‘witchcraft’s new line up!

A few weeks ago, NYMAG named sandwiches the comfort food of the moment. There is something comforting about a sandwich. They are nostalgic, They are full of the of so soothing carby goodness that is bread. They provided limitless opportunities for creativity.

When I think of NYC sandwich shops, I think of ‘witchcraft. It combines the simple concept of the sandwich with the NYC foodies’ quest to elevate even the most simple food to a culinary experience. ‘witchcraft is a favorite for lunchtime catering, so I’ve had a chance to try quite a few of their sandwiches, including the sumptious goat cheese, avocado and watercress which I actually had on my birthday last year!

When I was invited to try out the new ‘witchcraft line up of seasonal sandwiches, I was in!  Frank and I headed to the newest ‘withcraft location, with is at Chelsea Pier 22. It was a bitter night, but I could have cared less when I saw that Tom Collicio (owner of the establishment) was inside! As a huge Top Chef fan, I was a pretty darn starstruck.  He looks the same in person, in case you were wondering.

After we said a very quick hello, Frank and I preceded upstairs to the upper level of the restaurant which was cool, cozy and chic–all at the same time.  We were greeted warmly and gladly accepted glasses of vino.

The view of downstairs from upstairs…

I scooped out the new additions to the menu, the seasonal items:

I have to say, the goat cheese, squash was the most intriguing.  Add goat cheese to anything and I’m interested, but sweet potato?  Swoon. The roast chicken and kale with canelli bean spread also one me over. It really does sound like a soup in a sandwich and every bit as soothing.

And sandwiches for each day of the week.

We got to sample the

Mozzerella and Fontina

It was cheesy and gooey–grown up grilled cheese!

We also tried the smoked salmon

Breakfast for lunch!

We had a very good time at the event and I can’t wait to try more of the new wiches! Here’s a peak at the whole yummy bunch..


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  1. When I visited NY with my mom I begged to try out ‘whichcraft, but it didn’t work out in our schedule. The meatloaf one sounds pretty good (and I don’t even like meatloaf) but I would have to have the sweet potato! Yum!!!
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  2. That food looks amazing. Now I am hungry again. :)

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