Honeymoon: Lanai

In Lanai we stayed at the Four Seasons.  It was a drop dead goregous hotel with the most amazing grounds.  There were waterfalls and koi ponds everywhere.  Apparently, it the lobby and common areas of the hotel had been renovated recently and they went from this:


To this!


It’s an amazing difference, right! The new feel is so much more airy and welcoming.   The rooms are still a little dated, I think they are being renovated too, but still very comfortable and spacious. I’m not one to go crazy over toiletries, but the ones here were from L’Occitane.  It turns out they make awesome shampoo and conditioner.  I may have acquired a very expensive new obsession.


If you watch RHOBH, this is the hotel they stayed at for Mauricios birthday.  Just a little aside.  There service was greatand the hotel is small enough that we actual got to know the staff during our short stay there!  What’s up bartender Luke?  Oh hey, hike master Jason.  I loved the pool area of this hotel and the nearby beach was really nice.


I’d definitely say we probably did too much–always my downfall.  Lanai is the perfect place to relax.  They really spoil you with lots of freebies (evian, sun tan lotion, tea sandwiches, popsicles, fruit!) and star treatment. Frank and I both love hotels, maybe it’s the product of living in a teeny, tiny apartment, but I’ll take a home away from home anytime.

So now on to our top 5 faves in Lanai!

#1 Beach Yoga

Beach yoga was great in Lanai.  It wasn’t windy, so you didn’t get pelted with sand, but you could enjoy the sound of water hitting the beach. My only regret was that the spinner dolphins that frequent the bay were never around during our trip.

#2 Hiking

IMG_7062 IMG_7067 IMG_7144 IMG_7166 IMG_7173 IMG_7176

There’s a lot of short, but scenic hikes right by the hotel. We took a guided tour of the fisherman’s trail and learned a lot about Lanai’s history.  We also did the hike to sweatheart’s rock, which offers spectacular sunrise views.

#3 Nobu

We love Nobu and the new Nobu Lanai was just as good as the NYC locations.  It’s also much much easier to get a reservation, holla!

#5 Breakfast Buffet

I think this might have been my have been my favorite of the three buffets. It had an amazing fresh fruit selection and a smoothie bar.  They even had whole coconuts, coconut meat and water available. Plus, the waiter gave us mimosas to go on our last day!

While we aren’t professional golfers, this is the place to go if you like golf.  We had a great time at the Challenge at Manele, even if it was a crazy hard course.  They had the most advanced golf carts I’d ever seen. The carts had more features than my first car.


We also did a fun “blindfolded” tasting at One Forty.  We weren’t actually blindfolded, but the courses were a complete surprise when they were delivered.  We really enjoyed them all, but the lobster and beet salad was the favorite by far!

IMG_7045 IMG_7046 IMG_7051 IMG_7056 IMG_7058 IMG_7061


We did a few other things at Lanai, and I’m glad we decided to spend a few nights there! It’s an island that has fought to stay true to its roots, in fact, as of now there are only 3 hotels on the whole island.  I hope it stays that way.

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  1. Catching up on your honeymoon = best ever.

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