Conquering a Fear

As you may have guessed, I’m up for pretty much anything active. I love trying new workouts of all kinds, even the outlandish. However, there is one form of exercise that I have been avoiding for years.  Biking in NYC.  I’ve always enjoyed biking, but the idea of biking through traffic in NYC terrifies me.

My fear of being doored is very real. As much as I’ve always wanted to do a triathlon, the bike training required has always held me back.

However, on Sunday a group of friends planned a bike ride in celebration of the Citibike launch in NYC and I decided it was time for me to finally try biking in the city.


Frank and I went to a small bike rental shop on 17th between Irving and Third Ave, which had good prices, and more importantly, HELMETS.

We didn’t have too far to go before we were on the East River path and once we were there, I felt much better.  We met up with the group and had a fun leisurely ride downtown with lots of water breaks and chatting. Riding up the west side was great because we could actually ride with some speed.

The only part that was a little scary was riding from the west side down 18th street to return the bikes, but even that wasn’t too bad–especially when we could find a bike lane.


This may seem silly, but Sunday was a major break through for me.  I totally get why people get so into biking.  Every time I see a bike, I want to hop on it and take it for a spin.  While I’m not ready to purchase my own bike; I’m definitely ready to purchase a helmet.

In other exciting news, we have our engagement photo shoot today! While we have tons of pictures from out actual engagement, we wanted to get a little more comfortable in front of the camera and to get to know our photographer. Wish us luck!



6 responses to “Conquering a Fear

  1. This is a fear of mine as well! But I really want to try out the Citi bike program so I guess I better get over it :)
    Jen @ Jens Best Life recently posted..Workout: Basic Body Cardio CircuitMy Profile

  2. Can’t wait to see engagement pics- how exciting!
    Maria@The_Brooklyn_Fig recently posted..Week at a Glance: 6/10/13My Profile

  3. Melissa, do you or any of your readers want a 10 class core fusion class pass? I am selling it for $195. The first class needs to be used by 8/8, and then four months for the remaining class. It’s for nyc locations.

  4. I’m obsessed with CitiBike! I ride everyday : )
    Jocelyn @ Peace Love Nutrition recently posted..Fitness InspirationMy Profile

  5. Never tried city biking since my grandmother got into a bike accident and injured her foot. She was in crutches for weeks! My fear of biking even became stronger when I borrowed my friend’s bike just to break some sweat off and ended up getting scratches all over my face. It turned out, the bike’s rear brake was broken that when I had to hit the brake downhill to avoid a crossing car, boom!

  6. My daughter too is obsessed with the idea of biking . She like it very much
    Tom recently posted..Free Yourself From Bothering Anxiety Using This Little-known MethodMy Profile

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