I was sad to see my 2 weeks at Clay come to an end yesterday.  It was nice to have access to a gym that felt like a spa and was never the least bit crowded. To me the biggest difference between Clay and all the other gyms I have been to was the atmosphere.  It was, in a word, zen.  I always felt relaxed and calm.  There was no competition.  The colors were neutral, so it didn’t feel manly or too feminine.  The classes were very small, and the instructors very knowledgeable and encouraging.

  I asked one of the clay membership advisors a few questions, which I think will give you a better idea of the concept behind a boutique gym like Clay.

What do you find are the benefits of a boutique gym over a larger gym chain?

One of the real benefits of a boutique club such as Clay is that we don’t get the high amount of passport traffic normal to a large chain with thousands of members citywide.  Clay has a capped membership and is more in line with a private club experience that has less peak time usage than your typical health club.  This also enables a Clay member to have a more personalized experience.

What are the most popular classes at Clay?

  ( I LOVED this class! Review here)
Ashtanga and Restorative Yoga (any of our yoga classes are quite popular)

I enjoyed an open vinyasa class.  I also noticed that they have some pretty famous yoga instructors on their schedule. Kristin McGee for one.

I found all the classes I took to be be challenging and small enough to have plenty of room and instructor attention.

What are the most popular personal services, i.e., training, nutrition, spa?

Our personal training and massage are the most popular of all of our services being offered.  Our Café is enormously popular as well in terms of what Clay offers as part of its amenities.

On each of my visit’s there were clients with personal trainers and complimentary massages.  The cafe had a delicious menu and was definitely a popular spot. Also check out the smoothie menu, for ideas if nothing else. I tried a yummy Clean and Green.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a look inside:

See what I mean about Zen?

One of my favorite Clay features was the lockers with locks you set yourself.  It is so nice not to lug a lock around.

Member lounge with computers

The locker rooms provided almost everything you needed: towels, slippers, robes, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, hair dryers, mouth wash, cotton balls, wash clothes, and razors.

Strength area

I don’t have photos of the cardio area, but it had all the standard machines and many I had never seen. I was also told that they rotate machines frequently so that the latest technology and trends are always available.

Areas not photographed:

  • spinning and boxing studio
  • fitness class studio
  • cardio area
  • spa
  • roof top
  • stretch area

If you would like to try Clay, I noticed that they offer a free day pass with their roof top brunch to non-members–$20 for brunch and a workout, bargain.  Call to inquire.

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  1. Fitness is important as most of us know or know but rather want to avoid thinking about. Getting the right gear is somethings a good motivation to getting started. It’s never to late to get your running clothes!

  2. Damn! Now that is a gym!!!! Zen…for sure.

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