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UAE 10k and Brooklyn Half Recap!


For the last 5 years, a fair number of of my spring, summer and fall weekends have included an NYRR race–the last two weekends were true to form.

Last weekend, we ran the UAE 10K.   This race is always fun and festive. When your race has a rich sponsor, you know you are in store for sway–like tech shirts and medals!

It also happened to not start until 9AM, which is always a win!  It was a gorgeous morning for a race.uae

This 6 miler was supposed to be my taper run for the Brooklyn Half, but my training fell off somewhere along the way and it turned into more of a build run to supplement my two longest training runs, which topped off at 8 miles each.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I felt that I had certainly trained enough to successfully complete a 10K without much effort. Or not.   The gun went off and my legs felt like lead. I’m sure most people know what I’m talking about. Sometimes you start a run and have great fresh legs and sometimes  you feel like you are wearing invisible ankle weights.  I plodded along, around mile 3 things got better for a while.  By mile 5, things were bleak–I was feeling a bit nauseous and the lead feeling had returned.  Somehow I rounded the bottom of Central Park South and the end was in sight–sort of. The 800 meters to go, 400 meters to go, 200 meters to go signs seemed just plain mean.   But finally I finished.

Clearly, I made a rookie mistake–no hill training.  The Great Hill seemed somehow greater and the rolling hills on the west side seemed to never end.

I have to be honest, I left the UAE 10K feeling pretty defeated. I wasn’t sure how I would even finish the Brooklyn Half, as it the distance is more than twice as long.

I like to be over prepared in any given situation.  I cook enough for 20 when 10 people are coming over. I make 14 copies for a meeting with 12 people. I triple check work documents before sending them out. I don’t like to leave room for error.  It causes me a lot of anxiety.  But somehow, come half marathon week, I was struggling to complete a 10K.  While I hate to be unprepared, I also hate giving up.  So after much agonizing (which is always helpful), I decided to try and make it through the BK Half, even if I had to walk most of it.

On Wednesday, I went to pick up my race packet at the Half Pre-party.  It was actually a good way to get in a more positive mindset!

Brooklyn Bridge Park is so cute!

bk half 4

bk half 2

The pre-party was sponsored by New Balance, and they had lots of great promotions going on. There were also other vendors, lots of food trucks, live music and plenty of general merriment to enjoy, which I did. I may not finish the race, but I am going to pre-party with the best of them. Damnit.

bk half 3

Before I knew it, it was the night before the race. I went out to dinner with friends and then went to bed early, as we had a 5:00AM alarm set.

Race day morning was a flurry of activity, but we were out the door in 20 minutes to catch the subway. While it seemed to go by pretty quickly, it took about an hour to get to Prospect Park.  We went through security and got in the corrals.  Each corral had a ton of port-potties, which was a nice bonus.  I was pretty nervous in the corral, but three things helped cheer me up:

1.) A bunch of girls that were wearing shirts that said, “If found, please drag to the finish.”

2.) When the announcer said, “Brooklyn, are you ready?” and several people yelled no.

3.) When the announcer said, “Are you ready to run?” And a guy said, well, we are here, so I guess we have to.

It was nice to know that I wasn’t the only nervous one there! After what seemed like forever, off we went.  My legs didn’t feel great, but they didn’t feel bad.  The first part of the race is an out and back around a round-a-bout. I saw Frank coming back on my way out.  I knew the out and back was almost 2.5 miles of the course, so I was happy when it seemed to go by fairly quickly.  I saw fast runners zooming out of the park as I entered, and soon after I put on my headphones and just decided to enjoy the nice lushness of Prospect Park.  There was a big meadow with tons of dogs frolicking during off leash hours.  My goal was to at least make it through the park before I decided whether I would need to walk.  Fortunately, Prospect Park is pretty flat, and I was still feeling good when we left at mile 7.   While my favorite part of the race is the park, it’s nice to be on Ocean Parkway, so you can finally stop running in circles start to get where you are going–Coney Island.

Around mile 9, I was starting to feel fatigue in my legs.  I decided to walk for 20-60 seconds at every mile marker to give my muscles a chance to lose some tension.  While there were some moments where I thought I would never make it to mile 12, overall I felt way better than I did at the UAE.  Everything was going much better than expected even though I was probably running 12 minute miles.

As we rounded Surf Ave, I could smell the popcorn and hotdogs.  Soon we were on the boardwalk running the last 200 meters on the sandy planks.

For being a large race, the exit area moved really quickly and I soon found Frank in the finisher’s area.

bk half

We enjoyed Coney Island for a bit before taking the long train ride back home.  We went to a great Yankees game in the afternoon and by the time we got home, I was totally spent.

While my only goal for the half was to finish, I was shocked that I actually finished around my usual half time, 2:14. It certainly wasn’t a PR, but I  guessed I had ran it in closer to 2:35, so I was pretty happy to find out I finished 20 minutes faster than my estimate. I was worried about the 3 hour cut off time for nothing!

I’ll definitely run Brooklyn again. I love that it’s flat!

I hope all the other BK half runners had a great race!


Jingle Jog and Ted Corbitt 15K

Finally, my 9 qualifying races for the NYC Marathon 2014 are complete! It was hard to squeeze those last ones in, but let me tell you, it feels good.

Last weekend I ran the Jingle Jog 4M.jingle jog

I tied bells on my shoes and jingled all the way to Brooklyn.  For some reason, I didn’t give myself very much time to get there and ended up in a corral with only 4 minutes to spare.  I didn’t even bother trying to move my way up to my assigned corral. I was surrounded by elves, reindeer and snowmen–it was clear that this race was meant to be more fun than competitive.

jingle jog2

Long story short, I jogged my way through four nice miles.  Prospect Park is nice and flat other than one gradual hill during the first mile of the race.  The miles kind of sailed by and suddenly the finish line was right in front of me and I didn’t even have enough room to pick it up for the end.

I really enjoyed the Jingle Jog. If I did it again, I would definitely wear a costume. However, I’m not sure I would pay $50 to run it again.  When I registered for my last 3 races, they were literally the only open races left in 2013, so if I wanted to qualify, I had to complete them no matter the cost or distance.

That leads me to Ted Corbitt 15K.  When I registered about a month  ago, I had no business running a 15K.  But the 5 miler I wanted to register for sold out suddenly and I was left with no choice.

I’d like to say that I used those 5 weeks to train and prepare the best I could.  But alas I can not. I really didn’t train at all. My training consisted of 1 Barry’s Bootcamp and two 4 Mile NYRR races.  Between the weather, the fact that it’s dark at 5PM and my absolutely loathing of the treadmills at the gym, I let myself pretend that the elliptical and spinning were just as good as actual running.  FALSE.  While I don’t think you need to run everyday.  I think running a couple times a week should be a core  component of race preparation.  Mind blowing, I know.

Anyways, all week long I was dreading this 15K. I obsessively checked the weather hoping it would be canceled. I checked for updates on the NYRR website hoping that the expected snow would convince them to have the race be unscored. I woke up several times throughout the night and looked out the window hoping for a white out. None of that happened.  So at 7:15AM yesterday morning, I BUNDLED UP  and hopped in a cab to 102nd St and Fifth Ave.  It was pretty cold waiting for the race to start. I had many layers on, so as other runners pranced around in just tights and a long sleeved shirt, I wondered how they weren’t turning into icicles.

The race started and my friend Laura and I jogged along for a little while, before she sprinted on ahead.  My original plan was to run the first 6 miles and then run walk the last 3.3.  I hadn’t run more than 4 miles in months, so I wasn’t sure what my body would allow.  For how cold and snowy it was, the weather was kind of nice.  Central Park looked lovely, and somehow I really wasn’t cold at all. I don’t think I would have run in this much snow had this not been my last possible opportunity to qualify, but I’m so glad I did.

Despite how unprepared I was to run 9 miles, the familiarity of the park really helped me get through the miles. I know pretty much every inch of the lower loops, so I just focused on the next landmark and the next mile marker. I kind of like when a course has multiple looks because when I saw the 1 mile marker and the 5 mile marker next to each other I thought:

Wow I’ll feel great when I’m back here again.

I can’t wait to be back here again.

I just need to get back here again!

Landmark by landmark and mile marker by mile marker, I made my way through the course.  When I hit mile 6, I decided to see if I could run to 7.  When I got to 7, I tried to walk a few steps, that felt terrible, and I knew I had to shuffle my way through the last 2.3 miles.  But it was only 2.3 miles!  I waved hello to the Boathouse, said my second and final hello to Cat, chugged past Cleopatra’s Needle and focused on getting to the reservoir entrance at 90th.  The last mile really went by pretty quickly, I felt great at the end.  I knew I could have actually pushed a little harder, but I was just glad I had been able to make it to the end.

I actually laughed when I saw the water cups at the finish! Look at all the snow on the top!


9 qualifiers done! I am excited to actually train for the NYC Marathon.  Most of my qualifiers were run at very slow paces and I know I have a lot more in me.  Hopefully, 2014 will be my running year!

If you are still with me, I saved the best for last!

Barry’s Bootcamp is on sale. Today is the last day, so act fast!  Sadly, these deals don’t come around often enough. Here are the details:


All NYC classes are priced at $27. (Reg. $34) Classes will never expire and there’s no limit on purchasing. However you only have 60 hours to cash in on this amazing deal: Friday, December 13th to Sunday, December 15th. Classes are available for purchase online or in-store at our Chelsea or TriBeCa studios.


A Super Weekend!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Albion Fit Giveaway!

Drum Roll for the Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2013-02-05 03:14:52 UTC

And the winner is Meri! Huge Congrats!

I like the racer tops….I feel like the vertical lines would be very slimming for us short-torso-ed peeps!

In other exciting news, I had a really great weekend.  I kicked off the evening by meeting up with Ashley and crew for a drink before spending some quality time watching Say Yes to the Dress, Randy Knows Best.  Love Randy and the occasional low key Friday!

On Saturday, we hit the gym and made one of four runs to the supermarket to stock up for our Super Bowl party.  We also went to Chopt, which is our new obsession.  As pricey as Chopt is, I credit it for getting me back to total salad obsession. My leafy green consumption is way way up!

Salad for lunch was in order because we had a special dinner date with friends at Maialino.  While I may obsessed with salad right now, I am also obsessed with Maialino brunch–oh those ricotta pancakes.

It was our first time having dinner at Maialino and it did not disappoint. We had several bottles of amazing wine, plus delicious plates of pasta. I love that the cacio e pepe really goes all the way and doesn’t hold back anything. However, it was two table shares that really made the meal spectacular.  One was the ravioli de uvo, a ravioli with spinach, ricotta and an entire egg yolk. I was very nervous to try it and almost didn’t, but it turned out to be creamy and delicious.  A couple bites was more than enough.  The other amazing dish was actually a very light, refreshing dessert, olive oil affogato.  This fun take on affogato paired a special olio nuovo with vanilla gelato and satsuma, it was out of this world.

Okay, we’ll take a brief break from food to discuss running.  Bright, early and brisk on Sunday morning, we made our way to Central Park for the Gridiron 4 miler.  I’ve done this race several times, but this year might have been the coldest at under 30 degrees. In hindsight, yesterday was much warmer than today.

It was my first race of 2013, but also one of a half a dozen times I’ve run since June. At least I gave myself plenty of time to heal from my injury, no issues there! No I just need to get back in the routine.

I’d say the worst part was waiting in the corrals. My feet were completely numb before we started running and I was cursing myself for always being so early for everything.  Finally we started running and it wasn’t so bad.  Up cat hill and around all my favorite Central Park sites.  It felt weird to feel my quads, but not my feet.  Around mile 1.5 feeling started coming back to my feet and I realized my socks were soaked. I just kept squishing alone.  I was looking forward mile 2 where you have the chance to “vote” for the team you want to win by running on the appropriate side of the road.

After that I was just trying to focus on my stellar playlist (will post soon) and make it through the rolling hills of mile 3.  I had decided not to ditch the sweatshirt pants that I had over my running tights, so those were also soaked and heavy by this point.  But once there was only 1 downhill mile to go, I was feeling good again.  Crossing the finish line felt great, certainly no records broken, but 1 of 9 races done and done!

The rest of the day we spent cooking and cleaning for the Super Bowl. We wound up with a great spread!

The above was just round 1, I didn’t even get pics of the half time eats!! Between the chicken cutlets, brisket, crab cakes, deviled eggs, meatballs, spicy pizza dip, guac, cruditite, spinach dip, lamb and broccoli rabe orechiette and vegetable ziti, we didn’t go hungry.  I made the pizza dip and the crudite platter, which were both pretty simple to put together!

Wow! This post was a long one!  I guess I better get going, but I’ll leave you with the biggest loser challenge update! I am up to:

150 push ups, 150 squats, 150 sit ups and a 2 minute and 30 second plank!

Queens 10K Recap-Walking Edition

   photo (39)

Last year,  the  Queens Half Marathon was on a hot and sunny morning, not unlike this morning. However, as you may know, the Queens Half is no more.  The Queens Half has been around since 1979, but has now been reduced to a 10K.  This makes me a little sad because the Queens Half was my first half ever and I am also a proud former Queens resident, but I guess I should stop complaining and start recapping.  Honestly with temps in the high 80s early in the day, I was actually glad the race was a 10K today.  Not only because it was hot, but because I was walking it.

My little hip flexor pain hasn’t gone away, and after trying to jog to the subway, I admitted that running  was really not much of an option unless I want to push through in pain and potentially cause more damage. But I wasn’t about to waste a $35 registration and qualifier (more on that in a post later this week).  It’s time to see a doctor, I know Ashley, I know. Anyways, walking a race was a first.  In the past 50 or so races I have run, I think I have walked in two, and only for a minute or two at most. While I believe the Galloway Method is an effective technique, mentally, I don’t like to walk during a race. It’s a little different when you plan to walk the whole thing.

As we waited in the corrals, I was hot. I was nervous I would be trampled. I wondered if this would be my first DNF ever.  As soon as the gun went off, so did I. I hobble ran the first half mile or so to let the crowds thin out before I settled into my speed walk.  The first few miles I settled into the walking community happy to have company. If I wasn’t shy and awkward in large groups, I probably could have made friends.  I tried to run a few times, but quickly thought better of it.  Instead I enjoyed the course.  The first major excitement was a path with reeds on both sides. It was like running through a pond.  I am not being sarcastic, I really enjoyed it.  While the first few miles were long and seemed to go on and on as the sun beat down, once I hit 3.1, I was reenergized.  3.1 miles is a leisurely after dinner stroll. NBD.


Things also got a bit more scenic, we passed the Queens Museum of Art and got sweeping views Citifield.  However, then there was an out and back that seemed to last forever! Thankfully on the way out, a DJ was blasting a killer Call Me Maybe Mix that picked everyone up a bit as we began a long path to the turn around point. Finally we  rounded the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center and hit the straightaway that would take us to the sphere.  2012-07-01_09.27.37

I started running with about 3/4 of a mile to go.  I couldn’t take it any more.   Running around the sphere is amazing, it’s pure glory, however, the finish is still about .3 of a mile away! I was happy to finish and receive this sweet medal.

photo (45)

I found Frank, who’s on track to complete all five races in the 5-borough series and we took obligatory sphere pictures.

photo (41) photo (44) 

Then I got a juicy bag of mango for the ride home—so good!


I do love the course, and I hope to RUN it next year!   I wish I had seen my fellow NYC blogger out there!  Abby, Celia and Stephanie, I hope you had a great race!

NYRR Five Borough Bash

Last night I had the honor of attending the NYRR Five Borough Bash for the second time.  It’s truly one of those special New York events that is not only very fun, but completely inspiring.  The event brings the NY running community together not in their running clothes, but in evening attire to raise money for the NYRR Young Runner’s program. 

The Young Runners program gets kids running in before and after school programs to help get them fit, raise their self-esteem and make them healthier and stronger in all areas of their lives. This program is now in 50 states and 3 countries in Africa. It reaches 50,000 kids in NYC and a 105, 000 kids weekly worldwide. 

This year it was held at the National Bohemian Hall. 

IMG_2611  IMG_2610

As soon as we arrived, I checked out the food:IMG_2603

Fancy hanging pizza

IMG_2604 IMG_2606

There were lots of pastas, but the tortellini was everyone’s favorite!


Then we found our friends, Dori, Ashley, Melissa x2…only one of us is drinking wine…

IMG_2618 IMG_2642

We eventually found the lovely (and speedy) Theodora!


We talked and chatted and snagged appetizers as we enjoyed the gorgeous space

IMG_2612 IMG_2619

Pretzels coming through


Melissa  managed to snag one as they went by

  IMG_2652 IMG_2655

Then it was time for the main event!

Attention to the front

IMG_2621 IMG_2629

We were introduced to several notable runners, including NYRR’s very own youth ambassador, Emiliomar. 


He gave a great speech about how great running has been for him in the NYRR programIMG_2641

We also got to hear from the amazing Mary Wittenberg

IMG_2625 IMG_2633

She explained the importance of supporting this foundation to keep kids around the world, growing healthy and strong through engaging in the sport we all love.

This was the giving tree, but you can also donate online.

IMG_2649 IMG_2646

After the speeches, it was time for dessert!

Hanging dessert pizza!

 IMG_2659 IMG_2657IMG_2660  

Thanks to NYRR for a lovely evening.

Queens Half Marathon Recap

Other than forgetting a few things the night before, and thus staying up later than expected to go fetch them, the journey to the Queens Half went smoothly.

The morning sun was high in the sky as we crossed the bridge to the race area.


The March of the Runners!



Ready to Go!


Well almost, first we had to wait in a ridic porty potty line. We stretched while we waited and waited. Then we got in our corrals, just as we started moving, I realized that Ashley, Theodora and Rebecca were right in front of me.  I was happy to have someone to start the race with and chatting for the first 4.5 miles helped pass the time.  It was pretty exciting to run around the sphere with the fountain shooting water all around it.  The first 3 or so miles were around Meadow’s Lake and even though it was very early, it was already hot.  Fortunately,  we ended up in the shade along the highway pretty soon and there was a nice breeze.  The previous night’s rain had left a few obstacles in the course, and Theodora and I found ourselves plank walking to avoid a big muddy puddle.  Despite some obstacles, I was enjoying the course, passing the NY State Pavilion and Theatre in the Park.

Around mile 5 I kind of fell into my own pace.  I had about a half of a honey stinger.

I don’t think mine was banana flavored, but  this was the first google image I found. Mine tasted like ginseng tea with honey.  It was okay, but I only got about half down.  It did give me a little kick when I needed it.  I realized around this point that the people I was running with were walking and really taking their time at water stations, I knew I need to pick it up, I had more to give.  I wasn’t going to walk so soon.  Mile 6 seemed a little long as it was an out and back to Citifield, but I was happy to run past The Queens Museum of Art at mile 7 .  At mile 8 I got an energy burst from there I decided that I was going to at least maintain my pace until mile 10 and then see how my body felt.  The 10 mile mark would mean that I only had a 5K to go; I’ve done a million 5ks, so even if I was really tired I was pretty sure I would make it.

The loop back around the park went pretty well, I hit mile 10 and felt good.  Half of me wanted to really push it and see how far I could go, the other half of me wanted to play it safe and maintain my pace. Ultimately, the don’t do anything crazy voice won out.   As we passed over the highway one last time, my playlist really started rocking, Xtina’s Diirty and Stronger, Rihanna’s Disturbia, they made me so happy!

By then we were running around the Sphere and “Let me Clear My Throat” was blasting over the speakers!  That was also a great music moment.  I was a little thrown by another out and back to the aquatic center (little kids were lined up in anticipation of swimming lessons) and then back around the Sphere once more-the spray of the water from the fountain was very welcome!  Finally, I knew I was almost home free, The Reeling by Passion Pit was on, but was too slow for my last song, fortunately, the next song on my playlist was  “The Best of Me” by Morning Wood.  Quite possibly the best song to finish a race to ever! Finally I saw the finish line and I sprinted to it, I actually had a fair amount left in me and it felt good to end on a fast note.

I soon found Frank and we congratulated Ashley and Theodora!  I never got to see Dori or Katherine, but I know they rocked it!!!!!!!!

Frank and I took a few pictures before heading home.      photo (11)

photo (8)

photo (13)

photo (17)

The Race: The course lived up to my expectations.  I really enjoyed all the sights, I even enjoyed running under the highways oddly enough.  It was awesome to get out of the city and the change of scenery, in part, made this race twice as enjoyable as my last long run.  I think it must have been hard to get volunteers for an early race that far away because a lot of the water stations didn’t have much water, especially by the end—I actually took the last cup at one table.  But thanks to all the awesome volunteers that did come out—you rock.

The aftermath:

I feel good physically.  My stomach hurt for quite a while after the race, but finally neutralized.  I am tired.  This not entirely due to the race, I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in three days, so I need to make myself take a nap in the very near future!


This was my 7th half marathon and my sixth slowest at 2:20:58.   A 10:46 pace isn’t horrible for my long run pace these days, but I was definitely a bit disheartened to have run significantly slower than my average half pace of 2:11ish.

On one hand, I “need” to get faster. I always feel disappointed that I didn’t go harder at the end of race, I need to see what happens if I push myself a lot, not just a little.  

On the other hand, for whatever reason, my times are just slower than they have been in the past, I have to be honest about what my body is willing to do and reassess my goals.  I really hope to get closer to my average time in the Bronx Half and PR in the Hamptons Half, but I will have to see how my training goes and refine these aspirations accordingly. My training schedule for August is more intense than my July training with about 4 days of running and lots of hill training.  I will see if just adding in those extra running days and really pushing myself on the Tuesday practices—which honestly I hate and fear—is enough to help improve my speed. 

Frank, on the other hand, smashed his goal of under 2 hours with a 1:57:17 time and a 8:58 pace.  Well done!

Lessons Learned:

Buy running socks.  I can’t use my thin little socks and my I need more cushion and stability!

Consider a Watch: stop being so cheap about it!

An advil and a little caffeine help: For the first time in a while, I took and advil and had a very small amount of caffeine before running, I think this helped my legs from feeling heavy and made the race overall less painful.

Congrats to everyone who ran today!

Now about that nap….

You only get two

Kidneys that is!  This morning I ran the UAE Healthy Kidney 10K. 

I was a little nervous because I twisted my ankle on Wednesday.  My renewed love of heels was short lived when I was reminded why I stopped wearing them in the first place—ankle injuries!  Actually, it didn’t really start to bother me until yesterday, but by the end of the night I was in moderate pain and my foot was quite tender.  I decided to ice, advil and wait until morning. It felt fine in the morning, so took another does of NSAID and pinned on my bib. 

My main incentive to run this race was the fact that the it is one of the few with technical race shirts, not the standard  cotton ones.  Unfortunately, you get the shirt whether you run or not, so I didn’t prepare much for the race.  I’ve been so distracted by Physique 57, Bar Method and 6-week 6 pack lately!

Anyways, for the first time in ages we arrived at the park really early.  Like before people were in the corrals early.  It was kind of insane.  This made for a much calmer race morning experience.  No sprinting around trying to drop bags, hit the Royal Flush and sneak into a closed corral in 3 minutes. I had plenty of time to stretch and find a place in corral.

The first mile went fine, not fast, not slow, just fine—but the 5.2 miles ahead seemed a bit daunting.  The second mile went a little better. I was thinking a lot about the mental side of running.  Dean Karnanzes recently ran from LA to NYC without a day of rest, he said, “by day 20 my body was destroyed, but I knew I had 55 days to go and had to run 50 miles each day!”  Mindset and heart are not insignificant to the running experience, and a little extra arm pumping never hurts.

During the Scotland run, I was totally caught surprise by the hills.  I knew the park was hilly but I just completely lost my mental map of the elevation, frequency and location of each monster incline.  Fortunately, today, I was prepared and that made all the difference in the world.  I was so convinced I was climbing Mount Everest that when the biggest hills came, they didn’t seem bad at all!  In fact, none of the hills bothered me too much.

Miles 3-5 are always my favorites.  I love looking forward to the reservoir, Cleopatra’s Needle, Cat Hill, the Boat House and the 72nd St transverse.  I know them so well that it is almost exciting to see them on the run by.

Mile 5-6 is always a hard one because the path is deceptively long.  Usually I mentally prepare for this, but I forgot to do so today.  Every time I thought I was finally running parallel to 59th St, I was actually another winding turn away.  But I still felt pretty strong.  For some reason, hitting 800 meters to go was the point that really got me.  I am not sure why I was so disheartened to see .5 miles-ish left.  In fact, that should have been exciting.  But I forgot all the great mental tricks I had been using earlier and struggled to really push to the finish.  I finished feeling fine, but had a wee bit of disappointment that I couldn’t find it within to run hard to the finish.

However, overall I really enjoyed the race.  I smiled, I sang my favorite lines of girl talk and just generally had a good time.

Usually I tend to finish the race and leave asap, but today there was actually a lot to see.  The first three finishers were awarded $8, 000, $12,000 and $35, 000. The winner also broke the Central Park 10k record with a time of 27:35.

There was also a U2 cover band and great raffle prizes: 5 $250 gift certificates, a $500 gift certificate to Tiffany’s and 2 tickets to Abu Dhabi. Sadly, I was not a winner!

But I did hang with a kidney!


After a shower and some foot icing, we went to the Smith for lunch.  I have been to the Smith three times this  week; it’s getting ridiculous.  As usually, I ordered the avocado sandwich.  minka and the smith 004

Whole grain bread, sprouts, tomato, onion, avocado and goat cheese.  Amazing!

During lunch race results were posted, I was not surprised to that I hadn’t PRed, but was happy to see that I ran over 2 minutes faster than the Scotland 5K.  My time was 1:01:58.  My goal is to break one hour by the end of the summer, but hopefully sooner!  The boy also ran significantly faster than the Scotland run, shaving 27 seconds per mile off his time and finishing in 48:55!  I don’t know how he does it!

Not too sure what is planned for the rest of the day, but hopefully something fun!!!!