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Work out Wrap Up and Change it Up Playlist

I am glad you are all are as excited as me about the Physique 57 Workout DVD Giveaway!  I am once again jealous of my own contest!  Don’t forget to enter by Friday :)

Weekly Workout Wrap Up

The AM workout things has been essential this last week, and I realized today that the switch has finally become the norm.  It took about a week, but now I am ready to lace up my sneakers and hit the road in the morning.  That’s not to say my body doesn’t take a while to warm up, but at least I no longer want to putz around on the computer or check my texts messages: I get up, get out of bed, and get to business.  :)

Monday: 2 mile walk to work?

Tuesday: 4 mile run, Crossfit LIC

Wednesday30 minutes elliptical, 10 minute rower, 2 sets or 24 lunges with bar, 100 sit-ups of various forms on stability ball

Thursday: 4 mile run, Crossfit LIC

Friday: 30-day shred, level 2

Saturday: 30 day shred-level 2, 20 minute run in the rain :(

Sunday: 7 mile run.  This was one of the worst runs in my recent memory. It was not particularly hard, but painfully slow.  My body just refused to move at a normal pace. I ran for almost 90 minutes and only made it 7 miles.  Since I had to be at work at 10am, there was a time constraint, so I had planned on running faster. At least on  there was a moment of inspiration,  was that when I was running back through the neighborhood, I saw a TON of people taking advantage of the Yoga Room’s free yoga class on the piers.  Even in the rain, they were out there ohming it! 0904-run-walk-program_preview

I have lots to say about running, sometimes you don’t have great days, others are amazing, most are a challenging yet fulfilling…at least when you get to stop. In any case, I plan to do 15 miles or bust on Wednesday, since I don’t have to be at work until 11AM.  Wish me luck!

I will save the rest of my running thoughts for another post.  For now, I want to share one of the best ways to get me motivated and excited to run, a new playlist!

This was inspired by some of the Crossfit music.

It is quite the eclectic mix of alternative/rock and hip hop, but it kind of works.  It builds pretty quickly and then lets you settle into a more steady pace.  Enjoy! 

  1. Take Me Out-Franz Ferdinand
  2. Banquet–Bloc Party
  3. Hold On-Kt Tunstall
  4. DOA–Jay z
  5. Lose Yourself–Eminem
  6. Without Me–Eminem
  7. Girls-Beastie Boys
  8. Paralyzer Finger—11
  9. Going Away to College—Blink 182
  10. The Seed-The Roots
  11. All the Small Things-Blink 182
  12. Work it Out-Jurassic 5 and DMB
  13. I Will Survive-Cake
  14. I turn my camera on-spoon
  15. Seven Nation Army-White Stripes
  16. 40T—Franz Ferdinand

Weekly Workout Wrap Up

A week in workouts and the Nalini Method reviewed!

Plus, some more May flowers, gotta get some perks for having so many events in one week. 

night view 003


AM: 10 minute treadmill run, 30 minutes elliptical, 5 minutes abs

PM: 30 minute elliptical


4 mile run

Went to the gym on my lunch hour and found it closed for 2 weeks, guess AM workouts it will be for a while…grrr!


10 minute run, 30 minute elliptical, 10 minute rower, leg segment of core fusion dvd


4 mile run

Nalini Method Class with Dori and Missy!

I was really excited to try this class! Missy and Dori recently recapped it, and I have to say, I was surprised they found it challenging, boy did they have their game faces on, they made it look easy!

This class is very similar to Core Fusion, Core Fusion Sport and Physique 57.  I would say from my one class, it is about as hard as one of those classes with a good instructor.  I have taken harder CF, CFS and P57 classes, but that is the exception not the necessarily the norm.  It all depends on the instructor, and I loved Rupa! Her music was fabulous, current and very fast paced!  There were tons of props: blocks, weights, the barre, a curved two handed dumbell, ankle weights, a ball, a mat, and the star of the show for me: a rubber ring–for seriously killer thigh moves. Plus, there were only a few students, so she corrected me and/or encouraged me throughout the whole class, on pretty much every move. That was great.  She also really stretched me out after every section, I felt like I was back in gymnastics with my coach pushing me down into a full 90 degree stretch.  The stretching was great, and I think probably accounted for the fact that I was not sore over the next few days, despite feeling the burn throughout the class.

The arm work was done seated, which was interesting, normally I think standing is best because you engage the whole body, but as we were propped up, you had to work the stomach to maintain posture.  The arm work was pretty easy, maybe I should have uped the weight.

The leg work was done on the floor and at the barre.   Using the rubber ring for leg raises and a bunch of other stuff in what was probably the longest series of the class seriously had my inners and outers burning, it was awesome. I felt like we attacked all three sides before we moved on to the barre work.   The barre work was pretty similiar to the other studios, a little shorter, so I never  started shaking uncontrollably, but like Dori pointed out in one of her posts, while the class is hard, it is possible, occasionally, okay sometimes often, that’s not the case at the other studios.

The ab work was done on the mat.  It was fairly challenging and a few times I lost the mental battle and fell out of the position. It was a little harder than P57 usually is and a little easier that CF usually is.  I liked it!  I felt a little weird with weight on my ankles and my feet flexed toward the air, it is similiar to birthing position, but it was pretty effective when we were lifting and lowering the weighted plate in mid-sit up position.

The class flew, and I mean flew by, Rupa really let you know what was coming, so you knew what to expect, and I love that!

I am excited to try my next class, although I couldn’t commit to going that far out of my way on a regular basis, I am certainly happy I tried it!


30 Day Shred segments 2 and 3


3 mile run, lots of city walking


Core Fusion DVD, lots of city walking, hopefully some elliptical tonight

I tried to go to the building gym in the AM and it was closed for a reason still unbeknown to me, then I tried to go to the local track and it was locked–annoying since yesterday a rowdy soccer game was in full swing by 7AM and then a baseball game kept the noise level up until nearly 5PM, you would think the Yankees were playing across the street.  By this point, it was raining, so I headed back to the apt. for some DVDs. Whatevs, sometimes you have to go with the flow and change your plan.

Running Thoughts and Workout Recap

Hi Lovelies,

Happy holidays to everyone who is celebrating!

Some fun running facts from Fitness Mag April

  • Pairs of sneakers a marathon runner goes through while training: 2 (at least!)
  • Age range of majority of female marathon runners in US:25-29
  • Number of Marathons scheduled in the US for April 2009: 34
  • Number of people that will run a marathon this year: 400,000
  • Calories burned by the average woman while running a marathon: 2,880
  • Average woman’s marathon finish time: 4:59:28

I am only two weeks away from the More/Fitness Half Marathon…and boy and I nervous! 

I guess I will run to finish rather than to PR.  I will definitely be focusing more on speed for the NYC marathon. But considering how horrible the weather has been, I am not going to beat myself up too much for not being where I had hoped to be in my training.

Which brings me to an interesting running tip for those runners who are more interested in finishing than their time.

Time on your feet trumps pace.  What is most important to finishing a marathon is your body’s preparation for being on its feet that long.  So even if you are running your long runs very slowly, that time on your feet will be very important to getting your through the last 5 miles or so, since you will probably not train past 20-21 miles before the race.   You will naturally be running a bit faster, as race paces are always faster than training runs, so the total time you spend on your feet for a 21 mile long training run may be pretty close to your 26.1 mile marathon time.

So while I haven’t gotten in quite as many miles as I should have, I have attempted to get my body prepared for the endurance in other ways.  Standing on the subway train, taking the stairs in my building up 29 floors once a day,  adding 15 minutes to my elliptical workouts. Hopefully that will help!

Last week I did about 4X as much strength as usual and about 1/3 less cardio.  This week I wanted to make sure to get a decent amount of cardio in.  I made a lot of excuses to not run due to the bad weather this week.  I also ended up changing my core fusion schedule a bit, I signed up for the 8pm Core Fusion Energy Flow (which is apparently power vinyasa on crack) on Thursday, but knew after class, I would want to go home, so I canceled.  On Wednesday, I knew I wouldn’t want to wait until 8PM for the Core Fusion Sport, so I switched to the 5:30 regular core fusion class.  I have to say, I was thrilled to be home by 7PM.


40 minute treadmill run + core fusion


Core Fusion + hour and 10 minutes elliptical +10 minutes rower


Core Fusion+20 minutes treadmill running+15 minutes elliptical


 35 minute lunch hour power walk on track + 35 minutes elliptical+10 minutes running and some ab workon the bosu ball and stretching  (I tried to run on my lunch hour, but I forgot my sports bra…oops!)


10 minute treadmill run+30 very intense minutes on elliptical+core fusion


So today had to be a long run day, however, I woke up and it was starting to rain.  I checked the forecast it was only 10% chance but in an hour it would be 60% chance.  So I changed out of my outdoor clothes and into shorts and a t-shirt and headed to the gym, which was completely empty for the third time this week!  weird.  The roof top officially reopened this month (although it was never actually closed), so you would think people would want to be gearing up to show off their bathing suit bods.

Anyways, treadmill it was, and I did about 65 minutes, which included a 5 minute walking warm up.  I have a strange fear that once I am over an hour on the treadmill, potential for injury increases, so i decided to finish my long run later.  Plus I had to finish up some work for my group project meeting in the late afternoon, and I had a date for brunch (Cafe HenriLIC)and a little spa adventure with the roomie.

Later that night I did another 25 minutes for a total of 9.5 miles

I also did this online physique 57 workout, only 30 reps of each move and minus the arm work, my arms can’t take any more!


Today started off sunny, but incredibly cold and windy.  We barely made it to church and back due to 20mph gusts, and church is like 5 blocks away.  The gym was closed for easter, so instead I decided to go to my Core Fusion Sport Class and try to do the run after.

Core Fusion Sport was AMAZING.  I reviewed it a while back, but I forgot how freaking hard it is!  You do the first 30 minutes holding a weighted ball with handles and you do this crazy series where you press the ball overhead, do a jump back squat thrust still holding the ball, after ten of those, you do a plank hold until you think you might die and then you start lifting one leg, still in the straight arm plank on the ball, after another hold, you do push ups with one hand on the ball and then go immediately into a squat hold series.  No wonder it was rated best guy-friendly gym classby NYMAG!  I left feeling totally exhilarated.

But I still had to run.  It was so windy and cold that I was seriously debating it.  But by the time I had done some shopping and got home, the crazy winds had subsided some.  After a ridiculous mental debate, I decided to suck it up and get it over with as quickly as possible.

So….while my legs did not feel enthused after so many squat hold and lunges just hours earlier, I started off slow and ended up having a fabulous four mile run.  Miles two and four I ran with intention and my body seemed to want to go even faster than I was asking it to, so I was really going at a good tempo pace.  I was kicking myself for being such a dork and looking for excuses!

Changes since overhauling my cardio heavy routine and adding a lot more strength.  Physically from a body shape/size/tone perspective there have been absolutely no changes to report since last week.  Kind of a bummer.  However, there have been mental and energy changes to report.

  1. I have a lot more energy, this may be coincidental, but I have felt noticably more energy throughout the day and in my workouts than before I added strength back into my routine.
  2. Perhaps also coincidentally, I have been in a great mood the last week.  Even my job, which I am certainly not in love with, I have been able to put in perspective, and I have  had more patience and optimism with my co-workers. While school is very stressful, I am able to deal with the task at hand rather than worry about it.
  3. I am more focused during my workouts, I really love to zone, but because I have to pay attention during class, I also am more aware during my personal workouts.

#1 and 2 may be related to something else, but I haven’t really made any other changes to my life, so whether it’s a temporary fluke or the real deal, I’ll take it.

Would I like to see some changes in my body for all my hard work?  OF COURSE.  I guess all I can do is stick with it and keep my fingers crossed!

Weekly Workout Wrap Up

Kid Sister: Control-Just one of the great songs from Get Fit with Serena Williams

Weekly workouts




25 minutes rower

25 minutes elliptical

30 minutes lunges, squats, situps, arm work—all with 3 pound weights




35 minute run ( I am fallen in love with the roof top track…now there is something I never thought I would say.)

Core Fusion




Core Fusion




Nike Get Fit with Serena Williams40 minutes running with strength–the roof top track is the perfect place to do this workout.  I LOVE this workout.  Download  it just for the music, you don’t even need to follow the workout, although I really like it.  I must admit, I have listened to it when not working out at all.  I love me some cheesy hip hop, thus the MAJOR  Girl Talk obsession ( Warm it Up –click to listen)–download that too, while you’re at it.




Core Fusion


30 minute run




30 minutes running, 25 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes rower, some ab and leg work, stretching!




Core Fusion-best class yet!  While I have liked every single instructor this week, been worked hard and enjoyed every class, Sunday was a whole new level of awesome. Kayleigh rocked it.  It was the first class I really felt like I was being pushed to the edge. I think it was because she did all the leg work on the barre.  She also did more reps than most of my other clases, the Core Fusion video and Physique recommend 30-60 per exercise, but most of my Core Fusion class have been more like 15-20 for the legs, which isn’t enough to experience a prolonged burn–aka change according to Tanya.  God I sound crazy, but you are paying to be pushed harder than  you can push yourself right?  Nevertheless, leg work on the barre made it much harder.  Plus, she did do tons of reps for all the ab work, so that was painful, in the best way possible.


 After class, I could barely change my legs were quivering so much.  Then I practically hobbled to the best brunch in ages. We went to Stanton Social; it was amazing.  They bring one small plate to the table at a time to share.  While they suggested 2-3 plates per person, we found 2 per person to be WAY TOO MUCH.  But every single dish was absolute perfection.  The food was superior to the brunch at Bobby Flay’s mesa grill, which was great, but while the service and atmosphere was killer, the food didn’t blow me away to the degree I was expecting.  Stanton Social hit all elements just right, the atmosphere is super sexy and the waitstaff was incredibly friendly and efficient.  Monday nights dinners are 25% off, so I highly recommend it…it’smy new fav spot J.


5 mile run


Core Fusion: One Week Reflection.  Like I said I love going to this class, I am actually sorry that I canceled my membership after the month, so I won’t be able to get the $150 rate again.  I didn’t expect to love it so much, even though the bathroom and changing room lines are kind of ridic.  After Kayleigh’s class, I was 100% addicted.


 As far as body changes, the biggest change has been flexibility.  I never thought I would lose my splints and generally great flexibility, but running took its toll.  At Physique a few weeks ago, I was like 5 inches from the ground on either side.  After a week at Core Fusion, my splits are pretty much back!  I think that is one area were Core Fusion is superior, they actually take the time to stretch you effectively between exercises. While at P57 the stretches are like 2 seconds, just enough to let you catch your breath and for the burning to subside, but not enough to actually lengthen your muscles. I have also noticed that I am more aware of my body alignment and posture in daily life.  There seems to be more of a natural connection between my abs and spine making it easier to stand up straighter and taller. (I know that is relative in my case.)


Oh, btw, Roni has a great 10K playlist on her site.  Totally eclectic and fun.

Weekly Workout Wrap Up!

Hi Everyone,

I will definitely post about the Blogger Meet Up tomorrow–and give a huge and very deserved thank you to One Lucky Duck, Physique 57 and Kinespirit, who donated so generously to the goody bags, as well as the lovely Missy and Tanya for contributing awesome goodies!  Here is a preview:blog-dinner

But for tonight a quick workout wrap up, I wish I had done a little more this week. I need to stop blaming my schedule, go to bed earlier and get up earlier to work out.  Oh well, can’t regret the past.

Oh, I love college by Asher Roth is my new favorite song.   I do not know why, but it just strikes me as funny. I hope no one is offended.

Monday: Cardio Gyrokinesis at Kinespirit

Tuesday: 1 hour and 10 minutes on elliptical

Wednesday 30 minutes of power elliptical (1 minute fastat RPE 8, alternating with 1 minute at really high incline for 30 minutes)

Thursday: rest day/go out and get drinks day.  However, Gossip Girl filming in the building definitely gave me my daily endorphin rush. Can’t wait to see a new episode tomorrow!

Friday: Get Fit with Serena Williams Williams mp3 coached Run/Workout (free at shape!) Okay, I had to modify to do at the gym, it was still great, but it will be better in the park!  (4 miles)

Saturday:  4 mile tempo run done at around 6.6-7.0 MPH–i think anyways, based on how I feel from treadmill running. I didn’t even have a watch, let alone a garmin or polarSD.  I am definitely going to break down and get a bit more high tech with my tracking. I was debating the heart rate moniter with speed/distance tracking options at Jack Rabbit Sports today, but the selection was limited…and I am really freaked out by the cost.  But I did solicit opinions from Dori and Sara on Saturday, thanks girls!

Sunday: 6.6ish mile run, I turned back a little shy of the intended 7 because  I was running late for a lovely brunch at Mesa Grill (which I will probably post about tomorrow).  Today it took me quite a while to hit my stride, I think I was a little sore from my run yesterday, which felt awesome.  Despite wearing even more clothing than I did yesterday, I was freezing for the first 2.5 miles. God NYC, warm up, would you?

I am glad I am doing these wrap ups again, they really give me a good idea of what I am fitting in and what I am missing during the week.

Good: I accidentally followed the Runner’s World Run Less, Run Faster Plan by doing a speed, an interval, and a long run, plus 2 cross-training sessions  (I actually did 3, but at least 2 are suggested) this week.

Room for improvement: Any guesses?  That’s right NO STRENGTH.  Ooops!

Oh BTW, thanks for all the cookbook recommendations.  Veganomicon won hands down…and it comes out in paperback soon, so I will definitely pick it up.  I browsed through it in B&N today and it looked pretty good despite the lack of pictures.  I realized that a lot of the angelica cookbook is available online by searching google books.


Weekend Workouts

Housekeeping:  Yay for the amazing response to the March NYC meet up, if you didn’t get an email from me with the details, please comment or send me an email.  I will discuss more details on the blog, but I think it will be beneficial to have email communication also.  Huge thanks to Hangry Pants  for all the help getting the word out!

I swear I brought London whether back to NY with me!  It has been so rainy and cold! 

Oh well, despite the weather not being great, I’ve had a decent weekend.  On Friday, I went to the Knicks game…and they won! 

So during the week I had one good workout, but the rest were kind of short and bland.  So I decided I needed to try something new.

I still had my free pass to Exhale for buying the core fusion dvd–that I love.  So I looked at the schedule and the Core Fusion Sport class sounded great:

Core Fusion® Sport is a total body workout that is designed to help you improve your performance in sports while reducing your risk of sports related injuries. Using a combination of lateral and twisting movements, this barreless one-hour class will chisel and firm your arms, shoulders, legs and butt while focusing on your core – the center of your strength – plus increase your aerobic capacity.

I signed up for the 1:15 class.  I hit the gym on the way there to get in some cardio.  I really need to focus my half marathon training, but the treadmill has been no fun lately.  For my first run in a week and change, I did 30 minutes alternating walking a minute at 4.7 and running at 7.0 MPH.  It was a start.

So Core Fusion Sport was GREAT!  The class was packed, and actually had 3 guys in it–rare for Physique 57 and Core Fusion classes that I have taken.   The instructor was also male, and it took me half way through the class to realize he was the guy in my DVD.  Eric was younger looking and more animated in person.  It was a great and very challenging class, it was like a very flowing strength class with emphasis on the mind body connection.  I really liked how Eric made the connections without being cheesy,I really felt what he was describing as I worked.

In fact, I enjoyed the class so much, I might take advantage of the downtown studio monthly special, for $150 it is unlimited classes–a $135 savings.  hmmm.  I have until 2/28 to decide.  Considering one class is $35, it’s a steal if you use it.

After my class I ate a quick lunch at whole foods and went to see He’s Just Not that into You.  I really liked it, and I am often really harsh on chick flicks.  After seeing slumdog millionaire and revoluntionary road (both very good), I was ready for something light.

Today, I knew I needed to run, so I put on Kara Goucher Endurance Boost coached run and banged out a bit over 4 miles on the treadmill.  Then I hit the elliptical for 25 minutes and stretched for another 10.

On the elliptical I read an article in Self that really struck a cord, it was called Diet Regrets.  It was about a woman who had just made peace with food at ae 75.  It is sad to think that one could spend three-quarters of a century struggling with their relationship with food, unfortunately, I fear it is all too common.  I have had my own struggles and moving past them is one of the things I am proudest about in my life.  At this point, I eat what I want, pretty much period, but I am not always 100% happy with my body.  For myself, I find I am happier eating with stressing or over thinking it  and being a little heavier than being thin but having to always be concious of my intake and always making the healthiest choice.  Maybe there is a better balance, and if so, I hope I find it before I am 75.

All right, sorry to be so serious, I am off to meet a friend at tea shop down the block.  It happens to be the location for many a gossip girl scene. :)  Oh, how I miss GG!

Weekly Workout Wrap Up

Superquick wrap-up


Tuesday-30 minute run, lots of walking

Wednesday-1 hour 15 minutes elliptical, stay slim on the road workout from Fitness Mag

Thursday-can’t remember, maybe nothing!

Friday-80 minutes elliptical

Saturday-1 hour elliptical

12 mile run-conquered my fear of the Queensborough Bridge (aka 59th Street Bridge), ran to Central Park did a loop with a friend and ran home. And yes, I did put on Feelin Groovy by Simon and Garfunkel for the occasion.

Spinning class

This week was lacking strength work!

Long Run Recap and Weekly Workout Wrap Up

So 11 miles did not happen! Ooops! I actually slept in until 10:30 today, haven’t done that in at least a year. Then I lazed around and watched the soup until I met my friend for brunch at Five Points. Great start to the day!

So I planned to do my run after brunch. I stopped into my office to change into my race ready shorts. I hate wearing spandex in public, but I love the storage space in these things. I could pack for a long weekend in them!!!!!

It was hard to get going midday. I just forgot that my body sent all the blood to my stomach and was using all its energy to digest (which is the most energy consuming process the body does. Thus, you are not hungry when you are sick because your body need the energy to repair you, and doesn’t want to waste it on digestion.) So it was a bit hard to run on a full stomach! I like to be empty when I run, even though all through college I worked out after dinner, I guess I’m an oldie now!

I decided to just run for an hour, half an hour out and then run back. The run did get considerable better, I ran from Washington Square Park to the West Side Highway, by four miles in it was pretty nice. I ended up running up to 72nd street and then running back.

So I did 9 miles. The second half way faster than the first. When I get tired of running, I tend to speed it up. The less fun, the faster I run. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t do my 11 miles, but I’ll try to not beat myself up about it!

I actually had to rush back to see Perez Hilton Takes Over the Universe (or at least the greater LA area) The Musical. Which presented in the NYC Fringe Fest and happened to be directed and choreographed by a kid I went to high school with. Good to see a Shen student make it after all.

Weekly Workout Wrap Up:

Monday: Nada except a lot of walking around the Island

Tuesday: 3 mile jog and 17 mile bike ride.
Wednesday: Nada, suprisingly exhausted from my travels.

Thursday: Again nada, still so tired.

Friday: 30 minute morning elliptical, post-work workout (totally didn’t want to go, but I did and felt awesome after). 30 minutes elliptical and full arm workout and 3 sets of 12 reps on all 6 leg machines.

Sat: 4 mile run and the Fitnessista Workout #1 3 sets of 12 reps with 7.5 lb weights, should have done heavier! She does a great job with the description and photos!

Sunday: 9 mile run

Pretty light week and I have plans every day for the next two weeks, so I am not sure what the next few weeks will look like! But I am not complaining; I am definitely not cool enough to ever complain about too many plans! I look forward to all of them :)

Now I am watching the VMAs instead of studying. I hope Brit performs!

Weekly Workout Wrap Up

Hi Everyone!

This is going to be quick because I want to get to the beach!

Monday: 30 minute elliptical, 10 minute rower+full body strength workout

2 sets of 12
-lunges with over head presses
-plie squat with upright row
-back lunges with curls
-squat and tricep extension
-leg press, in wide, legs together, plie and calve raise positions
-ad ductor abductor machine
-lots of abs: ball crunches, reverse ball crunches alternating push up and reverse crunch, planks, and crunches on incline bench

Tuesday: 30/60/90 Workout and 25 minutes on elliptical
Wednesday: 2 mile walk to work, 5 mile tempo run
Thursday: 20 minute elliptical and 10 on rower, ran out of time!
Friday: 3.5 mile run @ tempo pace because I had to fit it in before we hit the road, my parents would definitely leave without me!)
1 hour beach walk
Sat: 6.3 mile run and beach sprints (2 minutes x 4)
Sun: 10 mile run
2 hour kayak and mini golf planned

The run was really rough, I had to call in the big guns: Advice from my friend and stellar runner, Greg, “when I run and it’s hard, all I think about is the next step. When it’s really hard, I run harder to get beyond the pain.” A bit extreme, but breaking it down to the next steps makes running manageable.

10 % of my less than fabulous feeling run was due to too much running. I almost never run 2 days in a row or more than 3 days a week, even when marathon training. For a couple reasons, a-I get bored of it
b-I have never been injured and I never want to be. Running is really hard on the body, so I am happy to integrate spinning, elliptical and classes into my workout regimen to maintain fitness and give my body a break from running. No more running for at least 2 days!

The other 90% was because when I woke up my ipod would turn on but the screen was completely white. WFT?!!!!!!!!!!! So it was basically like a giant shuffle, which is no good when you have random stuff like, Now That’s What I Call Christmas on your ipod.

So I had a hard time getting past my ipod heartbreak. I am more obsessed with my ipod than is logical; I go no where without it. I heart it beyond words. And I do not want to replace it! Okay, sorry for the rant, but let’s just say this was not me:

Weekly Workout Wrap Up

Master the Treadmill with Ok Go interval workout (available on itunes)
30 minutes on the elliptical

40 minutes on the elliptical pushing 4 minutes at RPE (rate of perceived exertion at 8) then cranking up resistance and pedaling backward for 4 minutes) repeat for 40.

Plyometrics: 12 alternating scissor lunge jumps for 4 sets
20 squat jumps (squat touch ground, jump up shoot basket)
5 squats, hold squat 5 seconds, jump up (3 sets)

Wednesday: No workout. I did walk to work and back–4.4 miles total. Plus I had the most amazing dinner at Pure Food and Wine, so I felt like I was somehow detoxed…lots o enzymes! The raw lemon cheesecake with buckwheat honey ice cream and raw classic sundae with vanilla and chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and candied almonds has to be cleansing, no?

Treadmill: 3 minute warm up jog
15 minute run, alternating 1 minute at 6.5mph with 1 minute at 7.5 mph
2 minute cool down jog

20 minutes alternating 2 minute sprints at 8 rpe, with 2 minute recovery at 6 rpe

500 sit ups, all kinds including: on stability ball, bosu ball, military, planks, planks with jogs, lots of bicycle, side crunches, rotations with weights, hanging from the thing and raising legs, and leg drops

no real cardio, but around 6 miles of walking to and from work and to yoga.

Laughing Lotus Midnight Yoga, AWESOME! The guy playing the music had 14 instruments.

10 mile runsee previous post for full detail


30 minutes elliptical around 7 RPE

Quickie all over strength

15 squat jumps (3 sets)

12 alternating scissor lunge jumps (3 sets)

30 lunges with over head presses

20 side lunges with upright row

30 back lunges with curls and lifting leg straight back when standing

25 ball crunches

25 pretzel leg double crunches, Jenna demonstrated these on her fab blog

50 leg drops

15 triceps extensions

15 triceps dips on bench

15 standing side crunches hold 10 pound weights (both sides)