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Five Things I’m Obsessed With – 3/12/16

Hello Friends,

I hope your weekend is going well.  I know everyone in the NYC area is enjoying the spring like weather!  Here are a few things making me happy this week:

Free Birthday Workouts


 Several studios we kind enough to offer me a free class for my birthday on Tuesday. I’m signed up for an early morning Uplift class –it’s actually the endurance class, which I’ve never tried.  I’m also hoping to drop by Physique 57 after work. I’m looking forward to some fun birthday celebrations tonight as well.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

laura m

 After saving up my Sephora points for years, I finally decided to cash some in. I tried for this moisturizer and I love it.  I can wear it in place of foundation or concealer on most days.  It’s really light and blends well. I’ll definitely be buying the full size product soon.

Fixer Upper

I’m into home reno shows in general, but Fixer Upper might be my current face. I love Joanne’s creativity and style. I also love that they redo the WHOLE house in most episodes.  If you haven’t read “28 Things You Love About Chip and Joanna Gaines,” check it out.  We are currently renovating a condo we bought several months ago and I never appreciated how once you do one thing, it always leads to another and another and another.

Garmin Vivofit 2

image-6 copy 3

I tested this for a review a while back and really liked it. I  received one for christmas and just finally took it out of the box.  But now, I’m totally back into it.  I walk quite a bit and easily hit 17,000 steps a day, but definitely need to up the intensity of my work outs.

Women Need to Stop Saying Just 

This is a really insightful article on words that women use in the workplace that signal uncertainty or an unnecessary apology.  “I’m just checking in…” I’ve been working on cutting just out of my work vocabulary, particularly in emails.   It’s a great read for anyone.


Long Time No Blog

I don’t know where the last five days have gone!  It’s been one of those weeks where I think about blogging all the time, but somehow it doesn’t happen.  Work is going to stay busy for the next month or so and then hopefully I have a little more time to breathe (and BlOG!).

My week started off with an awesome morning class at the Upper West Side Physique 57 Studio.  It was my first time at that location and man, it is gorgeous! (Laura wrote about it a while back!) Just walking through the Ansonia Building is a huge treat—very interesting history.  The studio is quite a bit larger than the 57th Street location and not quite as large as the Spring Street location.  The locker rooms were nice and open with plenty of showers and vanity space.  But the best part of the locker experience was the lockers themselves, they have set your own code locks!  Love that. 

Our class was in the back studio, which was very large and had floor to ceiling windows overlooking Broadway on one wall.  As usual, the class was killer!  Lots of thigh shaking—fast forward to me wobbling out of there later!  I also got to see the debut of the blue bands for the ab work!  The black bands have been replaced with blue bands, which offer less resistance making the abs work harder.

It was definitely a satisfying workout!  Morning workouts really are wonderful because I didn’t spend the whole day trying to figure out when and where I was going to fit in my exercise!

The rest of the week consisted of a spin class, two runs and a long elliptical session. Next week is the more half marathon! OMG!  I am a bit nervous!   I enjoyed a nice taper fun of around 5 miles yesterday.  I decided to push the pace for the three miles in the middle and I may have actually passed some people for the first time in my running career.  I am not going to lie, it felt pretty good to be the passer not the passee!

Now it’s time to get ready for church, brunch and a lot of cooking!

Bright Birthday

I am not one to get excited about birthdays.  In fact, it’s kind of the opposite.   However, yesterday was a pretty great birthday filled with fun surprises, small indulgences, delicious food and fun workouts.

Frank and I woke up early (for us) to kick off the big 2-9 with a short run. It was a good 30 degrees colder than the day before and we weren’t dressed appropriately,  so it ended up being a short, sweet, sprint.  Well, sprint for me–keeping up with the boy isn’t easy!  Just over 2 brisk miles later, we ended at Liquiteria where I grabbed an All Green with Apple! It really is the breakfast of champions.   Plus there were some fun surprises waiting in my office when I arrived! I am glad I didn’t take the day off.


Midmorning I supplemented my juice with several handfuls of Golden Grahams.  Having these by my desk at work was a horrible idea.  I have no control over Golden Grahams whatsoever! It was a strange impulse buy last week when I wanted something to put in my yogurt.

Anywho, I treated myself to a quick dry lunch hour manicure, before picking up lunch at ‘wichcraft to bring back to my desk.  (I find it difficult to take a non-weird picture of my fingers!)


I had a goat cheese and avocado sandwich with walnut pesto, watercress and celery on cranberry walnut bread. It was at good as it sounds!  I will definitely be getting this again.2012-03-15_13.06.19

As hinted at before,flowers arrived at work later in the afternoon!  A colorful bouquet of tulips will brighten even the greyest office.  And let’s be honest, yesterday was pretty grey around these parts.2012-03-15_16.15.47 (1)

After work I went to Physique 57 for a birthday butt kicking.  Sarah C. didn’t disappoint!  She was super upbeat and counted everything down, so we knew exactly how much pain to expect. The class killed me.  My thighs had not known torture until yesterday, or the last class I took at Physique.  Oh, the burn! Fortunately, it felt great when it was over and I hobbled back home.  Oh, if you haven’t checked out P57’s corporate discounts, you may be eligible for 15% off!

I arrived home to a spotless apartment, thanks to our amazing housekeeper! I got ready for dinner fairly quickly, so that I could make it to Sephora in time to get my free birthday present! 


I also used a giftcard to buy a Bobbi Brown lipgloss in Rose Gold. At first I felt a little silly announcing to the woman at the register that it was my birthday, what am I five?  But I really wanted my Fresh Sugar Kiss Lip Duo, so I did.   She was actually REALLY nice about it, enthusiastic even!  She wished me happy birthday and whipped out my free treat right away. I should have told more people it was my birthday ;).


Dinner was set for Gotham Bar and Grill.


There aren’t too many fancy restaurants in the Union Square area, but this is one of them.  It’s tucked away on 12th street, where you’d hardly expect it.  Billowing white fabric chandeliers are the key feature of the decor, creating an airy, formal ambience.  We were greeted warmly right away and seated shortly thereafter.  The menu is New American/asian fusion with a strong French influence.  We started out by selected a bottle of white burgundy that was in our price range and quite delicious, very light and subtle with a little punch of flavor.

IMG_3928 IMG_3922

We shared the famous tuna tartare, which they kindly split for us.  It was perfection, rather than mayo, it was made with a sweet miso, so it was much lighter than most tartares.  It almost had a cerviche quality.  I loved the  thinly sliced japanese cucumbers surrounding the dish, they were exceptional. They portion was quite generous as well.


Next up, I got the Maine lobster with beluga lentils, califlower, golden raisins and eggplant in a curry butter emulsion.IMG_3929

The lobster was perfectly cooked with no toughness at all and the curry sauce was to die for!  It was  both light and rich at the same time.IMG_3936

Frank got the signature miso marinated black cod with boy choy, mushrooms, rice in a lemongrass, ginger sauce.  It was out of this world!  The flavors were described by our waitress as “in your face,” and while they truly shown through, they weren’t overpowering.  All the ingredients on the dish worked in perfect harmony.

We finished with the warm chocolate cake.  It had a dark chocolate flavor and light mousse texture. It wasn’t my favorite, but I did enjoy the mini lemon meringue bites and peanut butter brownie cups!IMG_3938 IMG_3939 IMG_3948

‘Twas a great night and I am excited for brunch with friends tomorrow.

Best New Workouts of 2011

This year I tried quite a few new workouts.  There were lots of triumphs and not too many flops.  These are my top 5 of 2011.  Some of them are not new this year, but they are new to me this year…that counts :).


Core Fusion Cardio at Exhale Spa.  OMG, how did I go so long without trying this?  Why don’t I listen to my sage friends?  Sorry Dori and Amy! The perfect combo of cardio and toning in an upbeat, non-stop package. By the end I feel like I have gotten a full cardio and strength workout. My new addiction won’t be dying down anytime soon.

side abs

Formula 57 at Physique 57.  There were days when I thought I would never be anything but a beginner at Physique 57.  But their classes work and I became stronger, conquering open and finally advanced levels.  The classes never got old and they never became easy, but Formula 57 brings it to a whole new level.  From start to finish you work several muscle groups in tandem never stopping to stretch until the very end.  I find it the perfect progression of the regular class—it requires more endurance and the multiple muscle groups in action helps you torch even more calories.

slt-2034 (1)

SLT. This one is really new to me, I just tried it a week ago.  But I know that it is going to be a part of my regular workout regimen. It does everything a women wants it to do: strengthen, lengthen and tone through a fluid series of exercises on the megaformer.  I was able to get the hang of the machine in the first class and it certainly helped me work places I have never felt worked before—and I had the soreness to prove it.  It’s perfect for a good challenge as it isn’t easy, core, balance and strength are necessary for each and every movement, but  even though it’s hard the class flies by!  When the 55 minutes were up, I was sad it was already over. The owner is incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and the small class size allows for lots of individualized attention.

Figure 4 at Pure Yoga—This wonderful barre –based class turns things upside down by starting with the thighs.  Kate Albarelli is the charming, energetic creator and she kept me going through some seriously intense arm and ab work—by the end of 20 reps or a long hold, I need some encouragement. I like that this class has so much variety, you go from mat to bar to mat to ring to bar and mat again.  You’ll never get bored, but you will certainly feel the burn!

Flybarre at Flywheel Sports. The new barre workout in town follow the traditional format of interval overload I have come to expect from barre classes.  However, it throws in a few of it’s own tricks, such as work with a resistance band and extra squishy balls, the result is a full body strength workout that aims for tone not bulk.  Where Flywheel Sports really excites me is the fact that it offers spinning and barre under the same roof.  A match made in workout heaven if you ask me!

30/60/90 at Equinox.  Okay, so there is nothing new about this workout, but I had never tried a formal class until recently! It is definitely something everyone must try.  The step aerobics strength mix flies through series after series working the arms, legs and abs with cardio bursts in between.  While there are times it seems like forever, it’s good to know that everything will be over in no more than 90 seconds. For cardio junkies like myself, this is a great way to work up a sweat while also building some muscle.

Music Flow Yoga at Exhale.  This class takes one of the most important elements of a good workout (music) and combines it with yoga to make your practice a lot more fun.  I liked Exhale’s approach to yoga, a flowing mix of high energy poses with just enough zen to bliss me out.  Poses aren’t held to long and there is no chanting or readings, it’s all about mind, body strength and a great soundtrack.

Standing Favorites: these classes may not be new to me, but I still think they rock.  All good workouts deserve mention, these are the ones that I believe only get better with age 😉

Refine Method, Physique 57, Core Fusion Sport, Flywheel Spinning, Crossfit.

Formula 57!

As promised, a review of my first attempt at Formula 57!

The review is actually posted at NBC New York Go Healthy


It’s no secret that I have something of a love affair with Physique, this is new chapter!

Is spring a crazy time of year for everyone?  I feel like I have been going a million miles an hour with no end in sight.  In all of this, I have definitely fallen behind on my housekeeping, so that is definitely on the schedule tonight!

Despite my schedule, one thing I always carve out time for is Bethenny Ever After.  In honor of that weekly highlight, I will recap my five favorite lines/moments of last night’s episode:

  1. “Clean as a whistle” in reference to her electric toilet experience.
  2. “That was a bit aggressive”—to her skating partner.  Ha, I wonder how often she says that!
  3. “Why does you baby never talk?”  I know!  I often wonder if they edit all scenes of Bryn crying like a baby.  She is too good!  All giggles and smiles!
  4. “Cookie is Naomi Campbell meets Lindsey Lohan”—so true! 
  5. “What is blu-ray?” by Julie.  How do they possibly not know what blu-ray is? 

Not as Planned

The last two days have been filled with unexpected road bumps, hopefully the road is smooth from here!

However, there have been “brights” since I have spoken with you last, oh so long ago!

I have been trying quite a few new restaurants lately, which I always enjoy—it’s easy to keep going back to the same few places.

  I had photos, but my camera got very wet, so I am currently ricing it back to life—I hope!  Moving along, I enjoyed checking out brunch at Kingswood. 

It was an interesting experience. It was packed when we arrived, always a good sign.  The decor is very colonial kitsch with a giant peacock, an old fireplaces and tapestry wall paper.  I was a fan!

Pictures via google search and nytimes!

We were a little late to our reservation, but got seated after just a few minutes of waiting.  While our waiter seemed to be having the worst day ever, and would hardly answer a question or make eye contact, we were pretty excited about the menu.  I selected the banana smashed yogurt with blueberry jam and honey toasted granola and a side of roasted potatoes.

The yogurt, jam and granola came in separate little glasses with a small bowl for mixing.  I loved this!  The DIY parfait was great and the potatoes were all right too.  The boy’s burger was good, but not out of this world. 

Kingswood offered a very SITC West Village scene.  And by this I mean lots of girls eating bunless burgers and sandwiches. Also lots of great handbags!

While the service was quite lacking, the food was pretty good and the atmosphere was nice and cozy. 

My second new place of the weekend was Barrio Chino.


Pictures via google image search!

I went to Barrio Chino for a friend’s birthday and it was GREAT!  Heads up, it’s tiny and they don’t take reservations, so your best bet is to put your name in and then head to a local bar until your table is ready. They call you, so you don’t have to hang around. The restaurant is tiny and while the menu is purely mexican, the decor and dishware are chinese! 

I got fish tacos and a side of green rice and black beans—all for $12!  The fish tacos were filled to capacity with amazingly fresh fish and some of the best I have had!  The green rice was pretty mild but very yummy!  Barrio Chino=winning in my book. 

In workout news, today I finally got to experience Formula 57!  I will give a full recap and review soon.  All I can say is quiver!  This was the most intense Physique 57 class I can remember!  It was a butt kicker.  It was an awesome workout.  That is all.  For now :)

While we are on the topic of fitness, I have the NYRR 4 Miler and the Revlon Run Walk coming up and a very out of date playlist!  I have been listing to the same  songs for over a month.  They’re great tunes, but I have listened to them a zillion times.  I need new music!  Recommendations please!


Finally, my latest NBC Go Healthy post is up!  If you’re an urban hiker, this one’s for you!


As always, I appreciate your feedback and support!

All right, this girl scout is out!

When Twitter is Clutch

On Monday, I happened to be on twitter at exactly the right time.  I noticed that Dori was attending an Arm and Ab Booster at Physique 57 that evening.  And within minutes, I was invited to join! 

I have never taken a 30 minute class in the studio, but I love the Arm and Ab Booster DVD with all my heart, so I was excited to see what the live class would be like.

If I could describe the class in one word, it would be FAST!

As soon as I entered the class room it was a race to the weight bins to pick up THREE sets of weights!  I selected 8, 4, and 3.  I am positive I have never used anything over 5 in a class, so I was a bit nervous. But I figured I would get all 30 minutes of bang for my buck.  Actually, this class was complimentary, but time is money.

Our incredibly energetic instructor sped us through standing arm work, arm work at the bar with weights (that was a first),  push ups, mat work under the bar floor, and classic c-curve moves under the bar.

This is a class that I will have to take again because the transitions were so quick I felt a bit awkward switching from front to back, standing to mat the first time around—as I do in most classes the first time at bat…er bar. Next time, I will also have a better understanding of the weights I need during each sections next time.   Shockingly, my light weights felt too light after the 8 pounders—which did not feel light, but felt challenging in a good way.

Overall, I loved the instructor.  I was super proud of using bad ass 8 pounders and I couldn’t believe how fast the class went–30 minutes felt like 10.   When the instructor said, okay, this is your final sprint, I was shocked.  The good thing was, I gave it my all the whole time, knowing I could get through 30 minutes of just about anything!  It seemed to go much faster than the video and felt quite different, although I still think the video is one of the best on the market.

While I was skeptical of a 30 minute Physique class, there were some nice advantages:

  • It flew by and because I knew it was only 30 minutes, I pushed myself to the max—doing as many real push ups as my body would let me.
  • I tried heavier weights than I would have otherwise.
  • The cost reflects the decreased time, $18.50 as opposed to $35 for the full 57 minute class, so you are still getting your money’s worth.
  • While it would be hard to fit in 5 full length classes a week, but 3 regular and a few 30 minute classes a week would be manageable, even during marathon training season with a big pinch of commitment.
  • I had enough energy to get my cardio in too, so I ran the 3 miles back to my apartment, well I had enough energy to jog 3 miles back to my apartment. :)
  • I definitely felt it in my arms the next evening, so I must have been doing something—such as ripping muscle closer to the bone as Tanya would say.

I know Dori will be giving her thoughts on the class soon, so stay tuned!

In other news, I wanted to let you all know that the lottery for the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco ends on April 22nd, it’s a very short lottery, so you don’t want to miss it!


This was my first marathon, and it was oh so magical.  I can’t imagine a better first marathon for a women that this one.  I won’t lie and say that the Tiffany’s necklace wasn’t a huge part of why I signed up, but if that’s a bad reason, I don’t want a good one!

Since this post started with Twitter, I may as well admit I use twitter to stalk some celebrities, these include:

Nick Swisher

Nick Swisher Nick Swisher #33 of the New York Yankees smiles in the dugout prior to the Major League Baseball game against the Oakland Athletics at the Oakland Coliseum on August 17, 2009 in Oakland, California.

Who I shamelessly tweeted at this morning.  No reply :(  But I am still very excited to go to my first yankees game of the season tonight.  On a side note, Swisher is the only man I can be openly with obsessed with without my boyfriend caring.  On a secondary side note, I did the Minka Kelly treadmill workout this morning in honor of the game tonight! 

Bethenny Frankel

Why am I so obsessed with her? I just finished her new book, i’ll have to share my thoughts soon. BTWs Bethenny I could be a million time the PA Max is!

Sarma Melngailis

Love to stay up to date on my pure food and wine news.

Do you follow any of your celeb crushes on twitter?


Physique 57 March Challenge

Wow, you’ll know I am in love with my new set of Physique 57 DVDs, and now I have a chance to put them to the test!

Physique has posted a March Challenge on their facebook page.

Exercise: Work out 5 days a week with our Physique 57 DVDs (Volume 1, Volume 2 or both). The frequency of the workouts this month is less than our February Challenge but there is no doubt we are bringing the intensity level up! On one of the days we have suggested an hour and a half workout with a classic and a booster (don’t gasp quite yet). Plan your week accordingly so that you can fit it into one day out of your week. It will be a challenge but you WILL feel the results and satisfaction from getting it done. If you have trouble finding that hour and a half you can break it up into 2 workouts throughout the day.
Here is the suggested schedule for each week (in no particular order):
*Classic 57 Minute Workout DVD (Volume 1 or 2) – 1 hour
*Express 30 Minute Full Body Workout (Volume 1 or 2) and Booster (Arm and Ab Booster OR Thigh & Seat Booster) – 1 hour
*Classic 57 Minute Workout DVD (Volume 1 or 2) AND a Booster (Arm and Ab Booster OR Thigh & Seat Booster) – 1.5 hours
*Classic 57 Minute Workout DVD (Volume 1 or 2) – 1 hour
*Booster (Arm and Ab Booster OR Thigh & Seat Booster) OR Express 30 Minute Full Body Workout (Volume 1 or 2) – 30 minute

Wow, it’s crazy that this is less intense than the February Challenge!

I missed the first week, but I did a video every single day, so I think that counts.  Even though I am a little tired right now, today is my  only semi-free night this week, so I am going to try to power through the 1.5 hour workout—OMFG!

I created a google doc to track my progress.  It’s public, so if you want to join me, add your name! 

In other news, I have been meaning to share with you the Whisper Secret.

A couple weekends ago, the boy and I decided to continue working on our photography skills at Grand Central.  It’s pretty  hard to get just one person in the shot because everyone is rushing around trying to catch trains.

We did get some cool shots of the huge line of people waiting for Oyster Bar to open.

IMG_0704  IMG_0703

Let them eat oysters!



Then I learned the WHISPER TRICK!

A very cool thing about Grand Central is that there is a “whisper gallery.”  If you whisper in one corner of the dome near Oyster Bar it will travel to the other corner and sound quite loud, but the sound will only be heard in the opposite corner.

So Frank whispered in one corner and I listened on the other side!  So cool


I’m out kids.  See you tomorrow for favorite things Friday.

Quickie Workout: Abs

This is my favorite ab workout for the gym.  But you can do it anywhere, no equipment required.  It’s about 10 minutes, but you’ll feel the burn and maybe even work up a bit of a sweat.

First up Plank Series:

Start in forearm plank

  • Hold 30 seconds
  • Then add a single knee jog, dropping one knee at a time for 30 seconds.
  • Double knee job/pulse, drop both knees for 30 seconds.
  • Rest a few seconds and then repeat 2 more times.

Side Plank

  • Hold 20 second
  • Do 30 seconds touching your hips to the floor and raising
  • repeat other side.

Cardio Ab Burst

  • 24 bicycles—fast as you can (flip over)
  • 24 mountain climbers fast as you can
  • Repeat once
  • 12 double leg crunches legs with legs extended fully (so you arms and legs are stretching in opposite directions and then you crunch together)
  • 12 burpees
  • repeat once


A few links I found interesting recently:

While I mentioned this on twitter yesterday, I will say it again, my copies of Run just cam—one for me and one for the boy.  This is Dean Karnazes’ new book. IMG-20110307-00302

He is currently running from LA to NYC!  It’s fun to track his progress. So far he has:


Okay, that’s just about all for now.  But I have to ask, is anyone watching Bethenny Ever After?  I want to love it, but it just doesn’t seem as funny as her on the other shows.  What do you think?

Physique 57 DVDs: Volume 2

p57 dvd 002

I had the luck of receiving review copies of the newest Physique 57 Workout DVDs, which include:

Thigh and Seat Booster—30 Minute Workout

Advanced Express 30 Minute Workout

Classic 57 Minute Full Body Workout—Second Edition

p57 dvd 002

I reviewed the first editions, which I purchased myself, and thought they were great. Reviews here and here.

I wasn’t sure whether it was worth it to get the second volumes because the first are quite challenging, but after doing them once, I can definitely see enough variety and challenge in the second set to make them worth purchasing in addition to the first volumes.  In fact, the most cost effective way to buy the dvds is to buy the Ultimate Physique Workout Kit of 6 dvds and playground ball with pump for $99.

I consider this a first glance review since I have done each video once with one day in between.  I plan to follow the prescribed fitness plan of doing the dvds 4-5 times a week for 4 weeks and give an updated review in about a month.

Before I even launch into my thoughts, I must tell you this, INVEST in the PLAYGROUND BALL.  While it may seem like extra money, it will make the workout twice as hard, and allow you to get every penny of your money back in results.  And that my friends, is priceless.  The second set of videos seems to rely more heavily on the ball, so it becomes essential. While I am on my playground ball soapbox, I should buy myself a heavier set of weights!  But seriously, you need the playground ball to really feel the burn and get the most out of the exercises.  Like the videos, consider it an investment in your health, body and fitness goals.  Think about it this way,  the dvds and playground ball together are about the cost of one class in the studio. p57 dvd 002

So on with the review,  the  first DVD I tried was the Thigh and Seat Booster.  I was so so excited when I heard this was out because seat and thighs are definitely my trouble zones, and they are so hard to change!  This video was very good, it’s challenging!  I think it was the first video I have ever tried where my legs shook just like in the real class.  I will admit, my legs were already sore from the lunges I recently added to my routine, so I couldn’t go down all the way.  The video FLEW by, so I popped in the Arm and Ab booster while I was still on an exercise high.  This video is led by Shelly, who I love as a video instructor, she is encouraging, not annoying and helps you push through the last set strong.  She is also so ridiculously lean, yet cut that it is hard not to hope for similar results.

Yesterday I tried the Full Body Workout 57 Minute Workout—Second Edition.

This video is not a repeat of the first edition.  While it follows the same format, the new moves offer enough variety to make it distinct. I would say it is as challenging as the first one, which means it’s a great workout.  I was feeling very warm by the end of the warm up.  I think this video has a bit more stretching and a little more ab work than the first video.  I think my favorite difference is that the dialogue is toned down from the first versions, so it will be easier watching/doing to enjoy over and over. p57 dvd 001

Finally, I tried the Advanced Express 30 Minute Workout. I admit, I though the 30 minute original was KILLER, so I was a little afraid to try the advanced version.  But I did all three videos within 4 days, so I took a gulp and dove in pretty quickly. 

This is a GREAT workout.  It moves very fast, which allows you to work up a sweat.  It takes the moves and adds a twist to heighten the challenge, such as down leg lifts while doing tricep dips.  It also has a move I loved last time I took a class in the studio, you have the ball tucked behind your knee and your leg in hydrant position as you move your leg front to back.  It works the leg, thigh and abs all at the same time.  This video utilizes the ball A LOT!  The great news about this video was that it literally was over before I knew it.  When you factor in the stretching, the actual minutes of burning are brought down to about 24, not bad at all!

In sum,


  • These videos follow the Physique 57 format, so they are not drastically different from the originals, except the new Thigh and Seat Booster, but there is enough variety of exercises to make it feel fresh and exciting.
  • They are just as challenging as the first set.
  • They move quickly and are over before you know it!
  • You can start with the second editions, even if you haven’t done the first.
  • The instructors have found their video personalities in these videos and are even better than they were in the first.
  • I like these enough to totally feel like doing them 4-5 times a week is realistic, and now that I own 6, I have more than enough variety.
  • If you don’t live in the city, they are very close to the class in the studio.


  • You need to buy the playground ball to really get the full workout for the these videos
  • It’s too early to know if they are effective for me yet!


  • The music is not the music you hear in class, new top 40 jams.  That is the one thing I miss from the class.  The music is not as motivating, but due to copyright laws, no workout videos really have killer soundtracks.
  • These are more expensive some workout videos, but they are also the most challenging I have tried—and I own a lot!

That’s all about the videos, but who wants QUACKERS?

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for One Lucky Duck Rosemary Quackers!