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Running Playlist Winter 2013

What a sunny, snowy Saturday we have in NYC!  It’s always so bright when in snows, it makes me forget how short the winter days are!

This morning we had a date with Barry!  We got there about 15 minutes early, but true devotees apparently arrive much earlier.  I told Frank that it was probably best to do the treadmills first to get the running over with, apparently that is a popular strategy because the treadmills were gone instantly.  Hello, strength.

I grabbed 8 pound weights, in hindsight 10s would have been better.  Frank took 25s, which is just insane. This was only my second time (first time recap here), so I was expecting 15 minutes strength, 15 minutes running, 15 minutes strength, 15 minutes running.

However, after several sets of lunges with the booty bands, lots of arm work and some ab work, I started thinking, those people have been on the treadmill a LONG time.  Is this a 90 minute class?  A few minutes later, Joey announced it was a 30 on 30 off day!

Initially I wasn’t thrilled about this news, I think it’s easier mentally to get through 15 minutes on the treadmill, even if you know you have to do it twice.  However, it really wasn’t too bad.  Don’t get me wrong, there were several occasions where the last 15 seconds took everything I had and maybe a little more, but we didn’t have to go up to crazy insane speeds, topping out at 9MPH for no longer than 90 seconds. The structure was something like this…

DIY Treadmill Bootcamp (similar not identical BB):

  • 2 minute warm up at  6MPH
  • 5 minute climb (start at 7MPH and increase by .5 every minute until 9.0)
  • 1 minute recover
  • 5 minute ladder (start at 7MPH and increase by 1 MPH to 9.0 and then back down)
  • 1 minute recover
  • 5 minute climb (start at 7MPH and increase by .5 every minute until 9.0)
  • 3 minute sprint with incline (run at your top speed and increase incline to 3.0 at minute 2 and 6.0 for minute 3) x2
  • 1 minute recover
  • 90 second spring at incline of 8.0
  • 30 second recover
  • 30 second sprint

I’m definitely getting why people love Barry’s, you feel so accomplished at the end!

So back to the playlist, here is my latest. I’m definitely in love with it.

Warm Up:

Take a Walk-Passion Pit (who I saw at the Garden last night!)


Sweet Nothing–Calvin Harris

Locked out of Heaven--Bruno Mars

Don’t Stop the Party–Pitbull (really love this for a good push)


Thrift Shop–Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Scream & Shout–Will.i.am (can I just say, thank god for Britney Bitch?)

Don’t You Worry Child–Swedish House Mafia

I Knew You Were Trouble–Taylor Swift <–Favorite T Swizzle song of all time

Beauty and a Beat–Justin Bieber feat Nicki Minaj

Ho Hey–Lumineer

Cool Down:

Suit and Tie–JT


Out of the Woods

It’s been a long week.  This is my busiest time of year for work, so until the hurricane directly impacted my work schedule, it wasn’t even on my radar. Fortunately, all the supplies I ended up buying were not necessary.  I am almost out of the woods, just one week to go! 

Unfortunately, I will have to miss ACS practice tomorrow, so I am going to get up really early and do this treadmill workout at the gym:

  • 10 minute warm up
  • 1 minute at incline 7 (effort 80%)
  • 1 minute at incline 1 (effort 80%)
  • recover 2 minutes at incline 1
  • repeat steps 2-4 six to eight times
  • 8 minute cool down

Saturday’s long run was not very successful, couple rain and puddles with a nagging pain on the inside arch of my foot and I called it a soggy sneaker day at around 6 miles.  My ankle was still sore on Sunday, so I iced and decided to put in an hour on elliptical rather than running today.   Being back at the gym after so long felt amazing! Hopefully, much needed new insoles will do the trick and I will be running pain free soon!

I hope everyone is safe and sound. I promise not to disappear like that again!

Treadmill Quickies and Social Sports

I generally avoid the treadmill, but it is where I do most of my speedwork.  Which, admittedly is something I could probably do more of!

However, when I am on the ‘mill,  I mix up my routine often, so I don’t get bored. That way I almost look forward to busting out a few speedy intervals.

Lately, I have been keeping it short and sweet with 15-30 minute speed workouts, generally after some time on the elliptical.

Here are some of my favs as of late:

The 16 Minute Quickie

  • 1 minute warm up—I have already been on the elliptical, so I am warm
  • .25 mile sprint—generally around an 8 minute mile
  • 1 minute recovery at 4.0
  • 1 minute at 6.5
  • repeat from sprint, 4 times total.

Next time I am going to make my whole recovery at least jogging to add challenge, I have only done this once, but really liked the sprint intervals, seeing the pace at 7:53 minute miles was a rush!

The 24 Minute Blast

  • 2 minute warm up
  • alternate 45 second sprint, 90 second recovery for a total of 20 minutes
  • 2 minute cool down

This I do as part of the Fitnessista Bang workout.

The Minka Kelly (Yes, I still love this workout.)

  • Minute 1-5 MPH
  • Minute 2-5.5 MPH
  • Minute 3-6 MPH
  • Minute 4-6.5 MPH
  • Minute 5—7 MPH
  • Minute 6-7.5 MPH
  • Minute 7-8 MPH
  • Minutes 8-9—4.5 MPH

Repeat two more times.

In case you didn’t see my tweet, I have a new post at NBC NY Go Healthy!  It’s on the benefits of joining social sports leagues.  If  you’re active and are looking for fun way to workout and a great way to meet similarly fitness minded people, check it out!


Running Question and Review!

Wow, this has been the best monday in a while!  I got a lot accomplished, a great package in the mail (more on those two things in another post), got quite a bit done on a paper, and had a great workout!

In honor of the upcoming fashion week and to fill the void of no new Gossip Girl, I am dedicating a GG song from the Serena Also Rises episode as workout song of the day: NYC Gone Gone

As I have mentioned, I use this for sprints or if I am doing an interval workout that calls for one minute of a given exercise. 

I got a good running question today from Ashley:

Quick question that many runners may have. Can you help me understand what the difference between my speeds should be. I just realized yesterday during my run that I run every run at the same speed which is crazy… Assuming that 9:45 or so is my current race pace, what should I set the treadmill to during tempo run days? 

This is a great question, first of all a lot of runners only have one speed, so don’t feel crazy.  A lot of my TNT friends, who have done multiple marathons and half iron mans, joke that when the coach says run at your 5k pace, they are like, dude I only have one pace.  Personally, I am extremely consistant with my pace. However, if you are looking to improve your speed, it helps to break out of your comfort pace.  Tempo paces are best described as comfortably hard.  Meaning you can say a few workds, maybe a sentence, but you aren’t really in the position to have a conversation.  Basically, you want to run at the fastest pace you can sustain consistantly for the given distance.  So if you are doing a 3 mile tempo run, you will be running faster than if you are doing a 5 mile tempo run.   For example if you are doing a 3 mile tempo run and 6.5 miles per hour is the fastest you speed you can maintain without slowing down for the entire workout but you feel very happy to stop when you hit 3 miles, your 5 miles tempo pace should be slower.

To be more specific the Runner’s World Book has a chart to explain tempo paces based on your 5K time–they have it for every 5 seconds, but I will just give a few examples:

5k time     short tempo  mid tempo    long tempo    easy

22:30          7:32MPH        7:47MPH       8:02           9:07

26:15           8:44                    8:59                9:14          10:19

30:00         9:56                  10:11                  10:26         11:31

So reviews:

Core Strength Vinyasa Power Hour with Sadie Nardini DVD


I really liked it.  I much prefer taking yoga in a studio than in my house, and this was the most enjoyable home workout I have ever done.  My friend who took the class at Pure Yoga with me, also loved the class and  bought the dvd the day we went, but just couldn’t get into yoga at home.  Usually I agree, sometimes I can’t even make it through the 20 minute yogadownload workouts. 

This is a different style of yoga, that focuses on the core and building energy in the body.  I would encourage you to watch the video first because there are a lot of non-traditional yoga poses that you have to see to understand.  It’s hard to see when you are in down dog.

I think the reason I like Sadie is that she is very good at explaining poses.  During her class I was just following her directions, and before I knew it, I was in crow’s pose.  I had never gotten one toe off the ground in the pose before, but when I didn’t know it was coming, it was effortless.  This video is a good strength workout, there is not a ton of jumping around, but I did manage to workout a little bit of a sweat.  I think I will probably do this in halves in the future because when I do yoga at home, a half an hour is enough to kind of refocus and relax.


Today I did the Oxygen “run it off” workout I saw on Gina’s blog.  It was good, I was glad Gina suggested it because I don’t read Oxygen.  It kind of scares me.  Not because I have a muscle woman fear, it’s just a bit hard core for my personality.  I am best described as type z.

Anyways, the workout FLEW by, it is only 25 minutes, but it felt like 15 tops.  I found the sprints easy, but the uphills very challenging.  Since I don’t have a heart rate monitor, I base the intensity on how grossly red and splotchy I look when I get off the treadmill. This was about a 6.5 out of ten–ten being drenched in sweat and a combination of beet red and yellow in complexion—aka total hottie.

After the run I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, about 10 minutes of abs and maybe 10 minutes of stretching.  I should mention that I definitely felt the lower body workout I did yesterday, the hammies were screaming this morning!

Elise! I am so excited you are doing the race, you’ll be fabulous!

Do You Think That You Can Run it?

Workout Song of the Day: You’re Gonna Go Far Kid, the Offspring

This isn’t my typical band by any means, but the song has grown on me.  I first heard of it in Kristin’s 10 Best Songs of 2008 post.  And then it was played during this week’s episode of The City, so I figured it was worth mentioning.

Hi,  since people have been requesting treadmill workouts, I thought I would share one in three levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced.   If you have any questions, please ask.  My coach would always send out 2-3 page emails explaining the specific goal and way to approach each workout, so I am going to try to summarize in 3 sentences!

Type of workout: Hill workout focusing on form to conserve energy. 

  • keep the swing of the arms low, point your elbow out,don’t let the hands reach chest height.
  • shorten your stride and keep your stride low to the ground.
  • You should feel like you are worker harder on the uphills, but your breathing should be in control.


Treadmill workout
1.) Warm-up: 10 minutes
2.) 8 repetitions of 2-2:30 mins @ incline 8 with 2 mins recovery in between
3.) cooldown 5-8 minutes

Time:35-40 minutes


1.) Warm-up 10 minutes
2.) 6 repetitions of 1 minute @ incline 2  and  2:30  minutes @ incline 8 with 3 mins recovery in between
3.) cooldown 5-8 minutes

Time: around 35 minutes


Same tips as above, but challenge yourself to maintain the same speed on the uphills as you are on the downhills.

1.) Warm-up 10 minutes
2.) 4 repetitions of
-2 min @ incline 8  *hard*  with 3 minutes recovery
-2  min @ incline 5 *decent effort*          

 -2 minutes @ incline 10 *form*   with 3 minutes recovery
2.) Cooldown 5 minutes

Time: around 45 minutes

I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing these wonderful workouts. Join Team in Training!

Boot Camp Treadmill Workout

Workout song of the day: kill-the-director (the Wombats)

So much for taking the weekend off posting :).  I decided to look at some of my old marathon training runs to mix up the routine a bit today.  I found one that looks awesome, but challenging. 

I thought I would post it on the blog quickly for two reasons:

  1. If I post it and say that I am doing it, I have to do it.  (I love this trick)
  2. I thought you might want to something fresh for your weekend workouts

This should be done at a moderate effort level (RPE between 5-8)

  • 5 minutes at 4% incline
  • 7 minutes at 1% incline
  • 3 X 10-15 squats
  • 8 minutes at 2% incline
  • 4 minutes @8% incline
  • 3 X 10-15 lunges
  • 6 minutes @ 1% inclune
  • 4 minutes @6% incline
  • 3 minutes @10% incline
  • 3 X 20-30 crunches
  • 12 minutes @ 2% incline

Total running time: 49 minutes, total workout time 1 hour 5 minutes

This can be donw outside if you have a good hilly space, but this is actually the treadmill version of the workout my coach designed for the losers who couldn’t make practice :)  I’ve done it inside and outside, it’s good!

A nostalgic look back at my TNT days