Bright Birthday

I am not one to get excited about birthdays.  In fact, it’s kind of the opposite.   However, yesterday was a pretty great birthday filled with fun surprises, small indulgences, delicious food and fun workouts.

Frank and I woke up early (for us) to kick off the big 2-9 with a short run. It was a good 30 degrees colder than the day before and we weren’t dressed appropriately,  so it ended up being a short, sweet, sprint.  Well, sprint for me–keeping up with the boy isn’t easy!  Just over 2 brisk miles later, we ended at Liquiteria where I grabbed an All Green with Apple! It really is the breakfast of champions.   Plus there were some fun surprises waiting in my office when I arrived! I am glad I didn’t take the day off.


Midmorning I supplemented my juice with several handfuls of Golden Grahams.  Having these by my desk at work was a horrible idea.  I have no control over Golden Grahams whatsoever! It was a strange impulse buy last week when I wanted something to put in my yogurt.

Anywho, I treated myself to a quick dry lunch hour manicure, before picking up lunch at ‘wichcraft to bring back to my desk.  (I find it difficult to take a non-weird picture of my fingers!)


I had a goat cheese and avocado sandwich with walnut pesto, watercress and celery on cranberry walnut bread. It was at good as it sounds!  I will definitely be getting this again.2012-03-15_13.06.19

As hinted at before,flowers arrived at work later in the afternoon!  A colorful bouquet of tulips will brighten even the greyest office.  And let’s be honest, yesterday was pretty grey around these parts.2012-03-15_16.15.47 (1)

After work I went to Physique 57 for a birthday butt kicking.  Sarah C. didn’t disappoint!  She was super upbeat and counted everything down, so we knew exactly how much pain to expect. The class killed me.  My thighs had not known torture until yesterday, or the last class I took at Physique.  Oh, the burn! Fortunately, it felt great when it was over and I hobbled back home.  Oh, if you haven’t checked out P57’s corporate discounts, you may be eligible for 15% off!

I arrived home to a spotless apartment, thanks to our amazing housekeeper! I got ready for dinner fairly quickly, so that I could make it to Sephora in time to get my free birthday present! 


I also used a giftcard to buy a Bobbi Brown lipgloss in Rose Gold. At first I felt a little silly announcing to the woman at the register that it was my birthday, what am I five?  But I really wanted my Fresh Sugar Kiss Lip Duo, so I did.   She was actually REALLY nice about it, enthusiastic even!  She wished me happy birthday and whipped out my free treat right away. I should have told more people it was my birthday ;).


Dinner was set for Gotham Bar and Grill.


There aren’t too many fancy restaurants in the Union Square area, but this is one of them.  It’s tucked away on 12th street, where you’d hardly expect it.  Billowing white fabric chandeliers are the key feature of the decor, creating an airy, formal ambience.  We were greeted warmly right away and seated shortly thereafter.  The menu is New American/asian fusion with a strong French influence.  We started out by selected a bottle of white burgundy that was in our price range and quite delicious, very light and subtle with a little punch of flavor.

IMG_3928 IMG_3922

We shared the famous tuna tartare, which they kindly split for us.  It was perfection, rather than mayo, it was made with a sweet miso, so it was much lighter than most tartares.  It almost had a cerviche quality.  I loved the  thinly sliced japanese cucumbers surrounding the dish, they were exceptional. They portion was quite generous as well.


Next up, I got the Maine lobster with beluga lentils, califlower, golden raisins and eggplant in a curry butter emulsion.IMG_3929

The lobster was perfectly cooked with no toughness at all and the curry sauce was to die for!  It was  both light and rich at the same time.IMG_3936

Frank got the signature miso marinated black cod with boy choy, mushrooms, rice in a lemongrass, ginger sauce.  It was out of this world!  The flavors were described by our waitress as “in your face,” and while they truly shown through, they weren’t overpowering.  All the ingredients on the dish worked in perfect harmony.

We finished with the warm chocolate cake.  It had a dark chocolate flavor and light mousse texture. It wasn’t my favorite, but I did enjoy the mini lemon meringue bites and peanut butter brownie cups!IMG_3938 IMG_3939 IMG_3948

‘Twas a great night and I am excited for brunch with friends tomorrow.

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  1. I’m jealous of your lunch just as much as I am jealous of your dinner! Happy Belated Birthday!! And I love the Sugar lipbalm, yum!

  2. Happy (belated) birthday! I’m not familiar with Liquiteria but want to check it out now! :)

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