Small Kitchens, Big Cookies

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of joining Theodora and many other lovely ladies for a cookie swap spectacular. NYC kitchens may often be tiny, but apparently space is  no object when it comes to satisfying a sweet tooth! I was amazed by the delicious variety of cookies and bars that everyone made!  Take a look at these cookies  made for every taste and dietary need—missed a lot of the cookies,but here’s a sample!

Peppermint Chip



Oatmeal Krispies


Brownies with crushed candy cane


Classic Oatmeal Raisin


Dark M and M



7 Layer Bars with Bacon!



Meet Bailey was awesome. He is the cutest, spunkiest little fluff ball!  I wanted to take him home! He tried to steal a pretzel bite, but was quickly caught! 


Thanks again Theodora!

After the cookie party, I rushed to meet my family at Radio City as they were leaving the Christmas Spectacular. I somehow made it through Rockefeller Center alive before dropping them off at FAO Swartz.  OMG I have never seen crowds like that in my life!  Oh the humanity!

Anywho, I made it downtown in time to shop, cook and clean for a small dinner party!  Thank god the cookies covered dessert!

2 responses to “Small Kitchens, Big Cookies

  1. oh wow. i want all of those treats, especially the brownies. what a fun party idea!

  2. It was good to see you!

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