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Flybarre Gets a Makeover

If you haven’t been to Flybarre Flatiron for a while, you might remember a bright lit and colored studio.  However, Flybarre has moved from it’s former space to a new, sleek studio.



The new space has a dark hard wood floor, recessed lighting and  a soothing blue and gray color scheme for the mats, balls and resistance bands. They switched the bands to blue and gray only after this photo was taken.


The new look really changes the atmosphere, making it feel much more posh and serene.

The Perks

Another neat feature that Flybarre offers is the opportunity to select your mat when you reserve your class online.  While I am not super picky about where I am, it’s nice to be able to avoid the corner, if you so desire. I also like that you can reserve a space for a friend using your package.




Not having to remember to bring water is one of my favorite things about Flywheel/Flybarre!  Where else do they provide free water bottles?

What Else is New?


Flybarre for Men!  A class geared toward men that strongly emphasizes the upperbody!  I have heard the class has been a big hit so far!

What’s the Same?

The intensity of the class.  The class is intentionally designed to be really challenging.  Starting with a crazy ab set in forearm plank right then curled under the barre into the “feel the burn” arm work.  I’ve never seen anyone use weights higher than 3 lbs! Fortunately each section is short, so I can generally push myself through the seat and thigh work. The last segment is three ab segments, which I always find difficult to complete without a quick rest somewhere in there, but I would rather have it too hard than too easy!

Flybarre is great for anyone that is looking for a studio in the Union Square/Gramercy/Chelsea area!  They also frequently offer specials on GILT.

Best New Workouts of 2011

This year I tried quite a few new workouts.  There were lots of triumphs and not too many flops.  These are my top 5 of 2011.  Some of them are not new this year, but they are new to me this year…that counts :).


Core Fusion Cardio at Exhale Spa.  OMG, how did I go so long without trying this?  Why don’t I listen to my sage friends?  Sorry Dori and Amy! The perfect combo of cardio and toning in an upbeat, non-stop package. By the end I feel like I have gotten a full cardio and strength workout. My new addiction won’t be dying down anytime soon.

side abs

Formula 57 at Physique 57.  There were days when I thought I would never be anything but a beginner at Physique 57.  But their classes work and I became stronger, conquering open and finally advanced levels.  The classes never got old and they never became easy, but Formula 57 brings it to a whole new level.  From start to finish you work several muscle groups in tandem never stopping to stretch until the very end.  I find it the perfect progression of the regular class—it requires more endurance and the multiple muscle groups in action helps you torch even more calories.

slt-2034 (1)

SLT. This one is really new to me, I just tried it a week ago.  But I know that it is going to be a part of my regular workout regimen. It does everything a women wants it to do: strengthen, lengthen and tone through a fluid series of exercises on the megaformer.  I was able to get the hang of the machine in the first class and it certainly helped me work places I have never felt worked before—and I had the soreness to prove it.  It’s perfect for a good challenge as it isn’t easy, core, balance and strength are necessary for each and every movement, but  even though it’s hard the class flies by!  When the 55 minutes were up, I was sad it was already over. The owner is incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and the small class size allows for lots of individualized attention.

Figure 4 at Pure Yoga—This wonderful barre –based class turns things upside down by starting with the thighs.  Kate Albarelli is the charming, energetic creator and she kept me going through some seriously intense arm and ab work—by the end of 20 reps or a long hold, I need some encouragement. I like that this class has so much variety, you go from mat to bar to mat to ring to bar and mat again.  You’ll never get bored, but you will certainly feel the burn!

Flybarre at Flywheel Sports. The new barre workout in town follow the traditional format of interval overload I have come to expect from barre classes.  However, it throws in a few of it’s own tricks, such as work with a resistance band and extra squishy balls, the result is a full body strength workout that aims for tone not bulk.  Where Flywheel Sports really excites me is the fact that it offers spinning and barre under the same roof.  A match made in workout heaven if you ask me!

30/60/90 at Equinox.  Okay, so there is nothing new about this workout, but I had never tried a formal class until recently! It is definitely something everyone must try.  The step aerobics strength mix flies through series after series working the arms, legs and abs with cardio bursts in between.  While there are times it seems like forever, it’s good to know that everything will be over in no more than 90 seconds. For cardio junkies like myself, this is a great way to work up a sweat while also building some muscle.

Music Flow Yoga at Exhale.  This class takes one of the most important elements of a good workout (music) and combines it with yoga to make your practice a lot more fun.  I liked Exhale’s approach to yoga, a flowing mix of high energy poses with just enough zen to bliss me out.  Poses aren’t held to long and there is no chanting or readings, it’s all about mind, body strength and a great soundtrack.

Standing Favorites: these classes may not be new to me, but I still think they rock.  All good workouts deserve mention, these are the ones that I believe only get better with age 😉

Refine Method, Physique 57, Core Fusion Sport, Flywheel Spinning, Crossfit.

Free Flybarre Class!

Oooops we did it again!

We had so much fun at the Flywheel Spinning Event that Fitness NYC and FlyWheel Sports are teaming up for some more workout action!  This time we’re getting our strength and tone on with FlyBarre!  My preview of Flybarre at the Fitist event was amazing-mini recap here, so I can’t wait to check out the full version.  You all know I love my bar classes!

The class will be held on Sunday, June 26th at 2:30 PM in the Flatiron Studio-39 West 21st Street.

If you’d like to join, please send an email with your first and last name at

Space is very limited, sign ups will be open through Monday, June 20th at 12 noon and the 14 open spots will be drawn raffle style. Emailing is your first and only required entry.  In addition to the class, there should be some fun surprises in store!

There are a couple ways to earn an entry:

#1 tweet about this free class and link to the post, also include @flywheelsport and @fitnessnycblog in your tweet

#2 link to this post on your blog

Also, anyone who was on the waitlist for the spinning event and did not get to attend gets an extra entry—just let me know in your email that you were waitlisted.

Optional good karma, a donation to the American Cancer Society through my DetermiNation page. 😉  (Note: this is not an official extra entry.)

Good luck, I hope to see you at the Barre!


Last night I had the fabulous pleasure of attending an event on behalf of NBC NY Go Healthy. It was promoting a new company called FITiST.

I arrived excited to see Ali and Dori.  (I secretly have a huge crush on off them, and I guess it’s not so secret anymore.) I also met to great new bloggers, Mallory and Sarah.  You can check out there transcript review of the event here, unfortunately, my work schedule did not allow me to partake, but it’s fun to read and actually explains what FITiST is, which I think is best explained by someone else.

When I arrived, I was blown away by how gorgeous the event space was–dream apartment comes to mind.  It was a huge airy loft with exposed brick, tons of windows and the most magnificent kitchen I have seen in NYC!

IMG_0004 IMG_0007


Chefs in uniform were making smoothies and bottles of wine were set out for an after class reward. An abundance of Smart water and Zico coconut water ensured that no one would get dehydrated.

IMG_0005 IMG_0012 IMG_0014

While I couldn’t make it for the chat session review, I will share with you my notes, which review each class.  Keep in mind, these are unpolished notes :)

Order of classes


After quite a bit of waiting around, we had our first class, Kristin McGee Yoga.

Kristin McGee is a yoga instructor to the stars, so I was excited to take class with her. I also have a girlfriend who swears by her DVDS.  The class was a vinyasa flow class, it moved right along and gave us a chance to warm and open up our bodies. It was a basic yoga workout with a few challenging combinations, such as the eagle pose to standing split series. Kristin set herself apart from the other instructors by being one of the most encouraging and friendly instructors I have met. She consistently said, “great,” “you all look gorgeous,” and “this is beautiful,” which made me feel like I was a yoga rockstar.  The yoga was a good segway into the more intense classes to come.

The event was fully staffed, so we barely had to move a mat between classes.  In fact, men in nice black suits went to work rolling up our mats for us.  It was funny that there were a bunch of sweaty people attending the event in workout clothes and all the event coordinators looked straight out of Devil Wears Prada with the cutest dresses and 4 inch heels—that’s a compliment btw, I wish I looked that cute at work!  Or ever!


Per above, no I give myself full credit.


Aerobox was a throwback to my cardio kickboxing days. It was a high energy, in your face workout, that is sure to help you get out any aggression you might have inside. We went through several punch series mixed with cardio strength intervals, such as squat jumps. It was hard to get a real feel for the full class in 15 minutes. I was also a little disappointed that he didn’t explain exactly how to punch, so I at times, I was just flailing my arms as fast as I could.


Per above, yes and yes.

I am going to lump the Pilates together because it seems to make sense to compare and contrast, but there was a class in between.

Real Pilates

Our first Pilates class was lead by the owner of Real Pilates. The instructor immediately set to work trying to cast aside the  apparently “stereotypical” image of Pilates, but her lecturing felt a bit patronizing. While I am sure Real Pilates was cutting edge when it opened over a decade ago, most of us have experienced Pilates with standing work and weights—Crunch Burn and Firm with Ellen Barrett anyone? She started us with knee lifts to warm us up—“see we are not on the mat,” she said. We then moved on to standing squats with weights.

What I will say is that the workout was hard.  I really couldn’t believe how much the squats with arm raises burned. It was all I could do to get through five of them. What I like best out the Real Pilates is that the instructor really emphasized form. Her corrections made a huge difference. “Make it perfect,” she commanded. By the end, I was pretty sure I had completed the hardest 15 minutes of Pilates of all time. While I didn’t really enjoy the instructor’s sense of humor and instruction style, her class is a workout.


The second Pilates class was completely different from the first. It was led by the owner of re: AB Pilates, who explained that there are a lot of types of Pilates, but no matter what you take, you should be sweating. The class reminded me of the Pilates classes I used to take regularly at my gym when Pilates launched into popularity. We went through signature Pilates moves: the hundred, leg circles, ab curls with weights. After the intense bootcamp, it was nice change of pace. While I could also feel each muscle working during the movements, I also felt relaxed at the same time. It definitely reminded how enjoyable Pilates can be with the right instructor.

Between classes this is what we did:


Basically, chillax and mingle.


Warrior Fitness Boot Camp

Exactly what you would expect from a bootcamp—replete with men in fatigues! We were yelled at, told to start over if everyone wasn’t counting and doing the reps, and given only seconds to transition between positions! For each exercise, we counted out load until 15—the magic number.  (This often ended up being more than 15 since we often had to start over.)  The class took place in two lines, and like any good bootcamp started with jumping jacks. Next we moved to the floor for pushups. We continued alternating cardio with strength until everyone was sweaty and ready to drop. I wouldn’t say the class was fun, but it was a workout. Girly girls should pass on this one. It’s definitely a challenge and perfect if you literally want to be whipped into shape. By the end of 15 minutes, I felt like I had been through basic training! While the instructors were loud and demanding, they had a hint of a playful attitude and congratulated us at the end.



Flybarre was a f un class that drew from Pilates, the Lotte Burke method, ballet and strength training. This class was well focused moving from body part to body part seamlessly. The arm section with weights was intense; I could hardly believe I was only lifting 3 pounds!  This class reminded me a lot of Physique and Core Fusion, so obviously was my favorite.  Another big plus was the super nice and very pretty instructors who knew we had been through 5 classes, but still made it feel fresh and energizing.  The pop music was  tailored it perfectly to the workout and we finished on the last beat of the final song. I have tried Flywheel and really liked it, so I can’t wait to check out the full Flybarre class.  I think the two workouts are perfect complements!

Overall, I was pretty impressed by the intensity of all of the works—they made 15 minutes count.  They all proved I have no arm strength and they all incorporated a fair amount of cardio.  We actually were supposed to try two more classes but after 2 hours and 20 minutes, most of were ready to go.  But I was glad to be invited because how often do you  get to try  a whole bunch of new workouts in one evening?IMG_0006