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If you live in NYC, you’ve probably heard of Lacey Stone and her hardcore “booty camp.” If you don’t live in NYC, you still might know her, she’s been a Made coach on MTV, she’s been a trainer on Pregnant in Heels, she’s been featured on GMA, and Dr. Oz.

When I got a chance to preview her new Extreme Bootcamp App and meet her in person, I said yes right away.

OMG, can we say energy?  This woman has it!  She explained that she started out teaching a class called the Big Game at Equinox, which became so popular that she took it out on her own and eventually created her signature workout, “Booty Camp.”  Due to clients demand to be able to take her everywhere, she recently worked with Appcession to create an app for a  series of 8  15 minute workouts that you can download to your iPhone or iPad.

The Extreme Workout Series is based on a game with four 15 minute quarters, but you can do one video or all 8 (each is 2.99).

We got a live preview of the app via an workout with Lacey. I have to say, despite being under the weather, I had a BLAST.  I felt like I was working out with Jillian Michaels meets Gwen Stefani.   Lacey is incredibly energetic, funny and charismatic. She was jumping around, dancing and singing to the point where I felt like I was at a concert. Plus, the soundtrack had me in total top 40 heaven.

We started out with a warm up and then moved through 4 quarters of lunges, jump ropes, planks, push ups and running drills.  My favorite move was the burpee ending with a tuck jump.  When I saw Lacey demo it, I never thought I could do it, but it really wasn’t that bad. It actually made me feel very powerful.

I totally get why Lacey has become so popular, she is just so much fun and so passionate. I tried the app itself as well, and I think it’s a great budget option for working out and I will totally be using it when I travel.  While in person and video workouts are never exactly the same, I think you can get a lot out of video workouts and they are great for your wallet.  You can check out the preview Lacey’s Extreme Bootcamp videos here and download them at www.appcession.com (or just search your app store).

Bonus: Lacey will soon be teaching spinning classes at Flywheel!


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  1. Lacey is AWESOME! I have had the opportunity to work with her and train with her and she’s the best there is. Definitely take a Flywheel or Barry’s Bootcamp class with her sometime. She will make you LOVE exercise even more. Plus, she always wears the most colorful and fun Nike gear :)
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  2. I need to check out her classes and learn more about her. She seems to have quite a following!

  3. Menos mal, al fin un artículo con la información que buscaba! Muchas gracias :) Arriba Fitness

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