Uplift’s New Schedule!

Uplift is shaking it up!  They have taken their most popular class, Uplifting, and made it their signature class, a common approach for boutique fitness studios. Uplift will offer Uplifting Cardio and Uplifting Strength, in addition to their weekly workout and wine and bootcamp and brunch classes.

The overhaul of the schedule took me by surprise, since I was a huge fan of workit circuit and now it’s gone!  However, I think the new schedule will actually work a lot better for uplifters because you can find their best classes offered many times a day rather than just a few times a week.

I was able to attend their debut of Uplifting Strength this week, which put any concerns about the new schedule to rest.  Uplifting Strength uses weights, bands and body weights for a full body workout.  The class was divided by body part, so you would burn out one body part for about 8 minutes and then have a tabata burst of cardio.  The combination had me sweating!  By the time we got to legs, my 8 lbs weights were feeling like 20 and those cardio bursts were very welcome!

I am looking forward to trying uplifting-cardio, which combines plyometric and high intensity intervals, a killer combination.  If you want to try THE HARDEST EXERCISE THAT I HAVE EVER DONE, try animal walks aka crab walks  with your stomach facing the floor.

I always wondered why people on the biggest loser always fell to pieces when they had to crab/animal walk.  Let me tell you, when Michelle made me do these, I literally wanted to burst into tears!  I think animal walks may be the hardest exercise there is! Try it for 1 minute and thank me later 😉


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  1. Is that like a bear crawl? I definitely want to try the new Uplift classes – I have only ever tried Workit Circuit before!
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  2. Yes, just like the bear crawl! let me know when you want to go–I love uplift.

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