NYC Food and Fitness

The Best of NYC Food and Fitness

This page collects all my favorite places to eat, get fit and shop fit.   While it doesn’t include every review I have ever done, it captures places I go again and again–and highly recommend.


V indicates vegetarian or lots of veggie options


Inexpensive/Lunch Spots (L)


Expensive/Special Occasion


Best Workouts

Best Fitness Deals

best yoga

best fitness gear

best cheap gear

Best Outdoor Spaces

best running routes

Brooklyn Bridge Run–starting from any point, run over the bridge and back

Around the IslandThe perimeter of the island is a great run, start in Riverside Park on the West Side and run down the west side highway around the tip of the island and up the east side to Grand Central-ish. 12.3 miles

Central Park Loops (4,5,5,6 miles)

West Side Highway Run–this perfectly groomed path along the water stretches for miles, plus you’ll have lots of company

Multi-Bridge Runs

Williamsburg to Manhattanrun past McCarren Park  run along MCGuiness across the Pulinki Bridge, head down vernon,  take a right on 44th Ave and a left on 21st Ave, then make your way over the 59th Street Bridge–this course gives you a little NYC Marathon practice 6.6 miles

Summer StreetsFor three weeks in July the city closes from 72nd and Park Ave all the way down to City Hall for your running pleasure. Route: 9.4 miles roundtrip.

Downtown Run–Start at City Hall and run down Broadway and turn left on Fulton until you hit Pearl Street, run south on Pearl which turns into Water and around the South Street Seaport from here continue to Battery Park waving at the Statue of Liberty and heading through the lush park up the Espanalde keep going until you hit the World Financial Center. 2.5 milestop

15 responses to “NYC Food and Fitness

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  2. I absolutely love Z bars! When I am craving a candy bar, I reach for the chocolate brownie flavored z bar and it does the trick. Try putting them in the microwave for 10 seconds and it actually tastes like a warm brownie!

  3. Hmm…i’ll have to try those Pure Bars!

  4. Larabars are great! You can read the label and actually understand what all the ingredients are.

  5. I want to send you some RelaxZen DAY and RelaxZen NIGHT. We are sold in every Duane Reade in NYC! Have you seen them?

    Let me know. I can send them out ASAP for you to try!


  6. Do you love Tiger Balm product’s ?
    It’s a really good pain killer, use it and tell me

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  9. We love your posts, especially your running routes suggestions! You should come check us out in Chelsea!!

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  12. Hey come and check out Halevy Life Semi-private peraonal training sessions. I think you’ll love it. Located on the corner of 62nd and Lexington.

  13. Great blog. There is a pilates instructor at UWS pilates with the best private deals (amazing, tough workouts) to check out. That woman has changed my body in a month. I have tried some of the above, and it was not as good.

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