Best Restaurants of 2015

This year I had more than my share of delicious meals.  I wish I could have given a full post to each one, but this recap will have to do.

Top New (to me) Restaurants

FullSizeRender-7 FullSizeRender-6

El Dorado Kitchen (Sonoma) – This was an awesome spot in Sonoma Square.  It’s everything that fresh, clean California food should be, plus great service at reasonable prices.


Boathouse (Disney Springs) – Great addition to DS and fabulous outdoor dining.


Giada’s (Vegas)-  Giada’s has the best views in Vegas hands down.  The atmosphere Giada has created is incredible and I recommend the small plate options to share.

Mission Chinese – This is a really fun LES spot to share lots of different things and escape with your wallet in tact.  You can get adventurous without going too far outside your comfort zone.  Very yummy food and good drinks.

Louie’s Backyard in Key West (Key West) – A seafood lover’s dream in a relaxed atmosphere with stunning water views.

narcissa narcissa2

Narcissa – Narcissa blew us away with great options for vegetarians and meat eaters alike.  The carrots wellington lives up to the hype and the cocktails are not to be missed.

Marc Forgoine – Sexy atmosphere in Tribeca with inventive , modern cuisine.  Their fabulous Bell & Evans chicken was one of the best meals things I ever ate.

cosme cosme2

Cosme – Cosme is tied for first place with the Clocktower for favorite of the year.  It is such a fresh take on Mexican and I loved the vibrant, unexpected flavors.  The corn tortillas are the best I’ve ever had.  This also made the NYTimes’ Top Restaurants of 2015 List!


The Clock TowerAgain, his was one of my favorite meals of the year.  I loved the bar scene and the young and fun the atmosphere. The food is delicious and without restraint. We ended up chatting with the couples on both sides of our table because everyone was in such a great mood.

Honorable Mentions & Places We Loved Returning to:


Great Casual Finds:

  1. Nicoletta
  2. Paulie Gee’s
  3. Mimi’s Hummus
  4. Mimi Cheng’s Dumpling
  5. Hummus and Pita Co.
  6. Fresh and Co.
  7. Torchy’s in Austin
  8. DJ’s Clam Shack (Key West)

New Years In Key West

Happy 2016!

I can’t believe we are only 4 years away from 2020, that seemed like the distant future when I was a kid.  It’s kind of crazy that we are living in the turn of the century.

I just returned from a great New Year’s in Key West.  It.was.awesome.  I feel so energized for the new year. 2015 brought lots of change (good and bad) and 2016 promises to bring even more (hopefully mostly good). I’m ready to get after it!

After spending Christmas Upstate in balmy 70 degree weather, we returned to New York to celebrate with Frank’s family and our adorable new nephew.

Then we took off for Miami.  We enjoyed some beach time and an amazing dinner at Joe’s Stone Crab.  We had to wait almost 3.5 hours, but with good friends and a fun celeb sighting of Ryan Phillipe and his new fiance, the time passed pretty quickly.

Then it was on to #allthefood. So much food, but so good. Here’s a shot of Joe’s namesake:

FullSizeRender (1)

The next day we hit the open road for Key West.  The drive took about 6 hours rather than 3, but it was still fun thanks to lots of guest djing and good views.

We checked into Casa Marina, which had the most breath-taking grounds and beachfront. Right up there with the Four Seasons Wailea.  It was on the quiet area of Key West, which I just loved. You could still walk to everything, but it felt like being on a Caribbean island rather than in a party town.




The hotel rooms and service didn’t really match the ambience (or room rates), so I’m not sure we’d stay there again without a good deal, but boy was it stunning for our first trip to the Keys. Besides, I have my eyes on the Key West Real World House for my next visit — it’s on AirBNB.

That night we walked around Duval Street and stumbled upon a great dinner at Bliss followed by an awesome night of live music at the Green Parrot.

Our second day, we enjoyed some rest and relaxation at the beach before a last dinner and New Year’s celebration at Louie’s Backyard. I can’t recommend this place enough, make sure to sit outside.  I’m now officially a New Year’s Eve dinner person rather than bar party person.  It was so nice to sip great wine with friends and enjoy the evening without crowds and commotion. #imold #sothisismythirities

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 8.02.10 PM

Our last morning in Key West we went on a bike tour led by my friend and three time ironman, JLo.  By the time we finished, we were famished and a lobster roll at DJ’s Clam Shack was in order.  The roll was awesome,  2nd only to Luke’s Lobster. 


After a little more beach time and sad goodbyes, we hit the road back to the mainland.  We had much better luck and got through 150 miles of keys in 3 hours, which gave us time to make a pre-airport stop at Season’s 52. I’ve seen it on so many blogs, that I had to try it.  Pretty darn good – I love all the small plate options. I had the kale caesar and the artichoke and goat cheese flatbread.

We got back into New York around 2:30am.   So I got about 5.5 hours of sleep before I had to get on the metronorth to pick up Pettitte in Poughkeepsie.  4 + more hours of travel went faster than expected and it was so great to see P again. Even though he is a rascal and needs so much more training, we love him to pieces and missed him so much while he stayed with his grandparents.  To his credit, he is an excellent traveler and was such a good boy on the train. Also huge thanks to the metronorth for being so nice to animals.  Pettitte sat in his bag the whole time, but the conductor was kind enough to let him stick his head out so he could enjoy the view.  On a side note, has anyone found a good carrying bag for dogs around 30 pounds?  P’s only 22, but he’s so long that his carrier which claims to hold dogs up to 25 seems a bit snug. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 8.02.37 PM

I hope everyone had a great New Year. Here’s to 2016!

Dog Owner’s Gift Guide

I’ve been meaning to write about some of our favorite toys and dog gear for some time and a gift guide seems like the perfect way to do it.


It’s hard to believe it’s my baby beagle’s 2nd Christmas.  He is so loved and I hate that he is growing up so fast.  He really is a part of our family.

Over the last year, we’ve probably purchased close to 100 different toys, beds, crates and treats.  There are definitely toys that we no are going to last no more than 10 minutes, basically anything stuffed.  Then there are things that we’ve used almost everyday for months.  I’ve put together my list of awesome products that are worth the investment and might even give you 15 minutes of time to yourself once in a while.

Treat Balls:



OMG. Treat balls.  Both of the trainers we worked with when Pettitte was a wee pup suggested treat balls.  It slows down the time it takes for a dog to eat their meal and makes them work for their food.  As P is a huge food hound, these have revolutionized our life.  Pettitte immediately mastered the task of rolling the ball with is paw or nose to get the food to come out, but it still takes him at least 10 minutes to finish his meal.  We use the soft Omega Paw Tricky Treat ball on hard surfaces and the IQ Treat Ball on soft surfaces.  The IQ ball is nice because you can make it more difficult, but it’s super loud on non-carpeted floors. Must have for puppy owners!


dog toy

Again, life saver.  P never had much separation anxiety and we may owe that to the kong.  We give him a kong filled with peanut butter and dog food each morning and he happily trots to his kennel and doesn’t even notice when we leave.

Everlast treat toy.

treat ball

This wins for longest distraction time.  I timed it the first time I gave it to P and it took him 22 minutes to finish the treats.  I use it even without the proper treat inserts because you can stuff it with anything.

Brindle Super Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed.


I swear that Pettitte sleeps better on this bed than any bed he’s had before. He is in such a deep sleep when I come home, it’s crazy.  I think he prefers it to our bed! This bed is also pretty affordable on amazon, way cheaper than beds at most pet supply stores.


elk antlers


Antlers are really great because they last forever and they aren’t smelly. If I was watching Pettitte’s weight, I’d also like that they are low in calories. The best prices I have found are on  bestbullysticks.



These are great training tool because it doesn’t take any time at all for your dog to consume the treat and refocus. It’s also only 1 calorie per lick.  There are lots of fun flavors and it lasts a while, so they are a good value.

Bark Box 



I love this for gifts to our doggy friends and petty’s siblings.  It’s always fun to see what the new cool dog toys are!

Mutt Mitts

mutt mitts

These dog bags changed my life.   They are everything.  They provide you FOUR layers of protection when cleaning up after your dog.  I really could go on and on, but these are a game changer.

I wish you and your pets a happy holiday if you are celebrating and hopefully you enjoyed this dog toy round up.  Let me know what is on your dog’s wish list.


Cyber Monday 2015 Fitness Deals


I have to say, I was hoping for more great Cyber Monday fitness discounts, but I’ll take what I can get.  Sidenote: if you are looking for apparel, you are in luck. Hopefully, there will be a lot more class package discounts around New Years.  But for now, I’m considering cashing in on some of the following:

Revolve: 30% off Packages with this code: BFCM2015

Flywheel: 15% Off All Packages with this code: FLYCYBER2015

Exhale: 10% off Class Packages

Physique 57: $57  off 10-packs, but make sure you can use all 10 by 1/1/16

Tone It Up 20% Off – Plans and Gear

There are GREAT deals on fitness trackers and gear.

Check out amazon for your fitness tracker needs. Vivofits are 50% off!

Popsugar has a good roundup of apparel discounts.

What are you looking to snag this Cyber Monday?


Marathon All-Stars Playlist

I’m on the fence about listening to music while running a marathon, but sometimes you just need it.  I’ve ran only 1 marathon with zero music.  The other three I put on music at some point after mile 13.  My rule is to get through at least the first half without. That way you feed off the crowd, enjoy the experience and have something left in your bag of tricks if you need it.

This was my NYC Marathon Playlist:

  • Lean On –Major Lazor <–obsessed with this song
  • Wildest Dreams–Taylor Swift <–I’m becoming such a T-Swizzle fan in my old age
  • Sugar – Maroon 5
  • Chandelier – Sia
  • Started from the Bottom – Drake <–great end of race song
  • Clarity- Zedd
  • Rip Tide – Vance Joy
  • Jump Around – House of Pain
  • Shut Up and Dance- Walk the Moon
  • SummerThing – Afrojack
  • Worth It- Fifth Harmony
  • Fight Song-Rachel Platten
  • Style- Taylor Swift
  • Can’t Feel My Face- Weeknd
  • The Hills – Weeknd
  • Honey, I’m Good- Andy Grammer
  • Thinking Out Loud-Ed Sheeran
  • Turn Down for What-Lil Jon & DJ Snake
  • Original Don – Major Lazor
  • All About that Bass-Meghan Trainor
  • Shake It Off-Taylor Swift <–great shake out song
  • The ENTIRE ALL DAY Album – Girl Talk
  • Applause – Lady Gaga
  • Get Me Bodied – Beyonce
  • Blurred Lines- Robin Thicke
  • Best of Me – Morningwood
  • The Edge of Glory-Lady Gaga <–another good one for the end of the race
  • Let it Rock-Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne
  • Problem- Ariana Grande
  • This is How We Do – Katy Perry
  • Good Life- One Republic
  • Welcome to New York – Taylor Swift

Happy Sweating :)


TCS NYC Marathon Recap 2015

I started this blog  (as the Little Runner that Could) in 2007  when I began training for the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. I never imagined that 8 eights later, I’d still be blogging. I’m not sure whether I thought I’d still be running marathons.

Completing the marathon yesterday was sort of surreal. I’m always one to be nervous before races, no matter the distance.  But for this one especially, I felt incredibly unprepared. I was still feeling a bit sore from my minor sprain in early September.  I hadn’t done a long run of more than 16 miles. My mental game was weak. A hundred times I considered just canceling, but I figured I’d rather try and DNF than not try at all. I also promised myself this would be my last marathon, if I finished.

It’s hard not to get caught up in the spirit of the marathon on race week.  Every ad you see makes you feel like you’re a part of something special.  I decided to take hydrating and carb loading super seriously the week of the marathon, it was really the least I could do.

I had taken the day off on Friday, but I ended up having to go in for about five and a half hours.  Nevertheless, we made it to the expo by around 3PM and it was packed. Frank and I sat through a great breakdown of the race mile by mile given by a couple of running coaches. We bought a bunch of random items, gus, glides, arm bands,* gloves and shedable shells.

*I typically hate wearing arm bands with a passion, but the fitletics one I bought didn’t bother me at all

We stopped at Eataly and picked up some fresh pasta, homemade mozzarella and basil.  We enjoyed a nice pasta meal, got our race supplies together and had a low key Friday night.

The next morning, we finished up getting ready and took the bus to Staten Island to Frank’s dad house.  We went to Michael’s to pick up numbers for our shirts and ironed those on.  
Being that is was halloween, we dressed Petty up as Snoopy the World War 1 Flying Ace and he had a great time handing out candy with Frank AKA Charlie Brown.


Throughout the day three of our friends that were also running joined us for a pre-marathon party. If there is one thing that’s awesome about being from Staten Island (other than the pizza and Ralph’s Ice), it’s great pre-race accommodations and transportation. Around 5PM I made everyone watch the Lucky Penny episode of HIMYM, which was just as wonderful as always.  At 7PM we all sat down to a fabulous dinner made with love by Frank’s awesome dad.  He is the most amazing cook and put out a spread of antipasti, pasta, meatballs, turkey bolense, artichokes, garlic bread and three different salads. Yum.  

We watched some of the mets game and just generally hung out before heading to bed.

The next morning we all met for breakfast around 7AM.  Another lovely spread prepared by my father in law. I’m trying to convince him to host on Air BNB next year.


Our goal was to leave by 8:15AM, since Kagan had a 9:50 start and the rest of use were all 10:15AM.  Honestly, we should have left a bit earlier as we ended up running around at the start village for various reasons and never even got a second to stop and get mentally ready.


Frank and I basically ran to our corral after I checked my bag. All that was in my checked bag was Frank’s poncho from last year.  Quick vent: I was annoyed that two weeks before you had to select bag check vs poncho they somehow ran out of ponchos and I had no choice except to be automatically given baggage. I don’t understand why they couldn’t just order more ponchos; it seemed silly. But if that’s my only complaint about the whole marathon, it’s really not that bad.

Frank and I were only one corral apart, so I just stayed with him and we were able to start together for about 10 seconds before he went up with the four hour pacers.

I’ve given each miles section a theme song, just for kicks. I didn’t put on my playlist until the Queensboro,  fyi.

Miles 1-3: Start Me Up: Rolling Stones

From the very beginning things felt harder than I would have liked.  Not crazy or anything, but not the easy, breezy few miles I remembered from my last marathon.  I told myself I just needed to warm up, it often takes about 5 miles for me to feel good. I was in the green wave, which was the lower level.  Fortunately, I didn’t get any sprinkles from up top, but I did find the green wave a little quiet and lonely. There were also three small hills that I didn’t remember from the orange wave.  Oh well. One I got to mile 3, I just started focusing on how many more miles until I see Ashley.

Miles 3-7: Thinking Out Loud: Ed Sheeran

The crowds kind of thickened and thinned out during this period.  Other people noted that things felt crowded in Brooklyn, but I never noticed. I actually felt it was sort of the opposite. But I was just focusing on my mental game and trying to enjoy the fact that pretty much every person on the sidewalk was screaming my name.  I loved that. It’s why the NYC Marathon is so amazing.

Miles 7-10: This is How We Do: Katy Perry

Ashley, I see Ashley. Oh thank goodness.  Can you tell I was excited to see Ashley? It was so nice to have someone to chat with and lose a few miles with. I’ll say that these were my fastest miles of the whole marathon. They felt challenging, but in a good way. Ashley was pumping me up as we ran through the packed streets of park slope.   My absolute favorite point of the marathon was the Emmanuel Baptist Church choir. They are just so amazing and joyous. It’s impossible not to be happy when you pass them.

Miles 10-16: Turn Down For What: DJ Snake and Lil Jon

Ashley and I parted ways at mile 10 and I trucked on focusing on the familiar sites and scenes of Williamsburg and Green Point.  The Pulanski Bridge was tough. Since I hadn’t trained as much as I had wanted to, I really conserved energy on the bridges. This was probably the biggest difference between this marathon and all my others. There was considerably more walking, especially on the hills. I cautiously took the hills really easy, so I didn’t burn out before mile 20.

I always enjoy Long Island City, I still miss living there years later. So I happily ran down Vernon saying hello to a few friends and then focused on getting to the Queenboro Bridge.  It was here where I put on my headphones. The Queensboro wasn’t so bad. I ran almost all of it as I enjoyed the skyline views to my left.

Miles 16-20: Best of Me: Morning Wood

Ashley gave me wonderful advice, don’t walk until you get to mile 20. Once you get to 20, do whatever you want. I took this seriously and it was actually the perfect plan for me.

Mile 17 might have been the hardest of the race. I had just seen Meri around 71st street and then I sort of lost steam. I was wiped. First Ave has always been my least favorite part of the race and this marathon it was no exception. Even though the crowds are great, it’s such a trudge to get to the Bronx, the ever so slight incline taking its toll. I think that I should have lost the headphones because the crowds would have actually been more helpful.  I told myself I would run again after the Powergel station.

From miles 18-20, I was able to mostly keep a slow steady pace. I saw Jess at mile 19ish, which was wonderful. Then I was almost to the Bronx.  

Miles 20-21: Fight Song:Rachel Platten

Typically, I like the Bronx, maybe more than most. I love that it’s just one mile and there is usually fantastic music. In my previous 2 marathons, my friend Sue met me at mile 18 and carried me through miles 23.  She recently moved and I missed her a lot during this part of the race. I think that she really helped me enjoy this tough stretch and it was hard to play the mental game alone. That said, the Bronx did fly by.  Before I knew it I was back in Manhattan and I knew that I would finish, one way or another.

Miles 21-26: Welcome to New York: Taylor Swift

I sort of lost focus at this point. I felt like I should have been able to push through and keep running, but my mind wouldn’t let my body do what it needed to do. This is where proper training is so important, you really need practice getting in the right headspace when things get tough.  My body was being kind letting me truck on when it didn’t get the kind of training it deserved.  That said, I was never miserable or in crazy pain, I was more mad at myself for not being able to keep running.  

I decided to run 3 minutes and walk 1.  This strategy really helped me get through the next few miles, as I could get through the running knowing a walk was coming.  It also gave me something to focus on. That said, again, I think losing the headphones would have been a positive here, as I was sort of lost in my own little world. I actually missed friends at miles 22, 23 and 25 because I was so unfocused. I kept looking for them, but couldn’t remember exactly where or what side of the street they were supposed to be on.

Some feel a major rush entering the park, I was excited to be in the home stretch, but running-wise, things didn’t change much. I was happy to see the 90th Street transverse, Cleopatra’s Needle and Cat at Cat Hill, my familiar friends.  I kept trying to alternate my run/walk. I was so close, but my body was reaching its limit.

Mile 26-26.2 Started from the Bottom: Drake

When we finally reentered Central Park at 59th and 8th, I got that rush I had been wanted for the last few miles and I was able to conjure the energy to focus and just run.  I didn’t really care about the hill–although I certainly noticed its presence–I just wanted to see the finish line.  When it finally came into view, I couldn’t believe it. It was so close, right in front of me. Just a few feet before I crossed, I heard my name over the loud speaker and I broke into a huge smile and waved at the grandstand. The finish came and went so quickly, I almost didn’t even see it until I was right there and crossing it.  I completed my fourth and most likely final marathon.  

I was pretty pumped and I braced myself for the long trudge out of the park ahead. It’s always hard to start just crawling out of the park in the thick crowd of runners.  I picked up my medal, foil, recovery bag and then did my best to be patient as we walked another 12 blocks to the baggage pick up exit line. I have to say, baggage pick up was pretty quick. That nice fleece-lined poncho felt amazing as I wrapped it around myself. Frank had already showered at a friend’s, so he met me outside the park and we walked back to our friend’s place to exchange race stores and celebrate with friends and fellow finishers. It’s always great to hear about everyone’s races, as each story is so unique.

Writing this a day later, it doesn’t seem so bad. I see why it’s so easy to keep signing up for another marathon. It’s a crazy addiction that’s hard to satisfy.  That said, 4 marathons later, all my marathons are within 13 minutes of each other even despite drastically different levels of training for each one. I’m not sure I have anything left to prove to myself as far as full marathons go. I don’t think I need to run any certain sub-pace to feel good about being a marathoner. I think half, 10Ks and tris might be more my scene.  But never say never. 

Marathon Favorites

In just two weeks I’m going to attempt to run the NYC marathon. I’m super nervous as the ankle sprain seriously interrupted my training. Hopefully, I can get a good long run in on Saturday and then taper and rest for the next two weeks.    While I’m nervous for the marathon, I’m excited too.  There are a few things that I really enjoy in the month leading up to the marathon.  They include:

Compression socks

I love wearing compression socks.  They are just so cozy and comforting.  I bought a pair of Sockwell Chevron compression socks this year. I think they are so cute and they come in 12 colors!



Marathon training is the only time I really indulge in a massage, but I swear they are life changing.  They melt all the soreness away.  This month exhale is doing their massage and facial combo for $199.  You don’t have to do both treatments at once, so you can spread out the pampering.


I have a lot of rituals that keep me excited about the big race, these include rereading Ultramarathon Man and A Race Like No Other.  I also like to Watch HIMYM’s Lucky Penny episode and Spirit of the Marathon.



If I finish the marathon, I’m definitely getting myself an Erica Sarah race necklace. I’ve wanted one forever, so I hope I earn it!


Long Weekend Packing

I’m all packed for my long weekend starting on Friday.  To say I’m excited wouldn’t be wrong.  I actually don’t mind packing; it’s unpacking that I loathe.

I was inspired to kick off packing by an article I saw on Laura’s blog. The article shows how to pack 30 outfits in your carry on. This girl has the exact same carry on as I do, and boy can does she make every inch count. It’s a Tommy Hilfiger suitcase from this collection that meets most airlines’ regulations for overhead luggage size.

I tend to love all posts related to packing. I guess I’m weird like that.  While I’m at it, this is a great video about in flight essentials.

The main thing I took from the article was to limit my color palette. This wasn’t hard since I wear mostly black and beige anyways. As trips go, this was an easy one to pack for, I really only need casual clothes and once nicer outfit for a dinner out.


Where I am going, the weather can be unpredictable, so I have lots of wraps and cardigans for layering.

  • Jeans (white house black market)
  •  Long sleeve patterned top (banana-similar)
  • Short sleeve striped top (gap)
  • Black turtleneck top (mexx)
  • 3/4 length gold polka dot sweatshirt (limited-similar)
  • Black wrap dress (WHBM similiar)
  • Black jumpsuit (easily by best buy of 2015-Banana- similar)
  • 2 cardigans in black and navy (similar)
  • wrap and infinity scarf both in shades of beige (similar)
  • Large tan bag (carry on 2) and small black bag/clutch

Workout Clothes (I’m being optimistic that I’ll be able to do something by then.)


  • 2 tops (new balance)
  • capris (new balance)
  • sports bra (under armour)
  • socks (adidas)
  • jacket (new balance-similar)

Make Up and Toiletries 



I’m pretty basic with make up and toiletries.  The Naked on the Run palette is perfect for travel if I all I need is every day looks. I think everything else is self-explanatory.  If you want to know specific products, just let me know.



Given the ankle situation, I’m keeping shoes simple–sneakers and flats. I’m hoping I can manage the wedges if I wear the jump suit. I always wear sneakers on board if I’m not bringing boots.  My best travel tip is to wear your heaviest/bulkiest stuff on board. I’ll probably also bring a jacket that I’ll wear to the airport.

All Packed



This suitcase does fit a ton.  The only things I snuck in that aren’t shown above are underwear, a bathing suit, 1 pair pjs and a tiny Tiffany pouch with a bracelet and necklace.

I’m a fan of rolling VS folding because I think it helps prevent wrinkles.

That should get me through 4 days no problem.

If you have any packing tips, I’d love to hear them!


The Ups and Downs of Marathon Training

I plan for the TSC NYC Marathon to be my fourth and final marathon. I’d love to do halfs and triathlons in the future, but I’m not sure that full marathons are my bread and butter.

Early Triumph

That said, this year’s training really started off amazingly well. Better than I ever expected.  I enjoyed my first few 5-8 mile runs over the Williamsburg Bridge.  The longer 11-13 mile summer streets runs were also fabulous.

August started off great against the odds. I had to work every weekend day of August expect 1, so all my long runs were before work. That said, the 5:30AM wake up calls weren’t so bad. I loved running on nearly empty streets.


Bump in the Road

Things hit a snag when I got food poisoning the day before my long run on August 22nd.   I felt like garbage and was so nauseous, there was no way to get up early and squeeze in a run on Sunday, it was all I could do to make it through the work day.  From that weekend on, things haven’t been the same.  The next week I got in a good 14 mile run, but it wasn’t easy.

Last weekend, I had the worst run of all, I barely made it through 12 miles before throwing in the towel. I couldn’t get my head in the game.

I had kind of psyched myself up for this weekend by properly hydrating and buying all the necessary supplies (Gu). On Friday, I took Pettitte out for a short run of about 3 miles.  This has been our routine for about a month. Once a week, I’ll take him with me to get him tired out for the day.

IMG_1664 IMG_1665

We run along the East River.  Pettitte’s a beagle, so he loves to sniff and I usually indulge him once or twice on the run.

On one such occasion, I told Pettitte we had to get going and I started running from the grass and rolled my ankled onto the pavement. It was a big roll. My ankle felt weird for about a minute, but I kept going and it felt normal soon thereafter.

Three hours later, I was sitting in a meeting and my ankle began to throb. I couldn’t even concentrate. When the meeting was finally over, I went to stand up and I couldn’t put any weight on my ankle without a lot of pain. I managed to hobble out of the building and get to an urgent care less than a block away.

I was diagnosed with a high ankle sprain and told to use crutches through the weekend and then use an air cast for 4-6 weeks after.


Honestly, the crutches were almost worse than the pain. I think I overcompensated so much that my other started hurting.  In any event, I think my diagnosis was super cautious and I’m still confident that I’ll be able to get through the NYC Marathon one way or the other.  Until then I’m going to ease back in with low impact cardio and get to a PT for more advice!

PS I’m finally on instagram! follow me at melissanyny

Summer Workout Playlist

Ahh…summertime.  Could there even be a better summer song than Summertime by The Fresh Prince? I was originally going to post the songs that I am currently listening to on repeat; however, I think some summer-themed hits may be in order before the last precious weeks of summer slip away.

But if you are  curious, I’m listening to a lot of Worth It, Fight Song, Style, and I Can’t Feel My Face

Songs of Summer Workout Playlist 

Summertime – The Fresh Prince

Summertime Sadness ( Remix Version) – Lana Rey

Summer – Calvin Harris 

California Gurls – Katy Perry

I’m in Miami Bitch – LMFAO

Summertime – New Kids on the Block

Summer Love – Justin Timberlake

Hot in Herre – Nelly

Summerthing – Afrojack

Summertime Clothes – Animal Collective 

This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like a Mother – Maroon 5