1 Day In the Life of a Raw Foodist

So inspired by Gena’s VERY popular posts, I decided to reconsider raw, and give it a one day go.  So how was it! Awesome!  I didn’t put a ton of pressure on myself to be super strict because the whole point of raw food is to make your life better, richer and more enjoyable.

Actually being a food blogger was way harder than the raw food part, I was constantly forgetting to take photos until halfway through the meal if at all.  Kudos to you all!

So the eats and exercise:

7:30 AM: Did 20 minutes of Core Fusion: legs and butt!

As a general note, I did enough planning to make sure I had plenty of snacks and raw alternatives to my usual fare.  While all the preparation and supplies felt a bit like going on a camping trip, I learned in Girl Scouts it’s best to “be prepared.” Okay, that is the boy scout motto, but whatevs.  It was actually a lot cheaper than my usual whatever, whenever work food.

raw 025

I stocked up on healthy beverages to keep me on track. My co-worker and I actually had a tea trade, her yogi tea peach detox for my Green Tea Kombucha.  I also brought some very tasty Bavarian Wild Berry.  I must confess I don’t drink tea, maybe once a month.  Coffee maybe twice a month, so this was a big caffeine trade off for me.

I also bought a smart water-on sale at Kmart-because I really love the electrolytes.  My dad would say paying for water is like paying for air to breathe, but hey at least I drank much more water than usual, and will refill the bottle for a few days before recycling.

raw 033

Around 9:00 I had 1/2 this larabar, cherry pie is my second fav. flavor.  PS I discovered Larabars in 2005 and have been a very loyal customer ever since, however, I have been on a boycott of the last 6 months because they refuse to sell the minis!  I have written 3 letters!  Who is with me?  I decided that I would make a one time exception for my raw trial.

For comparison’s sake, I am not a huge breakfast person, although I try to have something typically yogurt (chobani or plain dannon) with some fiber one, To Good Friends, or a PB Kashi TLC chewy bar sprinkled in.  The bar was great for the convenience, neatness and sweetness it offered as a breakfast, a little dense, but good.


Around 10:45 I had a granny and tea.  I made it through 2/3 of this tea throughout the day. It’s a start I guess.

Ut, oh.  At 9:45 I was informed that there was cheesecake, apple pie and cookies available.  At 9:45 I didn’t care.  At 4:00, I would have had much more interest because I am always ready for a sugar and pleasure boost.  However, at 11:45 I decided that it is rare that my favorite dessert of all time is around and would have a little bit to savour.  So I had two medium sized bites of this piece and threw the rest out.  It is nice to not be paying for it and have that option free of guilt.

raw 028

I have mentioned I have a huge sweet tooth, however, it is easily satisfied.  I only have a whole piece of dessert–with the exception of ice cream–about twice a year.  However, I enjoy tastes like the one above nearly every day, sometimes twice a day. Only if it something worth it to me, cheesecake is apple pie and cookies aren’t. I also have a daily healthy dessert, such as dates, low fat ice cream, a PB clif zbar or a couple of Kollar Cookies every day.

Around 1:30, I had lunch.  A nice packed salad.  Lettuce, carrot, roma tomato, cuc and red pepper, with about 1/8 of an avo, the last I had.

raw 031raw 029

I decided to pack my lunch in the salad container to reduce and reuse, and because I only had a few cups of lettuce left.

I have a salad almost everyday for lunch but typically I spend about $10 buying it at the deli.  And I can never resist the delicious white flour foccocia they always throw in. :(  At my last job, there were two amazing salad places (Benvenuto and Central Market) that were cheaper had better, fresher options, and served whole grain bread.  Sadly, even when the price went up and the quality went down my habit didn’t change.  But this was a great homemade salad, and I will be doing it more for sure! Plus next week my employee meal plan starts and there is a great green tray-free dining hall with the best locally grown, organic, sustainable salad bar ever! 

For dessert I had the other half of the larabar!

Snacks: I had a big baggie of baby carrots throughout the afternoon.

We got out at 4PM, so went to the gym did an hour and some change on the treadmill and about 20 minutes of leg and ab exercises on the mat.  My legs were sore!

Then I walked over a mile in feels like –2 weather to the restaurant-Quintessence.  I knew I would probably take a cab home, so I braved it.  I had never been to Quintessence, and it was small but cute.  6-two person tables and 2-six person tables.  I wish it was warmer in there, but the food made up for the fact that I was chilly the whole time.  I was seriously impressed with Q, and after a year working at Pure Food and Wine, I am a tough raw restaurant critic!

I started with a vanilla teacinno which was great.  I had never had it before, so yummy!raw 035 raw 037 Gena’s Pepper Pot Soup

raw 036

My raw taco filled with raw beans, sour cream, avo, lettuce and tomato.  Totally tasted like taco bell!

raw 039 My raw Caesar salad, with sundried tomatoes, caramelized onions, tomato and avo over romaine.  I didn’t really use the dressing, but it was good.

raw 040

Gena’s Buddha Bowl.

raw 038

Gena defrosting!

I went home feeling super energized, light, but satisfied.  I actually felt was more focused at work than I ever do.  It was kind of alarming.  I will admit, I was really fading in the afternoon, so I gave in to a liquid Satan.

Since someone suggested healthy desserts, I whipped up some raw ice cream when I got home.  In two flavors almond vanilla date and maple date chocolate.  Both banana based.  I haven’t tried the completed versions, so recipes to come, but here is a preview.

raw 042

I have read that if you don’t have an ice cream maker, freezing the blended mixture in ice cube trays and then reblending is the way to go.  Because this is a considerable amount of extra work, I decided to try one each way and see if it is necessary.

raw 048 raw 043

I generously sampled my work to make sure it was good!

raw 049

raw 045

While I was waiting for my chocolate cubes to freeze, I drank more  water, read a magazine, and watched Down to You (the older I get the more I need guilty pleasures, my high school movie snob has all but disappeared.).

Unphotographed eats: plenty of licks of the ice cream, 1 frozen banana and a big fresh menjool date.

8 responses to “1 Day In the Life of a Raw Foodist

  1. Chocolate cubes?? YES PLEASE!

  2. LARABAR!!! My favorite raw delicacy 😀

    So fun to see a photo of Gena!!

  3. Wow, totally loving the raw day. The more I keep hearing about raw, the more it’s inspiring me to give it a try, at least for ONE day. I feel like I would feel so refreshed after it… hmm.. yeah I really need to try that.

    I’ve tried freezing and reblending iced coffee and the consistency and taste even was amazing, so I’m sure it would do WONDERS for the raw ice cream. If you have patience enough to wait for it that is. I know I probably wouldn’t most of the time haha

  4. Wow – great job making it through an entire day. Like VeggieGirl said – Larabar is definitely one of my fave raw foods.

  5. Hi Melissa!

    Very interesting post! I’m curious how the ice cream comes out b/c I thought the ice cream recipes in Natalia Rose’s book looked good, but I haven’t made anything other than the green lemonade yet.

    I would also probably buy Larabars more often if they came in the smaller size. Have you tried the Jam Frankas? I think they’re meant for kids, but I bought two at Trader Joes this week. I didn’t like the chocolate chip flavor, but the peanut butter bar was good (it tasted just like the peanut butter cookie larabar except it was slightly more crunchy…probably from rice crips, although I guess it doesn’t qualify as raw food).

  6. Great job! I’ve been wanting to try a day or two began ever since reading Gena’s posts and you made it look pretty possible!

    How was the ice cream?

  7. HP! It’s totally possible, just plan a mouthwatering menu you cna get excited about!

    I haven’t tried the ice cream yet, but very soon!

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