t know why I felt so uncertain, but maybe it was because my training wasn’t quite where I wanted it to be,  or because I had a nagging pain in my foot that wouldn’t go away, or because I was just plain tired after months and months of running.  My anxiety lasted and grew right up to the moment I started running.  And then ceased completely.

Morning of:

We had a 6:40 wake up call and then we spent about an hour or so getting ready before heading to Fort Wadsworth. IMG-20111106-01119IMG-20111106-01115

We got there a bit earlier than we needed to, but that was fine because it was sunny and not too cold. We rocked our multiple layers of mismatched throw away clothes and ate our pb bagels.  If you’re wondering, the “sheddable shells” that you can buy at expos are not really that warm, I wouldn’t by one again.  An old sweatshirt would have done the trick just as well.IMG-20111106-01121 IMG-20111106-01120  

After Frank left for his corral, I ran into Tina, Dori, Melissa and Ashley!  We headed to the corrals together.  I actually found Ashley at the start and we decided to begin the race together as we were both aiming for a 11 minute pace.

The Race:


Off we went. It was amazing. The bridge revealed gorgeous views of Manhattan through the crystal clear blue skies. Once we were off the bridge the course was flat and fast.  I was trying to hold back, but I was feeling great. I felt so comfortable at the 10:30 pace, it seemed silly to go to 11.  Yet, I knew that it was essential to remain feeling fresh as a daisy until the 10 mile point, so I tried to hold back. Brooklyn was better than I remembered.  It was packed with people, signs, and people screaming my name! I declined high 5’s but gave many thumbs up!  My coach’s words echoed in my head,"the more high fives at the beginning, the more low fives at the end.” I loved every adoring fan, they kept me  pumped and the miles literally flew by!  I couldn’t believe that we hit mile 7 in what seemed like no time at all!  I stopped briefly to adjust my too tight shoe, which made all the difference in the world!  I also stopped to take a picture of this amazing church with every door open and an entire choir of signers filling the front steps.  My jaw was on the ground as I ran by this amazing group of people!


Around mile 8, Ashley and I parted ways. I felt great all through Brooklyn, but sadly didn’t see anyone that I had hoped to.  I knew the Polanski Bridge through Queens would be tough–that’s where the hills would start and continue through the remainder of the course, so I slowed my pace to conserve energy.

After the bridge I was feeling pretty dead, I needed my advil to kick in and stop the pain in my foot. However,  the crowds in first ave didn’t disappoint and quickly got me going again. Soon I started seeing my friends and all was well in the world. 

marathon 2011

My friend Sue found me around 18 and is the reason I kept the pace I did!  She motivated me to keep going with constant encouragement, fun stories and by getting so excited about everything around us.  Even though I was feeling some pain, I was not at all out of breath and kept easy conversation right to the end.  Right was we were leaving the Bronx, a huge surprise awaited me:  FRANK on the jumbotron. We had recorded 5 second video messages to each other at the expo and they were set to go off after we passed a certain checkpoint.  It was perfect!  He shouted my name and good luck and I could barely believe it all happened right there in front of so many other people!

The next part was tough. As excited as I was to enter the park, my foot was really shot and I was trying to put weight only on the outside, which made for an unnatural gait.  The hill from 110th to 90th seemed to go on forever, but the crowds around us kept me excited. We finally entered the park and rolled down hill past all the sights I know so well.  Sue said goodbye, and I was on my own for the last 1.2 miles.  I quickly adjusted my shoe to stop the pinching and did what I could to push out the last little bit of the glorious race.  I knew I no longer had chances of PRing, but I thought I could make it under 5 hours, so I tried to enjoy the last stretch down 59th street, even though so many people were walking.  And finally we were climbing toward the finish, the 800, 600, 400, 200, and 100 meters to go signs breezed by and I crossed the finish in jubilation!

I patiently waited for my medal and my picture and did my best to distract myself from the long, cold wait to the UPS baggage trucks. Running into Emily helped pass the time!


Finally I was out of the park and I made my way slowly to meet Frank and friends at the Tangled Vine.

When I arrived there was a nice spread as well as a glass of prosecco waiting, don’t mind if I do! 

   IMG-20111106-01133 IMG-20111106-01132

After that we made a long journey back home and icing and salt baths ensued.

I ended the night with Crazy, Stupid, Love and take out:

A couple slices of heavenly Mortorino pizza


and some papaya salad and thai green vegetables.  Green includes carrot apparently :)


It was an odd combo, but it hit the spot. Now that the marathon season is officially over, I have committed to getting back on the healthy track eating wise, and but more to come about that tomorrow!

Here are my splits:



4:56:10 finish time.

After all my worries, it was another wonderful marathon! It wasn’t easy, but I am glad I took the time to take in all the sights and see all the people and color that makes the ING NYC Marathon so special. I really thought this was the last marathon, but I might have to take the sage advice of Justin Beiber and never say never. :)

Resting and Running

My workout week went something like this:

Monday=20 mile run

Tuesday=Rest (but lots of walking)

Wednesday=1 Hour Spinning

Thursday=30 minutes elliptical and 45 minute arm, ab and assets class

Friday=Couch sitting.

I can home from a busy workday yesterday and barely moved from my couch.  I wasn’t feeling to hot this week, so I decided to take it easy.  I didn’t plan to do quite so little.  I had plans to do laundry and start preparing for the boy to move in, but instead I explored a variety of positions on the couch.  Waking up well rested was nice and I hopped on the subway to meet Ashley on the Queens side of the 59th St Bridge.

After the run over the bridge, we ran up 1st for a bit before turning around and meeting these lovely ladies.


Theodora, Laura and Sue!

Then we took off to do the last 10 miles of the marathon.  First Ave is definitely the hardest part of the marathon in my mind, but when you’re totally fresh, it’s not to bad!

Up to 135st St we went! All along the way, random city dwellers were congratulating us and wishing us luck! It was awesome.  Just a sample of the race day fans!

IMG-20111022-01055 (1)

Here I am with Rebecca and Ashley.  Yes my hair has little wings, and yes, I wear a hat and glasses. 

We ran through the Bronx back into Manhattan down through Harlem and back to the park.  The entrance at 5th and 110th provided gorgeous views of the pond and foliage.

I also loved seeing the marathon banners—look at Rebecca and Ashley go!


Once we we got off the cobblestone and into the park, I was golden.  We headed down to the bottom, ran along 59th Street, entered the park once again at Columbus Circle and raced to the finish line where bleachers were already set up.

After a quick cool down run we reached just about 13 miles and felt pretty darn good!

My ankle is a little sore right now, but I am hoping a little icing and downtime will do the trick.  After enjoying a leisurely brunch with one of my favorite people, I headed to see the boy and then back home, so it’s time to rest and tiger balm it up until I smell like a tic tac.

Only two weeks until the marathon! I can’t believe the training is basically over and the big race is finally here!  Now I just need to enjoy all the festivities and events leading up to the day itself!

Speaking of festivities, see what CELEBRITIES are running the NYC Marathon this year!!!

I haven’t mentioned my NBC articles, but I am still writing for them.

This week I posted about the Nike Sports Watch with GPS. It took me a really long time to bite the bullet and buy a running watch.  My last few forays in running watches haven’t gone so well. The Nike Sports Watch has been treating me pretty well.  There are things I like and a few things I would change.



and I also wrote about Equinox’s baby sister, Blink! A gym membership in manhattan for only $20 a month! It’s for rizzle.


18 Beautiful Miles

I think this might have been the best long run of the season, which is really really nice to say!

Prior to my long run, I carb loaded with a delicious dinner at La Bottega.  I’ve wanted to try this place forever, so the day before a long run was the perfect opportunity.



Since we weren’t drinking we ordered quite a bit!

The burretta caprese!


Spaghetti squash cacio e pepe—amazing appetizer selection!


Fettuccine bolegense


Orechetti with broccoli rabe and tomatoes




By the time the entrees came I was full, but I enjoyed a few bites.  The spinach had amazing lemon and garlic flavor.

So far all Martine Hotel dining experiences have been successful!

So the run….

I think a few things really helped this long run go well:

  1. A route I was excited about
  2. Cooler weather
  3. Good company

Our group met at the South Street Seaport at 9AM—so late—to meet for our run. Women’s Health Are You Game Fitness Event!  It looked so cool, if I didn’t have a long run I totally would have stayed!

There were tons of pink tents filled with fun giveaways, photobooths and spa treatments.


An awesome schedule of fitness events: spinning, rock climbing, yoga!

IMG-20110917-00983 IMG-20110917-00984

ACS Determination had a tent at the event, which is why we met there!


As I mentioned I was excited about my run, check out the route my coach came up with:


Basically we ran around the tip of the island and then from the west side over the Brooklyn Bridge through Williamsburg over the Williamsburg Bridge back to the West Side around  the bottom of the island again and then up and down the east side depending on how far you were going. I love love love Battery Park City, so I was happy to do it twice :)!

I did the 18 mile route, but running home brought the run just over 19 according to gmap pedometer.  I actually forgot my watch, so I never knew I passed the 18 mile mark!

What does it take for Melissa to run 18+ miles?  Two belts and pants with pockets:


It is SO EMBARASSING that I wear a fuel belt and a spibelt and have a pocket in my running pants! Some people in my group had nothing!

Why must I have two belts you ask? My fuel belt only hold water and a couple gus (i had a pack of gu chomps today) and some money.  My spibelt hold my phone and ipod—which I didn’t need! And in my back pocket I put my key, metrocard and credit card!

I guess I am high maintenance.

This run went really well because I really enjoyed the running group and coaches and it helped the miles roll by very quickly! I never wanted to put on the ipod.  It was also cool, which was very nice and getting out of the park was essential to keeping running fresh.

I had been very nervous since my hip and ankle have really been bothering me, but they weren’t much of a problem at all today!  I am seeing a running doctor this week just in case!  At least I am very confident that the Hamptons Half will go well next weekend!

All right, I need to get ready for date night!!!

Marathon Photo Recap

One whole week has passed since the marathon!  I promise that I will stop talking about it soon, I do have some more substantive posts planned, promise.  Anyways, today I had my first real workout.  I am excited to start ramping it up for November and December, the beauty of the freedom to do whatever type of workout I please is quite loverly! Sorry, got sidetracked once the My Fair Lady soundtrack started running through my mind. All I want is a spinning class.

So today I did my first actual “run.”  I fought for every step of the first 2 miles.  I actually thought I might be able to walk faster.  Once I got to the Socrates Sculpture Park (mile 2), I decided to take a walk around.  The exhibition was rocking my world.  So I plopped down in the gorgeous sun and stretched a little while I took it all in.  Fortunately, the 2 mile run home was much easier.  I was breathing like a maniac, but at least I felt like I was moving.  Wow, this Turkey Trot is going to be interesting.

After the four mile run, I did a nice 25 minutes on the elliptical and felt completely exhilarated.  I am going to bust out one segment of the 30 day shred and call it a day.

So I caved to the brightroom photos of the marathon, and while I feel like kind of a jerk for posting so many sweaty pictures of myself, I figured I would at least try get my $107 worth.  There were actually about 40 shots that I was tagged in, although many of them I don’t think I was actually in.  I was shocked that I was in as many as I was since I didn’t have my bib displayed until mile 25. There were so many people running, finding myself was like a big game of where is waldo.  Maybe I should have worn a robe.  :)  However, they also included some great photos of the start…. so here we go

The Verrazano pre start, check out all the buses


The race begins


Another shot of the start, this is just the runners on the upper level of 1 of the 3 waves!


This may be my favorite sot, I love the two level view


There I am somewhere around 6 miles in Brooklyn I believe


This is a shot of runners coming down 4th Ave in Brooklyn


This is another shot of the bridge, I couldn’t seem to move it up where it belonged

47685-20965-007f (2)

My favorite pic, taken by Miss Elizabeth as I ran down Vernon


This is around mile 22-23, talking with Sue and Derek


47685-17467-007f (2)

Sue was either psyching me up or distracting me, either way, I was grateful. Smile Derek!

47685-17467-008f (2)


I am not actually in this shot, it must be just after I left Sue and Derek at miles 25–it’s a cute pic of them though.


So close (wow, my lag time to the start was 41 minutes behind the official clock start.)


Even closer

47685-12998-029f (2)

Can  you taste it?47685-8020-026f (2)47685-8020-027f (2)

I ran through mat 1, but I wasn’t done…


I finished by jumping on the second timing mat with both feet just to make sure!

47685-10338-016f (2)

The end…until 2011

Marathon and Election fever!

I don’t know which I am more excited about, the marathon or the election…probably, okay definitely, the later!  But I can’t wait to see the marathon tomorrow, unfortunately I have to be at school to meet on a group project at 11, so I will watch as much as I can.  The runners run right through LIC (where I live) and over the miserable 59th street bridge, so I should be able to do some cheering!

The election will require an almost marathon-like effort on my part because I forgot that I needed to change my address 30 days before voting, thus I have to go to my old polling site, which is only slightly over 3 miles away, but a pain in the butt to get to on public transportation.  I really don’t understand why, if you are registered to vote in NY, you can’t vote anywhere.  It is really annoying that moving 3 miles down the borough requires so much unnecessary paperwork.  Anyways, I am going to run to the old polling site and run back before work. Kills two birds with one stone.

In less whiny news, there are a few fun things I wanted to put on the blog in case you hadn’t seen them yet.

One is this awesome desk bike



How great would it be to have one of these at work?  I am seriously considering it!

Second, Exhale Spa will soon be release Core Fusion DVDs.  I have reviewed Core Fusion before, and while it is not as amazing as Physique 57, in my opinion, it is definitely my next workout DVD purchase.  It will save me so much $$$$$ to be able to do this type of workout at home!  I hope it is super-intense, and I’ll be sure to let you know!  I wish P57 would follow suit.  I did the P57 workout that you can find on the marie claire website and it does give you a bitty burn, but it is not really like the class.  I do recommend you check it out though!

I obviously haven’t been able to blog much, I truly want to, but I just can’t find a moment to collect my thoughts.  Thus, scattered posts like this one! 

Anyways, what is in store on my fitness horizon?  Lots of yoga!  I am teaching 4 classes to kids in a couple weeks, so I really have to start taking as many classes as possible!  

If you get a chance to watch some of the NYCM tomorrow, I am positive you will be inspired!

Hot to Trot

I won’t be running the NYC Marathon this year, but who will?

Here are a few notable fleet-footed folks we can expect to see crossing the Verrazano in a couple weeks:

  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Brandi Chastain (US Women’s Soccer team)
  • Deena Kastor
  • Kara Goucher!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dean Karnanzes
  • Sanjay Gutpa
  • Paula Radcliffe

And of course we’ll see who tries to sneak in with a baseball cap this year.

Someone asked if I had done the 9 races and volunteered in order to get automatic guarantee for 2009 through NYRR.  Sorry for not responding sooner, but I am signed up to be a chip clipper on Sunday’s Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff, then I will be totally done with all the requirements.  But I figured the volunteer was no sweat, so I considered myself “in” for ’09 when I finished my 9th race.

Crazy weekend ahead.  Internships all day tomorrow, then hopefully getting some Pure drinks with by buddy who just returned from Bali.

Then Sunday:

  • Volunteer for Poland Spring Marathon kickoff-arrive at 7am-ouch!
  • Buying a gift for friend’s bday
  • Friend’s ice skating party at Chelsea Piers
  • Spinning
  • Church (for the first time since xmas…yikes)
  • Dinner with John Sexton (and others)

Plus, lots of school.  But I guess busy is better than bored!