Holiday Fit List and a Giveaway

What’s on your dream fit gift list?  Here are my picks for fit gifts to give and get—splurges, bargains and stocking stuffers included!  And one lucky Fitness NYC reader will be eligible to win one of this season’s most coveted fit gifts, so keep reading!

Food Tees! The cutest, wittiest, produce pimping tees around! A must-have!  I love the Stalker tee!  $20

Physique 57 DVDs


$50 plus shipping for the DVDs

or for a real splurge 6 month unlimited studio membership: $2,370 ($395/month)

Liquiteria Gift Certificate (splurge)

Daily morning norwalk pressed green juice for a year= $2,993!

Or Save

Urban Organic Juice Box Delivered Weekly

fresh basil

$34.99 a week for $1,819.48 a year!

Each box includes: Carrots (5 bags), Beets, Parsley, Celery, Ginger, Apples (5-8), Pears (5-8), and two types of dark greens, generally Kale or Spinach.

Reebox Easy Tone Shoes! ($109)

Nike Distance Clima-FIT Convertible Women’s Running Jacket

Nike Distance Clima-FIT Convertible Women's Running Jacket

A steal at $60 (regularly $100)

Adidas Supernova Brushed Tights

 adidas - Supernova Brushed Tights

They may be thin, but they will keep you warm on cold windy runs! $75



I haven’t seen it in person, but this little workout and diet tracker looks like a great way to create and track your goals and progress! ($20) I love the motto: live life fit!

NYRR Running Classes!

New York Road Runners

1 class a week for 10 weeks=$105 ($125 for non NYRR Members)

Jack Rabbit Sports Indoor Tri Registration

JackRabbit NY Running Triathlon Yoga Store

$50 per event

January Cleanse with Spark Wellness

Who doesn’t need a post-holiday health boost? My pick is the spark wellness cleanse:

10-day detox that will help you rev up your metabolism, get rid of unwanted toxins, and achieve results. Pick the cleanse program that best fits your lifestyle: choose from our basic, intermediate, or advanced levels. Each program includes detailed instructions, a shopping list, sample menus, two 30-minute group support calls, and access to an online forum for continual support and encouragement throughout your cleanse.

Sponsored by Andrea, Hadley and Gena $50  if you sign up by 12/31, and $5 off if you join with a friend.  Email to sign up.


Lululemon Brisk Run Headband!

Cute and functional for $14!

Itunes Gift Certificate

Because few things are as important as motivational workout music.

Spa finder Gift Certificate

Fitness Passbooks

These handy books offer you over 600 visits to gyms, yoga studios, dance studios and pilates studios, good for a whole year…and a certifiable bargain at $75!  They have passbooks for NYC, Chi-town, Houston and LA.

And now for the giveaway!

One reader will win the FOOD TEE of their choice. I know, I know!

Just leave a comment on your favorite FOOD TEE DESIGN!

I will randomly pick a winner on 12/17!

115 responses to “Holiday Fit List and a Giveaway

  1. haha im in LOVE with the spicy one :) love that cute little pepper! awesome giveawaay !

  2. um, I want everything on your list too. :)

    I just discovered these t-shirts last night on Gina’s blog. They are so cute! I love the Tree Pose and Stalker shirts. hehe

  3. OMG! I love the “Bite Me” tee. I’m going to have to get that shirt one way or another. Love it!

  4. I like the stalker shirt!

  5. Loved “No Sugar Added” because I’m trying hard to be sugar free this year! But “Rad” was pretty rad too. Oh- and everything on your wish list– loved! Especially the pink jacket!

  6. oh my gosh these t’s are AEWSOME! Love the Stand Tall…and the Bite Me…and the Warrior 2 pose. So fun :)

  7. I love the “spicy” shirt!

  8. These are hilarious! I like the “Think Before You Eat” or “Spicy” tee :)

  9. I LOVE the heart beet one. I was actually thinking about buying one anyway. BUT, a free one would be better!

    I think both my mom and my sister are getting me gift certificates to Jack Rabbit for xmas. I’ll take it!! :)

  10. WOOHOOO!! Now that you’ve made me fall in love with these, I couldn’t be more excited for the chance to win one ! I love the “stalker.” :)

  11. I love the “spicy” one :) LOL its cute

  12. I love the “heart beet” one.

  13. I love the spicy shirt! sooo cute!

  14. i love the “heart beet” shirt – it’s so cute!!

  15. I love the yoga ones- tree pose and downward dog : )

  16. I heart the *bite me* tee ….

    But wow I love the Nike jacket, I seriously need one of those – and the price is awesome!

  17. Hey fellow NY chica!
    My fave it the jalepeno. [hot]. love it.
    I’m hosting a giveaway also! If you enter and win itll get to you quickly from BK 😉

  18. What a great post, I want everything! Love the tree pose shirt :)

  19. That running jacket is so beautiful. Sigh!

    My favorite is probably spicy. Very cute!

  20. I think I need to copy and paste this poste and e-mail it to my parents! I love the no sugar added tee with the cherries of course!

  21. Awesome list!! love the lululemon headband. Need to check out that store soon.

    As for the tee – I like the “all natural” and the “stalker” ones!

  22. Awesome list – you have some great ideas on there.

    I love the Stalker and Tree Pose as well. They are soooooooooo cute!

  23. I like tree pose and warrior 2 pose. Such cute shirts!

  24. Oh how cute are those tees?! The “veg out” slogan isn’t the best, but I’d probably have to get that one just for the eggplant. 😉

  25. This is a sweet list! I like the banana down dog shirt!

  26. I like the downward dog shirt!

  27. My favorite is definitely “Heart Beet” :) Also, you’ve given me such great gift ideas – thanks!!

  28. omg haha the “spicy” pepper shirt made me laugh out loud! that is what my roommates and I call each other when one of us cops an attitude.

  29. i love the one with carrot and says bite me.
    or even tree pose one!

  30. LOL, I’m going to have to go with “Grainiac” as my fav. Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. oooh I love the tree pose+broccoli stalk tee. Such cute shirts! And an awesome giveaway. :)

  32. I totally giggled when I saw the Radish [rad] t-shirt! :)

  33. I love the Heart-Beet shirt. So cute.

  34. I learned about the Food Tees from Gena (and apparently you introduced them to her, so thanks) and totally fell in love with all of them. I really like the “No Sugar Added” tee. I want to get my 3 year old cousin the “Tree Pose,” because its his favorite yoga pose that he’s learned at school.

  35. I freaking LOVE those shirts — I tweeted about it yesterday!

    I want the heart beet shirt. So cute.

  36. Hi, I really like the Heart Beet tee design

  37. fabulous wish list!!!
    i adore those food tees! i think me favorite is “no sugar added” or “heart beet”

  38. I love those! I think I’d pick stalker or heart beet.

  39. These are so cute! I love the stalker tee :)

  40. I actually went to their site after you telling Gena bout it…and as a yoga teacher the broccoli TREE pose is right up my high raw all vegan yoga alley!

  41. i’ m all about tree pose!

  42. My favorite food tee design is the “I have Peace” tee… so cute!

  43. hurrah! I like the spicy one :)

  44. Your gift ideas are awesome ! Those t-shirt designs are ALL so cute – it’s hard to pick just one. I think the Juicy design is my fave though. :)

  45. It is hard to just pick one! I guess I’d go for the heart beet.

  46. Oh I love everything on your list! I think my fav veggie tee is the tree pose one, too cute!

  47. I like the organic one with the apple! thanks for the awesome giveaway:)

  48. I really like “Think Before You Eat.”

    P.S. – Excited for Sunday Fun Run Day!

  49. Love the bite me tshirt!

    And… yum on the Norwalk juices from Liquiteria – I had so many of them when I was in NY this summer.


  50. I love the veggin broccoli shirt!

  51. I love the flower child one haha!

  52. lilveggiepatch

    Wow, I want EVERYTHING on this list… especially the Liquiteria gift certificate!

    I like Heart Beet. I’d smile every time I looked at it!

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  55. I love all of the Tees! They are so witty :)

  56. Love the Have a Peace shirt!!

  57. i like the eggplant one :)

  58. I love the downward dog because I love yoga AND bananas :)

  59. cookingforaveganlover

    i love the heart beat

  60. I love the pepper one! so cute :)

  61. I adore the Heart Beet and Tree Pose. Lovely!

  62. “spicy” with the pepper!

  63. how fun! i love the Tree Pose and Rad shirts :)

  64. Those are so cute! I like the Live Green one :)

  65. I love the heartbeet! so cute

  66. bite me carrot FTW! :)

  67. I love the tree pose shirt. Maybe I’m biased because I love broccoli! LOL But the spicy tee is super cute as well!

  68. I LOVE the celery [stalker] tee.
    It’s adorable!

  69. The rad radish is my favorite! Totally cute!

    And I didn’t think I liked radishes…

  70. I love the stalker tee :) So great!

  71. “Tree pose” is fantastic. Maybe that’s because broccoli is an irresistible food, and tree pose happens to be a favorite asana of mine.

  72. I like the “grainiac” shirt!!

  73. I am in love with the “Bite Me” shirt! so cute! :)

  74. I like the ‘fresh’ with the spinach leaf… 1) it reminds me I need more greens, 2) it gives me a little leeway to be cheeky because it’s so cute. :)

  75. Thank you for hosting this exciting giveaway! My favorite tee is the “go green” one with the peapod. All the designs are so clever!

  76. I would love the apples pick me shirt! I eat a ton of apples a day haha so it would be perfect!

  77. haha i love the cry baby one! it made me laugh out loud!

  78. warrior II pose is my fav

  79. It is so hard to decide which tee design is my favorite. They are all so cute. I think I would have to choose the spicy pepper design.

  80. Ok, let’s see I want 5. They are too cool. I think I would have to pick the spicy one though. Yup, final answer.

  81. Oh wow, I can’t decide which is my favorite! I think it’s a three-way tie between: the “RAD” radish, the “GRAINIAC”, and the celery “STALKER”. Love those tees and what a GREAT giveaway! Thanks for hosting it!

  82. they are all so cute!!! i love the spicy, pick me, and stand tall.

  83. who knew that veggies could be so cute? I love -tree pose and spicy.

  84. THere are so many good ones! I guess I’ll go with the APple one–Pick me!

  85. My favorite is the broccoli tree pose! So CUTE! Tree pose is my favorite yoga pose and brocc is my fave cruciferous veggie! WONDERFUL COMBO!

  86. I like the grapefruit that says “Juicy”!!

  87. i love the stalker tee too!!
    umm….how about a year long liquiteria giveaway!!! great list!

  88. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!!

    i love stalker and the bite me carrot!!! 😀

  89. The Bite Me t-shirt is awesome!!!! This is such a cute giveaway!!

  90. i like the “grainiac” one!!

  91. i think the “think before you eat” t would be appropriate for me.

  92. I love the “veg out” eggplant tee!

  93. i am LOVING the stalker one! haha! i want to win!

  94. omg… i’m obsessed with these! i think “veg out” because my blog is “All Vegged Out” lol

  95. I love the spicy one…so cute!

  96. Thanks so much for the opportunity! These are so awesome! My favorite is the stalker one.

  97. Love the tee with the broccoli that says tree pose. So cute!

  98. So hard to pick just one but HEART BEET!

  99. I love the shirt the celery, “Stalker” tee! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  100. I live the [heart beet] tee! so cute!

  101. i like the tree pose one. Strong and solid lookin stalk of broccolli :)

  102. I love the fresh-baby spinash!!!!

  103. these shirts are awesome :) probably the pick me-apples or bite me-carrot!

  104. They are all adorable, but if I had to choose I’d have to say juicy – so cute!

  105. These are so cute. I like the strawberry (sweet).

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  107. I like the cherries (no sugar added) – I already have a grainiac shirt!

  108. The banana (downward dog) tee is sooo cute!

  109. the warrior II pose is fabulous!

  110. Stalker! Love it!

    New to your blog. Subscribed!

  111. I love the Brocolli Tree Pose one!

    Awesome giveaway! Happy holidays to you :)

  112. I love the stalker and the artichocke veggin’! adorable!

    I love the rest of the gifts too :)

  113. Hi Leslie!

    You won the food tees giveaway! congrats!

    Please send me your address, size and the shirt you want (stalker I assume)!

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