Weekend 3.0

I love long weekends! This weekend I had no formal plans, but it easily got packed to the brim as each day went on.  That’s not to say I didn’t have my fair share of sleeping in and enjoying some quality couch time.

Friday night, we had a casual dinner at the Smith.  Did you hear there is going to be a third Smith near Lincoln Center?

Then we went to see The Vow.

It was actually better than I anticipated.  And sadder than I anticipated.  But overall, I liked it!

Saturday morning, I got up and decided to start my day with a Refine Workout!

Little did I know, it was going to be a packed house with bloggers galore!  Dori, Mizz Fit, and Missy were there!  And some readers too!  It was a great class, Brynn whipped us into shape! I love the new studio and as soon as I take pictures, I will do a formal review.

After Refine, we went shopping.  I needed a dress for a wedding next weekend. It’s black tie optional, so I asked Ashley what exactly that meant.  She, of course, knew exactly what it meant and even put the definition into locational context. Basically, black tie optional means you can wear a gown (or long dress) or a cocktail dress that is on the dressier side and typically made of a nicer fabric. Since this is a southern wedding, it bright colors are okay.

I went to Fifth between 14th and 23rd, which is one of my favorite shopping hoods. I tried J Crew, Black House White Market and BCBG Max Azaria.  I found a really cute dress at BCBG,but it was a bit too fancy for this wedding.  Surprisingly, I had the most luck at Banana Republic. They have a formal section with some great options.  My two favorites ended up being:



I ended up with the first one because it was Frank’s favorite and it didn’t require alterations.  It was also a great deal.  It was 25% off the sale price, so it was $100 (originally $225). Hopefully, it fits the bill.

Saturday night we had a birthday party to attend at Otto

imageSince it was a group menu, I got to try a lot of things I wouldn’t otherwise.  My favorites: Margarita pizza with chiles, cacio e pepe pasta and brussels sprouts!

On Sunday, we eagerly anticipated brunch at Maialino.  It’s definitely our favorite spot right now! I don’t think words are really necessary to describe how yummy this meal was:

 IMG_3574 IMG_3577 IMG_3576IMG_3575

We snuck into the Gramercy Hotel Lobby to read by the fire.  IMG_3579 IMG_3581IMG_3567I am trying to plan our dream trip to the Almafi Coast…

Next up: Stick Fly


It was quite good.  Stick Fly takes place on Martha’s Vineyard.  It looks at an African American family that is changing as the sons’ grow up and follow their own paths. It’s definitely a racially charged show with quick dialogue and lots of laughs.  I loved the set and the way the music helped the transition between scenes.  I was glad I got to see it before it closes at the end of the month!

The night ended with dinner with friends at Bond St. Lounge


I was really looking forward to trying this restaurant and it’s been forever since I have had sushi, so the long weekend was the perfect opportunity to check it out.

To sum up our thoughts: food was great, service was deplorable. I can’t imagine going back because it’s so expensive that you might was well go to Nobu where the service is competent (and sober).

The tuna avocado tartare was delicious and the potato chips were the perfect crunchy compliment.


The chardonnay was great, all two bottles.

IMG_3589 IMG_3584   IMG_3591 

Lots of sushi!  I liked the salmon avocado was my favorite.


Red snapper tacos.


And the spicy shrimp, our favorite!


All and all a good night!


I think I’ve blabbed enough!  I’ll talk about my long run and announce the Athleta winner tomorrow morning!

4 responses to “Weekend 3.0

  1. Such a fun weekend you had! I am always jealous of the great brunches you go to. It was so great seeing you at Refine (btw I think there aren’t supposed to be any reviews of the new space until it opens to the public) and I loved what a group-love-fest it ended up being!

  2. Thanks for letting me know! I will hold off on the review!

  3. I am already excited for our theatre and dinner date we’ve yet to plan. :) I wish that Bond Street had been a better experience for you guys but unfortunately that’s the same thing we experienced.

  4. You hit up some fun eateries! Love the Smith and love Otto! The red snapper tacos at Bond Street look delicious!

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