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Three Days, Three Great Workouts

The last few days have been filled with my favorite things, good friends, good food, and great workouts!

I kicked off my weekend with an Uplifting Strength class. I brought my pal Laura with me to share the torture! Michelle was amazing as always.  The new class is more strength heavy than my beloved work it curcit, but I the workout is still killer.

Sunday, I went to Revolve for my first class with Dyan! Oh my gosh, she is truly an awesome instructor. There happened to be a big group there for a birthday party (great idea), so she managed to weave some birthday shout outs into her playlist. I loved her energy. I could only do about 75% of the class at full effort, and I still felt like I got a great workout.  Enough to indulge in a brunch at Max Brenner immediately after.

While originally I had planned to make a light and healthy meal for Sunday dinner, when I was in Fairway I spotted butternut squash and the only thing I could think about was risotto!  Not exactly light, but very delicious. I roasted the squash with cinnamon and added saffron to the rice for a nice sweet and salty balance.

Finally, the DSB and FitnessNYC Spinning Event went down last night!  30+ awesome ladies (and a few gents) joined us for a late night ride with Jason Tran.  While it was late, I realize my muscles are much warmer at the end of the day and my workouts are actually stronger.  Jason was amazing! Beyond amazing.  He knows every single beat of the music and his enthusiasm is unparalleled. The spinners were high energy too. I love a class that actually answers the instructor back.

If I had to pick between Dyan and Jason, it would be a hard choice.  Fortunately, I don’t! I can take classes with both! I think we all got a great workout with 40 minutes of intense spinning and 6 of arm work. I’m feeling it today!

I’ve definitely had little to no interest in the gym lately. I am always on the fence about quitting my membership and just sticking with my boutique classes.  I should definitely do a cost/benefit analysis!

In other big decisions, who should get to go to the Biggest Loser Finale, Jackson or Joe?


See ya soon!


Revolve Fitness-the New Spin on the Block

Hello!  I just got back from a fun weekend in Atlantic City!  We arrived back just in time to catch the coldest days of winter so far!  Brrrr.

As you may know, I live downtown.  I love downtown. It feels real to me.  As much as I love and worship Central Park,  I’ll always be a downtown girl at heart. Lucky for me, the Union Square area is currently prime real estate for boutique fitness studios.  New spinning, barre, and pilates places seem to be opening their doors every week.

Revolve was an exciting addition to the Union Square spinning scene, which currently houses Soul Cycle and Flywheel. I was excited to check it out the new comer.

The studio is sleek and new with one large spinning room with about 48 bikes off the lobby and a full locker and changing area downstairs.  The one thing to remember is that the locker area is co-ed, so make sure to change in the bathrooms. I may or may not have noticed the obvious sign clarifying the rules the first time around. blush.

The first class I took was the real ride, which is your standard 45 minute ride. It was a bit of a blur because I arrived a little late and was totally flustered trying to get my shoes in the clips.  I require like 3 minutes a foot to get each shoe in the darn clip! I left feeling like I had a great workout, but it was a little too short. Like the Rip Ride that’s 60 minutes would have been perfect.

Last week I took the Body Ride.  The instructor Heidi was really great.  She said all the right things, gave really clear cues and had a rocking soundtrack that made me grin from ear to ear (check it out below!). The real ride was a series of hills and sprint intervals with a mini strength section with weights in the middle. The break for strength gave us enough of a break to really push it in the second half of the class.  I liked that Heidi also reminded us that we were almost done and had nothing left to save for.

Overall, I like Revolve. It has a neighborhoody, casual feel to it. The staff is really friendly.  It doesn’t have quite the intensity of Flywheel and it doesn’t feel as competititve, but Revolve gives you a great workout if you are willing to push it.  I had hoped it was a little cheaper than the other studios, but they all end up being about the same (once you factor in renting shoes).  That’s the thing about boutique studios in NYC, they are all almost exactly $30-32, it’s almost uncanny.

I look forward to trying out some of Revolve’s specialty classes, like their request and mosh up classes. As well as some of their celeb instructor classes! There community initiatives seem very strong, so I am excited to see what’s to come.

Here is Heidi’s killer playlist! It really made the class for me!

10000 Lovers-IDA Maria

Catch My Breath Remixes-Kelly Clarkson

Stereo Hands-White Panda

Gangstar Trippin--Fat Boy Slim

Coming Home Part 2-Skylar Grey

Revolution: Boutique Spinning Hits Suburbia

Typically when I go visit my parents my workout options include running, biking, maybe swimming and exercise TV.  All of which are great options.  However, currently running is not an option, and the bikes in the shed aren’t really in road shape. However, when I went home last weekend, I had no worries as to how I would get in a good workout.  I haphazardly stumbled upon The Revolution,  while I was actually looking for Revolve after seeing it featured in Well and Good.   While Revolution wasn’t what I was looking for, it immediately caught my eye because it happened to be in my hometown, Clifton Park, NY.  A boutique spinning studio in suburbia? With barre classes, interval spinning workouts and more? What!  I have to admit, I have been dying to go home just to check it out in person. (Note: I realize that a spinning studio in upstate ny is not particularly relevant to the majority of my readers, but I was so excited I had to post about it!)

I signed up for the later of the two Saturday classes offered, which was at 8:30AM. The studio itself was tucked away in a small shopping plaza.  Immediately upon walking in the door, you are in the studio. There’s just a small front desk, and the rest of the space is dedicated to about 35 spinning bikes.

I hopped on with eight fellow ladies and off we went for a full 60 minutes of “True Rev.” The instructor was nice, her soundtrack was a great mix of old (Janet Jackson and Black Velvet), classic (Survive by Cake) and new Super Bass and Someone that I Used to Know).  We did a good mix of jumps, climbs and sprints.  Overall, it was closer to a gym spinning class than a Flywheel spinning class. I never really felt like I was pushed to the max. I think part of it was the fact that the spinners weren’t really that into it.  In spinning, the energy level of the spinners really impacts the tone of the class.   That said, it was still a very good workout.  A 60 minute class is no joke.  I left feeling great that I had a great sweat and it was only 9:30!

The best part of the class was the price, only $10!  That’s less than 1/3 the cost of a NYC class. I’ll definitely be back next time I’m in town.

Now, when does Revolve open?