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Reader Question-Best Abs Exercises

Yesterday, I received a great question about the most effective ab workouts.

I don’t think I alone in coveting the Britney Spears abs pre-train wreck circa I am a Slave for You video.  In my swimming/lifeguard days, I came a lot closer, for a lot less effort.  One because I was younger, and two because swimming requires you to constantly work your abs to stay afloat.

These days, I have to use them or lose them–flat abs that is.

The great thing about AB workouts is that you see results in very little time.  A few weeks of consistency and those little muscle outlines start faintly appearing.  To get the full on Spears-pack ab work alone will never be enough.  You have to tone muscles all over your body and do cardio to blast that pesky layer that women have above the muscles.  Men have far less fat above the muscles, thus they can have a “situation” going on with much less effort.    That said, not all women are created equal.  Some women carry weight in the middle, but have no problem rocking a mini skirt.  Others (myself included) have stubborn pear shapes that require endless lunges, but have less trouble toning their tummies.  Obviously, there are more than two body types, but you get the idea.  You have to work with and embrace what you have today, and I actually find that a slight softness in the tummy is very sexy and womanly.

Anyways, enough with the verbose intro, on with my best ab advice!

Here are a few things I have done for abs and seen really impressive results:

1.) Fitness Stay Slim on the Road I love this quick, equipment-less workout.  I always see results in my abs pronto. However, it works the whole body, which as mentioned is necessary in the quest to be absolutely fabulous.

2.) Core Fusion Body Sculpt Ab Section — This is the hardest ab work I have ever done.

3.) Sit ups, crunches and oblique crunches on the bosu ball and stability ball always seem more effective than those done on the mat–perhaps because correct form is easier to achieve.  Try doing them with arms straight over your head for added challenge.

4.)  Angela had a great “whittle your middle” ab routine over at Oh She Glows.  The  ab work includes good variations on planks and utilizes the stability ball.

5.) Fellow blogger Diana said that the Physique 57 videos gave her a “rock solid” core.  I don’t doubt this is true, P57 is amazing!I am jonseing to check out these dvds and see the results for myself!

6.)  Our favorite Fitnessista also did a great post on obtaining Fab Abs!

In just a few I am off to review a new class, than to meet up with Liz (aka VeggieGirl) while she is in town.  But later tonight, I will announce the first of several giveaways to come this week!

Tis the season and have a fit weekend!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Friday! What a week! I am ready to detox mentally and settle into a weekend full of homework.  Sounds fun, huh? 

Apparently this is the season to guest post!  I will be posting on a number of my favorite blogs over the next few weeks, so that’s pretty exciting.  In fact, the guest posting frenzy starts right now.  Rachel from Shedding It and Getting It suggested that we do guest playlists on each others blogs.  I hope you will you check out my post, I have to say it is one of my favorite playlists ever!

Let’s get right into the Leaner Legs Workout #3!

Bikini Body 2008

As you might have guessed, I borrowed heavily from Tina’s workout and I loved it!  I modified slightly:

Set 1

  • 30 alternating lunges with bicep curls on bosu ball (5 lb. weights)
  • 40 Squats holding weights on bosu
  • 15 stationary lunges  (each side) on bosu with hammer curls
  • 30 plie squats with upright row holding weights

Set 2

  • 30 alternating lunges with bicep curls on bosu ball (5 lb. weights)
  • 40 squats on bosu
  • 15 stationary lunges  (each side) on bosu holding weights
  • 15 plie squats with upright row

I forgot to stretch!  Ooops

But I did go right into my second cardio session of the day.  30 minutes on the elliptical alternating one minute of moderate intensity with one minute of high intensity (I did the same thing that morning, so a total of 60 minutes).

I have a bunch of great leg workouts I am excited to try and share, but if you would like to do a guest post leaner legs workout, I would be happy to feature you!


aka Whittle My Middle, I busted out the ab moves I featured in a video post quite a while ago.  The post is a little embarrassing, but the ab moves are good!  Speaking of abs, someone asked what the ragdoll move is.  It’s hard to explain in words, but basically, it is a standing ab move where you drop to one side quickly as if your arm was moving down along the outside of your leg, limp like a doll, and the come up from an L with one arm up and the other straight out and reach to the side.  Repeat on the other side.   While this is nothing like my standing ab routine, it’s a good example of a standing ab work (if the video doesn’t work just click over to youtube):

Other fitness musings…

I am loving my cardio intervals lately, they really help me get out of my comfort zone without too much discomfort :)  For once, I have a good balance of cardio and strength in my regimen, I usually tend to get sucked into one or the other.  But I do have to start running, less than a week until Turkey Trot! 

Oh, we just switched cable companies and I finally have FitTV!  Yay!

Leaner Legs Workout Day 2

Here was my second leaner legs workout of the week:

So I drew greatly from the Drop a Jeans Size Workout in the September Issue of Fitness.  I did the workout in my room, so I used a chair instead of a ball for most of the exercises and just skipped the “rolling pin” and added some walking lunges with weights.

1.) Sumo Squat with double arm extension: 20 reps

 leg workout 001

2.) Good Morning/Dead Lift  20 Reps

3.) Side Lunge with Teacup Raise: 10 reps each side

4.) Side Lunge with both arms raising straight out in front: 10 reps each side

leg workout 003

5.) Lower Half Lift: 20 reps

6.) Rainbow Fly: 20 Reps

leg workout 004

7.) Kickstand: 20 reps each side

8.) Walking Lunges: 24 lunges total

9.) Decalfinator: 24

leg workout 005


  • Runners lunges
  • toe touch
  • quad stretch
  • side lunge stretch

This took me more than 10 minutes, but it was fun and moved fast.  For more great lower body moves, check out Tina’s lower body routine…love it!

I then did a little somethin somethin to Whittle My Middle

I did:

  • 25 basic crunches
  • 25 reverse crunches
  • 25 oblique crunches
  • 25 situps with weights
  • 20 oblique twists with weights
  • standing oblique work a la Kathy Smith 80s workout video (i wish I still had a vhs)-side reaches, twisting punches, single arm row twists, rag doll reaches.
  • 20 gymnastics situps

And just for a little random note of the day, cause I am nothing if not random, as a residential education professional, I found this TFLN very apropos: (415): the mandatory saturday morning class for those written up by RA’s turned into a gold mine…just met EVERY hot chick that parties.

Leaner Legs Challenge Day 1

I have so much I want to say, but it’s going to have to wait until tomorrow.

But here was what Day One of the Leaner Legs Challenge looked like—I swear it’s only about 10 minutes:

  • Arabesque Leg Raises to the Back  leaning into chair or desk (20 each side, butt squeeze each time)
  • Straight Leg Raises to the Back leaning into chair or desk (30 each side, butt squeeze)
  • Side Raises without support (works abs too)  (30 each side)
  • Pendulum Lunges (forward then back lunges) (12 on one side, 12 on the other)
  • Squat Jumps (10)
  • Plyometric Jump Lunges (about 16)
  • Static Curtsy Lunge (15 full dips, then 15 deep pulses, switch sides)
  • Plie Squat (15)
  • Plie Squat with alternating heel raises (20)
  • Plyometic Jump Lunges (12)


Runners lunge 30 seconds each side

Quad Stretch 20 seconds each side with hip tilt

Seated straight leg stretch folding over legs (10-20 seconds)

Many of these were variations of Physique 57 moves found here.

Chandra on Strength Training!

Oh my gosh, my first guest poster is one of my favorite bloggers of all time!  She is hilarious, a great dancer, shares my love of Brit Brit, and is a health and fitness inspiration to us all!  I am so excited to introduce Chandra!  Not only that, she is sharing an amazing post on a very important topic for us ladies, strength training!  When I do strength training, I love how I feel and that you see changes right away, but sometimes I get into a cardio-centric rut and that’s no good.  So here’s Chandra!


Hello readers!  I am Chandra, writer of the blog Chandra’s Shenanigans.  I’ve been reading Melissa’s blog for as long as I can remember and I am so thrilled to do a guest post for her!  She has been a major running inspiration to me and is always so helpful when I need advice.  As much as I love running, I decided to make my guest post about another love of mine – strength training!!

So many women are afraid to do strength training for fear of “bulking up”, but trust me ladies – you can’t unless you try REALLY hard to get bulky.  We women just don’t have what it takes to build big bulky muscles (thank goodness!).  But strength training does have many benefits, so read on to find out why everyone should include strength training in their workouts!

Strength Training: Why you should do it and do it regularly
Strength training will increase your metabolism and reduce your body fat. We all know cardio is the fastest way to burn calories during exercise. Many of us are cardio queens. But what about burning calories when you aren’t exercising? How can you increase your “at rest” calorie burn? Build muscle. Muscle is metabolically active, meaning it burns calories. The more muscle we have the more calories we burn while we are sleeping, doing daily activities and through exercise.
Strength training will increase muscle mass (without bulking!) and prevent muscle loss. Cardio exercises may improve our cardiovascular fitness, but it does not prevent muscle loss. Even people who exercise but neglect weight training can lose an average of 1/2 a pound of muscle a year. Plus, as we age we lose muscle and our metabolisms decrease. Building muscle through strength training can help counteract this and keep your metabolism roaring.
Strength training will improve your bone mineral density. – As someone who is accident prone and has broken both her arms twice, this is important to me! :) Like muscle mass, we slowly lose bone mineral density as we age, which leaves us at risk for easier fractures and osteoporosis. The stress placed on bones during strength training stimulates the bones to lay down more minerals. This can help protect against fractures, “shrinking”, and osteoporosis.
Strength training will improve your glucose metabolism and help prevent diabetes. Poor glucose metabolism is associated with adult onset diabetes. Muscle built through strength training improves the use of blood sugars into the muscles, helping reduce the chance of developing diabetes.
Strength training can decrease your blood pressure. Combining strength training and cardio exercises is a very effective means of improving your blood pressure which means there’s less of a chance of developing heart disease. If our muscles are stronger, this places less stress on our cardiovascular system while performing day to day activities.
Strength training can make day to day activities easier. As you get stronger, day to day activities such as carrying laundry/shopping bags/children, going up the stairs, etc… will get easier. You will be less dependent on someone else for assistance. You should see me open pickle jars now. 😉 Ha ha
Strength training can improve your attitude and help fight depression. I am walking proof of this. Besides building muscle and toning up to get that hot new body, as you get stronger you become more confident in yourself and your abilities. Plus there’s that hot new bod thing too, right?  :)
Strength training is extremely versatile. You don’t need a gym or fancy equipment to do strength exercises. There are many exercises you can do basically anywhere with dumbbells, resistance tubing, or even your own body weight! Exercises can also be adapted to make them easier or harder depending on a person’s ability. There are numerous exercises to work different muscle groups, so you can keep your routine fresh and creative so you don’t get bored!
There are many, many more benefits of strength training, these are just a few I picked out. I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without strength training. I am stronger, leaner, toned, and have gained a lot more confidence. Cardio alone cannot do that for anyone. Yes, cardio burns a lot of calories up front as you’re doing it, but building and keeping muscle is what keeps those calories burning and keeps you strong. Don’t get me wrong, we all know I love my running, but I will never again shove off my strength training exercise. 

Also, as with any new exercise regimen, it is important to learn how to perform strength training exercises with proper form, take rest days, and don’t over do it. If you would like a few tips/suggestions on how to start a new strength training routine, I found this article which has some helpful tips and links: Exercise for Beginners – Strength Training. And as always, if you have questions/opinions/comments, feel free to leave them below or send me an email!!
Happy fat loss and muscle building!

Thanks again Chandra!  I use your strength moves for inspiration all the time!  Hope we actually get to meet at some point!

Playlist for the Meatheads

This playlist was inspired by the weight room.  You know, the weight rooms that you walk into and feel like you might choke on the testosterone.  While I am not really interested in other people at the gym–because I usually look like about as appealing as a sweat sock and I am pretty focused when I work out, there are certain weight rooms that can be intimidating and make me self-concious.  I have to get my mind right to be able to focus on mt workout while the guys next to me are lifting up there shirts and checking out their abs and practically kissing their flexed biceps.    JK boys, I respect anyone who cares about their body enough to work on it, but I don’t need directions to the beach, nor am I hoping to check out the gun show.

So this mix is a ton of songs I play in the weight room or when doing strength in general, actually this  playlist is about 4 hours, enough for like three weeks of strength workouts.  They help me get my bad ass on, and actually, I just love cheesy hip hop like no other.

For some reason, itunes refused to publish my list as a mix, maybe that is because 95% are explicit. If you are not into explicatives, this is not the mix for you.  But I figure, I recommend Girl Talk, and it doesn’t get much more awesomely inappropriate than that!

Enjoy, I guarantee these will make you feel right at home with sexy Mr. Six Pack next to you.

  1. Gin and Juice-Snoop
  2. Still Not a Player-Big Pun
  3. Right Thurr-Chingy
  4. Tipsy-JKwon
  5. Hot in Herre-Nelly
  6. Fiesta-r kelly
  7. Stunt 101-Gunit
  8. I love college-asher roth
  9. Come to me-Diddy
  10. I do-chingy
  11. Stand Up-Luda
  12. Tell Me-Diddy
  13. Magic Stick-Lil Kim
  14. Lighters Up-Lil Kim
  15. Player’s Anthem-big pun
  16. This is Why I’m Hot-Mims
  17. Get it Shawty–Lloyd
  18. Shim Shimmy Ya-ODB
  19. Thong Song-Sisqo
  20. Poppin Them Things-G-Unit
  21. Touch it-Busta Rhymes
  22. Just a Lil Bit-50 Cent
  23. In da Club-50 Cent
  24. This is How We Do-Big Thymers
  25. Where the Party At-Jagged Edge
  26. Freek a Leek-Petey Pablo
  27. Breathe-Fabulous
  28. How We Do-The Game
  29. It’s Going Down-Ruff Riders
  30. Still Not a Player-Big Punisher
  31. Shake Ya Ass-Mystikal
  32. Crush on You-Big Pun/Lil Kim
  33. Party Like a Rockstar-Pet Shop Boys
  34. Back that Azz Up-juvenille, lil wayne
  35. All about the benjamins-Puffy
  36. I think they like me-dem franchise boys
  37. Bring Em Out-TI
  38. Walk It Out-Unk
  39. Get Low-Lil Jon
  40. Damn-YoungBloodz
  41. Salt Shaker-Ying Yang Twins
  42. I wish-skee-lo
  43. Drop It Like It’s Hot-Snoop
  44. Phenomenon-LL Cool J
  45. I’m Sorry Miss Jackson-Outkast
  46. Hip Hop Is Dead-Nas
  47. The Next Movement-The Roots

Preemptive Measures for St. Patty’s Day Bonanza!

St. Patty’s Day is a big deal in my office.  It is by far the most important holiday of the year.  For weeks, packages have been delivered in preparation: shamrock tights, decorations, even specially ordered green bagels.  I think about 100 emails were exchanged in order to determine a location. Trips have been made to the party store to pick up flair of the green, shiny shamrock variety including tinsel, tattoos, hats, boas and beads. 

soho 053

Last year, I remember having a little too much fun for a week night,  so this year I decided that I better have a plan to combat the cupcakes, irish soda bread in many varieties, bagels and beer!

soho 008

Plan Part 1: I decided to appreciate all the food and flair from afar, I guess I could have indulged a bit more in the flair. Bagels and soda bread aren’t all that special and the cupcakes never made it by my cube after 10am, so I missed those. For the record, I did have half a chocolate peanut butter chip cookie that was leftover from a meeting around 4PM—full disclosure: it was the larger half.

Plan Part 2: I went to the gym on my lunch hour and did around 35 minutes on the ellip, alternating moderate with short sprints. 

Plan Part 3: After work I went back to the gym, more because I wanted to, than felt I had to, f3or 35 minutes of running and some squat kickbacks with weights.  It was actually the first day of my Shape 14 Day Lean Leg Challenge.  So far it is nothing amazing, but it’s only two weeks, so I am going to stick with it—see day 1 to follow.  I am sorry I missed the 30-day Shred Challenge, I haven’t done mine in a while.  Oh well, maybe someone will start one in April.

Plan Part 4: One drink, one club soda, take a beat, dance, repeat. The classic approach.  I pick beer because I don’t like it very much, so it takes me a long time to finish one. 

I missed the first round and an apparent “kid rock” sighting at the bar (Pinch.) Oh well, not a loss in my book, I almost wanted to rehydrate with a club soda first, by I figured I should catch up.  Plus, they had Corona Light.  That is my #1 choice if I have to drink beer, and not too many places have it.

I actually only had 1 beer and 1 club soda, and a couple rounds of dancing a fool.  It was a good night, probably won’t be too many stories, but clearly that is a good thing judging from last year. :)

I have another My NYC edition in store for this week: Soho: Shopping and Celeb Spotting. 


Shape Leg Toning Plan Day 1:


Plus, 2 sets of 20 squat kickbacks with weights.

Running Question and Review!

Wow, this has been the best monday in a while!  I got a lot accomplished, a great package in the mail (more on those two things in another post), got quite a bit done on a paper, and had a great workout!

In honor of the upcoming fashion week and to fill the void of no new Gossip Girl, I am dedicating a GG song from the Serena Also Rises episode as workout song of the day: NYC Gone Gone

As I have mentioned, I use this for sprints or if I am doing an interval workout that calls for one minute of a given exercise. 

I got a good running question today from Ashley:

Quick question that many runners may have. Can you help me understand what the difference between my speeds should be. I just realized yesterday during my run that I run every run at the same speed which is crazy… Assuming that 9:45 or so is my current race pace, what should I set the treadmill to during tempo run days? 

This is a great question, first of all a lot of runners only have one speed, so don’t feel crazy.  A lot of my TNT friends, who have done multiple marathons and half iron mans, joke that when the coach says run at your 5k pace, they are like, dude I only have one pace.  Personally, I am extremely consistant with my pace. However, if you are looking to improve your speed, it helps to break out of your comfort pace.  Tempo paces are best described as comfortably hard.  Meaning you can say a few workds, maybe a sentence, but you aren’t really in the position to have a conversation.  Basically, you want to run at the fastest pace you can sustain consistantly for the given distance.  So if you are doing a 3 mile tempo run, you will be running faster than if you are doing a 5 mile tempo run.   For example if you are doing a 3 mile tempo run and 6.5 miles per hour is the fastest you speed you can maintain without slowing down for the entire workout but you feel very happy to stop when you hit 3 miles, your 5 miles tempo pace should be slower.

To be more specific the Runner’s World Book has a chart to explain tempo paces based on your 5K time–they have it for every 5 seconds, but I will just give a few examples:

5k time     short tempo  mid tempo    long tempo    easy

22:30          7:32MPH        7:47MPH       8:02           9:07

26:15           8:44                    8:59                9:14          10:19

30:00         9:56                  10:11                  10:26         11:31

So reviews:

Core Strength Vinyasa Power Hour with Sadie Nardini DVD


I really liked it.  I much prefer taking yoga in a studio than in my house, and this was the most enjoyable home workout I have ever done.  My friend who took the class at Pure Yoga with me, also loved the class and  bought the dvd the day we went, but just couldn’t get into yoga at home.  Usually I agree, sometimes I can’t even make it through the 20 minute yogadownload workouts. 

This is a different style of yoga, that focuses on the core and building energy in the body.  I would encourage you to watch the video first because there are a lot of non-traditional yoga poses that you have to see to understand.  It’s hard to see when you are in down dog.

I think the reason I like Sadie is that she is very good at explaining poses.  During her class I was just following her directions, and before I knew it, I was in crow’s pose.  I had never gotten one toe off the ground in the pose before, but when I didn’t know it was coming, it was effortless.  This video is a good strength workout, there is not a ton of jumping around, but I did manage to workout a little bit of a sweat.  I think I will probably do this in halves in the future because when I do yoga at home, a half an hour is enough to kind of refocus and relax.


Today I did the Oxygen “run it off” workout I saw on Gina’s blog.  It was good, I was glad Gina suggested it because I don’t read Oxygen.  It kind of scares me.  Not because I have a muscle woman fear, it’s just a bit hard core for my personality.  I am best described as type z.

Anyways, the workout FLEW by, it is only 25 minutes, but it felt like 15 tops.  I found the sprints easy, but the uphills very challenging.  Since I don’t have a heart rate monitor, I base the intensity on how grossly red and splotchy I look when I get off the treadmill. This was about a 6.5 out of ten–ten being drenched in sweat and a combination of beet red and yellow in complexion—aka total hottie.

After the run I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, about 10 minutes of abs and maybe 10 minutes of stretching.  I should mention that I definitely felt the lower body workout I did yesterday, the hammies were screaming this morning!

Elise! I am so excited you are doing the race, you’ll be fabulous!

Training Update: The Test

So I have two one mile races to run, a biathlon and the 5th Ave Mile for Road Runners. So I decided to, once again, take the TNT test. As I mentioned yesterday, I did this test for the first time in July 2007, it is interesting that it was way harder for me then.

Goal and Description per my former coach:

Run from the S to the 1 Mile mark at a ‘good speed’
You will do this 3 times. (that means you will run 3 x 1 mile fast , yahhoooooo !!)

How to run this Test?

This workout it’s all about How fast you can run 1 Mile, simple as that !!

Of course, most of you never tried to run a fast mile, so You need to understand that when I say “1 mile as fast as you can”, doesn’t mean SPRINT for 1 mile, there’s no way you can sprint for 1 mile.

You will need to figure out how far a mile is, and find out what’s the effort you can maintain for that distance. And that brings us again to our ‘breathing’ use your breathing as your guide.

You know how you felt during the Effort level workout last week? Well…. you should feel/breath about the same or even a bit higher today.

E1(effort 1, also known as recovery) and E4 (effort 4, anaerobic threshold)

-E1is a really slow jog, the main goal of the E1 is to bring the heart rate down a quick as possible, so you need really bring down the effort
-E2 will be a little higher Effort than that, it’s more or less what we call our ‘Easy’ pace, the pace that we usually run when we go for our 3-4 mile run.
-E3, will be a little higher than that, feels like you are kind of in the ‘edge’ of your ‘comfortable’ pace.
-E4 is definitely a challenging effort, you should not be able to talk much at all, maybe a couple of words here and there.

You have 3 attempts to get a good mile. Use you first mile to figure out things a bit. If during the 1 st you died/slowed down/crawled , you know you need to start the second one a little slower, on the other hand, if you are not breathing heavy by the time you cross the finish don’t be shy ! push a bit on your next one.

You’ll find out more or less how fast you can run 1 mile…my addition: this can be important as if you ever have to run for your life, you will know how fast you can anticipate moving.

Here were my results:

I did this on the treadmill, so it is not as pure as if done outside, but hey.

Mile 1: 8:05
3 minute walk at 3.8mph

Mile 2: 7:40
3 minute walk

Mile 3: 7:59

Not bad, considering how much I hate to get out of my comfort zone.

I did that on my lunch hour.

After work, I hit the gym for a regular workout ( I went to the other school gym, ’cause I really know how to live it up):

25 on ellip.

10 on rower

Arm flow weight series (based on Physique 57 arm series), 20 of each of the following with out rest: alternating bicep curls, double bicep curls, alternating curls palms facing in, double BCPFI, bent over tricep extensions, 20 pulses with arms straight out behind you. Return to upright standing position, bring arms straight in front of you bent at 90, open to look like a football goal post, in and out for 20, pulse up for 20, upright row with weights, transition to overhead press with weights, transition to overhead tricep extensions, put weights down and transition to flow push ups.

Then I did the Stay Slim on the Road Workout with a couple extra ab moves.

After that I promised myself a manicure for a job well done, showered, dashed to Sephora to do my make up and then meet up with friends for a party.

Tonight I have a running date! (Just a girlfriend who will literally chat me through 4-6 miles, my favorite way to run!)

Super Strength and Stretch

Strength work and stretching are not things I really like to do by myself. If I am in a class or being coached, it’s fine–cause someone is making me do it, and everyone (except those few people who feel the need to rush out the second the “workout” is over) is doing it.

However, on my own, it’s much harder to get motivated. My running buddy always makes fun of me for not wanting to stretch because “it’s the easiest part!”

Recently, I have tried to do more of both. While strength can be a bit boring, you do see at least a little difference, pretty fast. We all know that stretching probably helps prevent soreness and injury, but I have really just started committing to it for vanity purposes. The added strength shortens the muscles, and I need to elongate at every change I get!

So I have started mixing up my strength by combining a few workouts out of magazines or blogs or just from exercises I know. I especially like killing two birds with one stone, such as lunges with shoulder raises, etc.

Here is what I did on Saturday

I basically do one set of each of the following routines, and then about 15 minutes of stretching, holding each pose for at least 20 seconds (more on stretching in another post).

So here it is:

From David Kirsch’s Bikini Body Workout

Your bikini boot camp workout
2 minutes – Light stretching including Good Mornings and Good Mornings with Knee Bends
1 minute – Jumping Jacks
30 seconds – David’s Platypus Walks
1 minute – Shadow Boxing with crossovers, Uppercuts and Knee Bends
1 minute – Plié Squats with Calf raises
2 minutes – Reverse Lunges with Front Kick
1 minute – Squat Thrusts with Medicine Ball
1 minute – Scissors Reverse Crunches
2 minutes – David’s Donkey Deluxe
1 minute – Bench Steups (if possible) with Tricep Kickbacks
1 minute – Pushups

Full details and description

Then one set from Chandra’s workout….stealing!
Jump rope (fake) – 100 reps
Squats – 20
Jumping jacks – 50
Roundhouse kicks – 15 per leg
Jump rope – 100 reps
Donkey kicks – 15 per leg
Jumping jacks – 50
Walking lunges with curl/press – 20 reps
Run in place, high knees – 1 minute
Reverse crunches – 15 reps
Full body crunches – 15 reps

So see her blog for this workout and more fabulous ones!

One set of each from Jenna’s lower body routine

2 minutes running on treadmill (to warm up)
4 sets of 15 walking lunges with 10 pound weights in each hand
3 sets of “jumping squats”—squat down, leap up, point toes, land back in a squat. 15 reps
2 sets of Hamstring curls on machine. 15 reps
2 sets of calf raises, 20 reps
2 sets of squats on that machine where you lay down and push the weight with your legs (Don’t know the name?)
2 forearm plank poses. Hold for 45 seconds each time
2 sets of reverse crunches, lifting legs and butt while holding onto post behind head on mat. 18 reps each set
2 sets of crunches holding 10 pound weight (legs at 90 degrees, crunch up while holding weight behind head)

I just found out I got off the waiting list for Physique 57 with my favorite instructor tonight, so she can kick my butt for me! It took two weeks to get off the wait list! Magen is so worth the wait!