Sweat and Tears

***The winner of the NYSC package was Catie!  Enjoy UFX, girl!***

Thanks to everyone who entered, I wish everyone could win, but I promise more giveaways down the line.

Tonight was my second UFX session.  I really thought Monday was as hard as it could get.  I was so very very wrong.  Tonight made Monday look like hatha yoga!  The regular “advanced master” instructor was back and he was TOUGH! 

Of course, I’ve had my share of hard workouts,but nothing quite like this.  I spent the first 20 minutes on the brink of tears. I had to mentally psych myself up for each set and fight against my bodies hesitation to pick up the weights yet again. I’ve never faced a mental battle in a workout before, maybe during a race, but not in the gym! I am not sure whether I was just having an off day  or what, but in any event, the workout was killer.

I can’t remember everything, but the first set looked like this:

  • 20 box jumps
  • 20 jumpbacks on weights immediately into bicep curl and overhead press.  My weights were 7.5 pounds.
  • 20 kettle ball swings
  • 20 weighted squats

Repeat 4 Times! 

Unlike Monday’s class where each set was done at your own pace for a minute, today we had to complete 20 reps of each exercise before moving on.

The next set involved many push up variations, perhaps the most punishing was something like this: one leg squat, walk out to push up position, one leg pushup, walk to standing and jump! 20 times each side of course. By this point, I had pulled myself together and I was no longer wondering if I could somehow escape.  The third set involved a lot of abs, which is always my favorite. 

The trainer, Howard, checked in with us a lot to make sure that we were okay.  Okay in the sense that we weren’t in pain, tired was fine, pain was not.  Even though I was definitely pushed to my limit, I kind of enjoyed it once I got through the first set. This program is definitely geared towards making you stronger and with such small classes, it can be tailored toward your goals and current fitness status.

So far, so good with UFX, but who knows what Monday’s workout has in store!

This week is flying by, which is great because I can not wait for the weekend! I am going home to Clifton Park for the first time since Christmas. I get to see my nieces and nephew, golf,  get ice cream at Country Drive in, hang at the mall and take things a little slower!

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  1. I have NEVER been to Country Drive In! My favorite two ice cream places are Martha’s (soft serve up in Glens Falls, directly across from Great Escape) and Stewart’s (everywhere, amazing). Maybe later this summer we can plan a joint trip up to Saratoga for the track???
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  2. David Haas

    I have a question about your blog, do you think you could email me?

  3. That class seems like quite the challenge!
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