Flybarre Gets a Makeover

If you haven’t been to Flybarre Flatiron for a while, you might remember a bright lit and colored studio.  However, Flybarre has moved from it’s former space to a new, sleek studio.



The new space has a dark hard wood floor, recessed lighting and  a soothing blue and gray color scheme for the mats, balls and resistance bands. They switched the bands to blue and gray only after this photo was taken.


The new look really changes the atmosphere, making it feel much more posh and serene.

The Perks

Another neat feature that Flybarre offers is the opportunity to select your mat when you reserve your class online.  While I am not super picky about where I am, it’s nice to be able to avoid the corner, if you so desire. I also like that you can reserve a space for a friend using your package.




Not having to remember to bring water is one of my favorite things about Flywheel/Flybarre!  Where else do they provide free water bottles?

What Else is New?


Flybarre for Men!  A class geared toward men that strongly emphasizes the upperbody!  I have heard the class has been a big hit so far!

What’s the Same?

The intensity of the class.  The class is intentionally designed to be really challenging.  Starting with a crazy ab set in forearm plank right then curled under the barre into the “feel the burn” arm work.  I’ve never seen anyone use weights higher than 3 lbs! Fortunately each section is short, so I can generally push myself through the seat and thigh work. The last segment is three ab segments, which I always find difficult to complete without a quick rest somewhere in there, but I would rather have it too hard than too easy!

Flybarre is great for anyone that is looking for a studio in the Union Square/Gramercy/Chelsea area!  They also frequently offer specials on GILT.

3 responses to “Flybarre Gets a Makeover

  1. Wow…it looks like a premium gym with its complete facilities. However, I’m happy with my home treadmill workout now. For those who need to socialize and workout, it’s worth to try……….

  2. I love that you can pick your mat!

  3. That’s my favorite part!

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