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Rock Your Body Challenge: 3s and 5s treadmill challenge

I made up this workout last night and did it this morning. I was planning to post it tomorrow, but I was so excited that I decided to share it tonight. I mentioned I was a huge dork right? (As if it’s not apparent.)

So my goal for the workout was four-fold:

1.) Easy to remember-I hate when magazine workouts are just all over the place, with times and speeds. This is a series of 3 minute and five minute sets.

2.) Hard-I thought it was pretty hard, you should need the recovery intervals, but I have options for make it harder, easier or quicker at the end. Of course, the faster you run, the harder it is!

3.) Not boring-you never have to do the same thing for more than 5 minutes, MAX!

4.) A combo of intervals and tempo runs-calorie killers and fat blasters, respectively!

So here is:

I listed my speeds in mph in parentheses–I get faster as my body warms up. But you should be sprinting at your personal sprint level, tempo running at a comfortably hard pace, and recovering at a slow enough pace to resume normal breathing in 3 minutes.

45 minutes total

Warm up: 3 minutes easy walk or jog (4 mph) Take this time to get psyched. Tell yourself how great your workout is going to be. You are going to get through it and rock it! Tough love version: You took the time to get on the treadmill, so make the most of every minute, otherwise you are wasting your time.

1st Set

3 minute tempo run (6.5 )
3 minute sprint interval (sprint 1 minute , jog 1 minute, sprint 1 minute) (7.5, 6, 7.5)
3 minute tempo run (6.7)

Recovery: 3 minute walk or jog (4)

2nd Set

5 minute tempo run (6.7)
5 minute sprint interval (sprint 1 min., jog 1 min, sprint 1 min., jog 1 min., sprint 1 min.)
(7.5, 6, 7.5, 6, 7.5)
5 minute tempo run (7) You are more than half way WOO-HOO!

Recovery: 3 minute walk or jog (4)

3rd Set

3 minute tempo run (7)
3 minute sprint interval (sprint 1 minute, jog 1 minute, sprint 1 minute) (8, 6, 8)
3 minute tempo run (7)

Cool down:

3 minute walk or jog (4)
Take this time to congratulate yourself for all your effort, the hardest part of your day is behind you! Calories torched, energy up, and the lovely glow radiating from your cheeks!

Make it harder:

-add incline (even just to the recovery intervals)
-run faster
-cut out recovery segments or run them

Make it easier/and or quicker:

-Do jog, sprint, jogs for the intervals
-Cut out second tempo run after each sprint interval (saves 11 minutes)
-Run slower

This was great with 5 minutes of stretching and 10 minutes of ab work this morning. I think next time I will jog the recovery intervals or add a steep incline.

Rock Your Body Challenge: Just for Fun

I remember totally wanting Britney’s abs in high school. In honor of Britney’s (questionable) appearance on How I Met Your Mother tonight–I just started watching the show last week–I have made her the official poster girl of this week’s Rock Your Body Challenge.

This week I challenge you to break out of your single intensity rut, and throw some fun high intensity intervals into your workout.

This is my favorite way to do intervals or get through a boring run on the treadmill: use the pace of the song and sprint/push harder through the chorus.

Beforehand you’ll have to prepare a playlist with songs that speed up and slowdown, and maybe have a few slow ones in between for recovery. If you push as hard as you can through the choruses, you should not be able to do more than 15 minutes, so you get a super effective workout in the least time possible. I also love that you can do this anywhere or on any machine because you don’t have to get caught up in exact times, distances or intensity levels.

Just push yourself as hard as you can and enjoy your favorite songs!
Almost any song will work, but here are a couple ideas to get you started:
Rockafeller Skank-Fatboy Slim
I Believe in a Thing Called Love-The Darkness
Lose Yourself-Eminem
Start out with a moderate 5-10 minute warm up, do your song interval workout, cool down at an easy pace for 5-10 minute. You rock!
This post is refusing to format correctly–sorry that it all runs together!

Rock Your Body Challenge: Increase Your Speed!

This week’s challenge comes to you straight from my hard core running friend! The following plan will help you increase your speed and reach your 5K goal time.

The best part is that you only have to do it once a week.

This plan will get your 5K (3.1 mile) time under 30 minutes. Basically you are just adding an extra interval for the weeks 2, 3, 4 and then practicing sustaining a high speed.

So if your goal is faster, substitute 6.9 for a faster pace. My goal is 25 minutes, so I am going to try to do 7.4 mph–roughly an 8 minute mile pace.

Week one

Warm up 10 minutes
Run 8.49 pace (6.9) for 3 minutes
Recover for 5 minutes
Run 6.9 for another 4 minutes
Recover for 5
Run 6.9 for 3
Cool down.

Week Two

Same as above but add another Run 6.9 for 4 minutes recover for 5

Week Three

-add to week 2 another 5 minute run at 6.9, recover for 5

Week Four

Add to week 3 another 3 minute run at 6.9, recover for 5

Week Five

Warm up for 10 Stretch
Run 6.9 for 1 mile
Run 6.9 for however long you can hold it
Cool down

Week 6
run 6.9 continuous for 2 miles straight
Cool down

Week 7 – Race. 5k

What was your result?

I won’t be posting again until Sunday, but I’ll try to come up with something good!

Have a fabulously fit weekend!

Recap and Rock Your Body Challenge 2

Recap: Workout Like/With a Guy–Double Whammy!

Last night I worked out with not one, but two guys! It uped the anti a bit.

Here was the workout:

~30 minute treadmill run-average speed 6.6 mph
~15 rowing
~20 minute elliptical, level 8, hard intensity, 4 minute cool down
~8 minute rowing with underhand grip
20 minutes strength: ab workout from fitness magazine.

After the workout, I had a one hour massage, and boy do I feel like a new person! All toxins are gone! soreness? what soreness? More on why you need to treat yourself well tomorrow! PS I was incredibly lucky and they weren’t able to provide the service I originally scheduled, so I received 30% my massage at Juvenex and free access to all mineral baths, steam rooms, saunas and other amenties!

So here is my second Rock Your Body Running Challenge to anyone interested:

PS for a hilarious look at the obsession with running marathon’s checkout this!

From my coach, who is running a 100 mile race soon!
Goal and description of the workout : This is all about challenging yourself, and working on strengthening your calf, quad and hip muscles. You will work based on effort and not speed, just put a good effort-7 out of 10.
It is ok to let the breathing to get a bit out of wack today, challenge yourself !

Treadmill workout:

Warm-up 10 minutes
1 min @ incline 2 + 2 mins @ incline 8, recover 4 minutes
Repeat 8 times.
cool down

Push the 1 minute and the 2 minutes, take it easy on the recovery, it is a long recovery, so you can afford to really challenge yourself.

If this is too intense for all of you,tomorrow’s (Saturday’s–need more time!) post will be “The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Getting a Gorgeous Bod”

The Little Runner Rock Your Body Challenge

I just saw that it is Self Challenge season! I thought I might do a weekly challenge for myself as well as my readers (if there are any out there)!

On a side note, Self mag and I seem in tune because there was a little snippet about sneaking 3 one minute exercises (such as 1 minute jumping rope, 1 minute jumping jacks, or 1 minute of alternating split jumps) into each day to burn an extra 400 calories a week. See it’s all about sneaking it in! I am so jealous of all those who have nice weather because it is soooo hard to get natural exercise in during winters up north. Today it is snowing up a storm, and while I love the thick, fluffy flakes, it means even less walking!

So on with the Rock Your Body Challenge!

This is from one of my marathon coach’s practice e-mails. He gave a treadmill option each week, in case you had to miss practice–and I think he always made it harder than the actual practice :)

I left the park workout in because that is where he describes pace and effort. For those of you in runnable weather conditions, you can go to mapmyrun.com to get distances and then type and then figure out a comparable route at your location if you are really ambitious.

I am going to give it a go this weekend, and I encourage you to try it too. Walk if you can’t run!

Beginner and intermediate options below. There is an advanced version as well, but this is quite enough for me!

Half Marathoners and Beginners Marathoners workout:

Very simple workout ! We are doing the last Hill of our repertoire !!! (which doesn’t mean that will stop us from ‘inviting’ you to run more hills in the future )

Course and distance for the workout : From East 90th street, head north to 110th street traffic light. We are running the Harlem Hill, yes, yes, we save the best for last

Goal and description of the workout : During the hill repeats, break down the hill in 2 parts. 1st part goes up to the first turn (coach will be there), 2nd part goes from there to to the top of the hill (traffic light) YOU WILL ALTERNATE the way you run the hill, Meaning: one time you’ll run the first part easy and push the second part and the next one, push the 1st part and easy a bit on the second part (think overloading your muscles during the first part and hold for dear life on the second half). this is an easy one !! I think !!

Treadmill workout:
Warm-up 10 minutes8 x2 min @ incline 6 + 2 mins @ incline 8 recover 3 minutes cooldown
Same approach as the outdoor wkout. Alternate the way you run, the inclines, alternate between pushing the 6 % and the 8% incline.

Course and distance for the workout : Nice flat workout for you. You are going to run 3-4 loops of the bridle path. From meeting spot at 97th street cross the street and head south west on the bridle path. Those that run a 11 mper mile and above will run 3 loops, those under 11 mper mile will run 4 loops.

Goal and description of the workout : Warm up from 97th to West 86th (water fountain) from there you will pick up your pace at about 85-90% effort (3.5-4) to East 90 th street. Then cooldown up to 97th street. Then do another pick up from E97th to West 86 th street. Continue that method so basically you are going to alternate hard and easy runs between 97 th and 86th and E90th during the 3 or 4 loops that you will be running.

Again, when you are supposed to go hard, Go hard ! Do not be shy, allow the breathing to get heavy, get uncomfortable. During the recovery, run easy, easy, easy, your goal is to bring your Heart rate as low as you can in that time.
More about it when we meet.

Treadmill workout:
Warm-up 5-6 minutes then do6 x4 mins Hard @ incline 2 with 4 mins recovery @ incline 1 Cooldown 5 mins